Cancer Monthly Horoscope June 2016

Cancer June 2016Cancer (21 June – 22 July)

Recent events might have left their mark as June begins and the Sun is in Gemini and the most hidden sector of your chart until the 20th.

This can often be a time when you feel more introverted or want to spend time on your own. You might be asking questions, seeking advice or feel that you currently have a lot to deal with.

This can be a healthy period if you trust your intuition, listen to your inner voice. Yet it can be a period when you find it difficult to quieten your mind, your anxieties and worries. In astrology, health is holistic and a healthy mind and body are both vital to feel in tiptop condition.

Saturn, the taskmaster of the heavens, is currently in Sagittarius, the sign which rules your health sector, and Saturn dominates this month’s planetary activity. The main aspect takes place on June 18th when Saturn is in a square aspect to Neptune in Pisces. This can indicate a struggle, a period of unknowing, a time when you don’t feel safe and secure or grounded.

This might be linked to your health or your work and everyday lifestyle. Either way it’s important to discern between what’s real and what’s fantasy and to ensure that you don’t allow fear to run away with you. This would also be a positive period to consider any unhealthy habits and to decide what you could let go of now that would boost your health, your energy, your general well-being.

This is also an important period to make sure that you have things in life to look forward to, to know what inspires you and adopt a seeking attitude to life. Let Neptune in Pisces guide you as Pisces rules your travel and study sector and this is a wonderful time to explore life to the full.

This might be difficult if you’re stuck in a job you don’t enjoy or you feel held back or tied down in some respect but consider any limitations and see how you can move beyond them. It’s important to try and get in touch with what’s possible rather than allow yourself to be bogged down by impossibility.

One area of your life that remains strong as June begins is friendship. Communication planet Mercury is in Taurus and the sector of your chart which rules friends, groups, clubs and societies. Taurus is a grounded energy and it’s here where you can find security, the earth beneath your feet.

Join in with other people, connect with old and new friends alike and, especially if you find your mind or worries running away with you, get some common sense advice and support from the people closest to you.

Yet don’t avoid solitude if you know you’d benefit from some peace and quiet. The New Moon this month takes place on June 5th in your previous sign of Gemini and this would be a good weekend for a retreat. Activities such as meditation or yoga would benefit this process. If you’re currently caring for other people, ensure that you make time for you as well.

This month’s Full Moon on June 20th is also potentially powerful for you. It takes place in the signs of Gemini and Sagittarius, which again focus on your work and well-being, but right at the end of the two signs. This is because the 20th is also the date of the Solstice, when the Sun moves in to your sign of Cancer.

The Solstice is an important marker in the year as it denotes the longest or shortest day depending  on where you live. Plus it takes place at the half way point of the year and this is an ideal time to focus on what’s been and where you heading. It’s also the start of your birthday month – hooray!

Use the searching and seeking energy wisely in June and spend some time looking at the year so far, what you’ve achieved, what you haven’t and consider what you want next. Carrying on blindly without a clear path ahead won’t lead you to fulfilment.

The Sun’s move into Cancer is positive for you and whether you’ve been feeling unconfident, lacking energy or simply a bit low, everything can change once the Sun is in your sign. The Sun rules vitality and it gives all areas of your life a boost once the Sun shines bright in Cancer.

Plus a few days before the Sun’s move into Cancer, the planet of love and relating, Venus, also enters your sign on June 17th. This is good news for your love life whether you’re looking for love, you’re in a relationship or married. This is the time to embrace love and make the most of your relationships.

Love too has been hidden or shadowy for some time but once Venus enters Cancer, this starts to change. It depends on your current situation what this means for you. Sometimes when there’s a hidden theme, this can indicate an affair or unrequited love. It can mean that you or your other half are hiding your feelings and for whatever reason, don’t feel ready to express them or speak up.

Plus the planet of passion and sexuality, Mars, is retrograde in Scorpio throughout June. This is a passionate Mars as Scorpio rules your romance sector but when Mars is retrograde, this can indicate repressed emotions or unresolved issues. This may concern sex or pregnancy, for example.

As June nears its end, personal issues are being called forth. This might be down to you and your own needs or it might be instigated by another person. Either way, the planets are building towards something special. Mars turns direct on June 29th, a date when you can expect a significant shift, and three days earlier on June 26th, there’s also a powerful Jupiter-Pluto planetary aspect taking place.

This is the third and final aspect between these two planets. They first met in October 2015 and they link the sectors in your chart of communication, partnership and relating. You might hear the words you’ve been waiting to hear or perhaps a relationship moves on to more solid ground. Either way, events are turning in your favour in the second half of June.

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