Cancer Monthly Horoscope February 2016

Cologne Carnival, CancerCancer (21 June – 22 July)

Relationships are a key theme in February and as the month begins, both communication planet, Mercury, and the planet of relating, Venus, remain in Capricorn and your relationship sector.

Last month’s stars may have coincided with confusion and misunderstandings in your one-to-one interactions, but Mercury is no longer retrograde and love planet Venus keeps you on track.

The weekend of the 6th/7th is pivotal with regard to love relationships as planetary activity intensifies and you are asked to decide what you want and why. You may find you return to the questions which haunted you in January or the issue you found hard to resolve. 

It’s never easy when you have to choose between an either-or situation and this is especially hard you as your own emotions wax and wane like your changeable ruler, the Moon. There will be times this month when you veer between following your heart or following your head. You respond to a personal situation emotionally but then your logical mind kicks in and you want to do what’s sensible not what’s irrational.

If you’re hoping for guidance, the stars indicate that you need to follow your passion, do what feels right rather than what you convince yourself is the right thing to do. One particular reason for this is the fact that the planet which rules passion, Mars, is currently in your fellow water sign of Scorpio. In addition, the third water sign Pisces also comes to prominence from the 19th onwards. It’s here where you find the planet of romance, Neptune.

Together this is where the action lies, the direction in which you’re being called. Do whatever inspires you, follow a calling, tap into your creative, your spiritual source and prioritise the things in life that you love.

This spells good news for romance, meeting someone new, falling pregnant, connecting with your children. Mars is especially powerful on the 3rd and 13th, brilliant dates to meet the right person, someone who can help you, someone who can empower you, someone who turns you on.

Plus Venus and Mars, the lovers in mythology, connect in the heavens on the 7th and this is especially romantic and powerful for you. Let go of external events, forget outer irritations and instead concentrate on loving the one you’re with fully. When you follow your heart, you find fulfilment on a deep level.

This is a powerful month for new connections and if one of your goals to 2016 is to widen your social circle, to make new friends, you can take a big leap forward in this direction.

Your communication sector is enhanced as it’s here where you find Jupiter, the planet of opportunity and growth. This is brilliant for reaching out to other people, for being curious about life, for starting conversations which lead who knows where.

Play around with life, be adventurous, say yes to new experiences. Life is calling you forth to play, to connect with others and not to feel isolated. It’s through your relationships where your deepest learnings lie.

Money matters and finances are also important to you now. The Sun is in Aquarius and your joint finance sector up until the 19th and communication planet Mercury and planet of relating Venus join the Sun in Aquarius on the 13th and 17th respectively.

Once the New Moon on the 8th lights up this same sector of your chart, set new intentions which are money-related whether you want to earn more, be in charge of your finances, gain expert advice or share your money more equally.

This will mean different things to different people but it might relate to a business partnership, household bills, payments owed, etc. This sector of your chart represents investments, mortgages, savings and debts, inheritances, cash bonuses. It’s about the flow of money, in and out.

To be successful financially, look to your work. If you’re juggling two jobs or you have a day job and a secondary income stream, you’re in tune with your stars. The more you can balance what you know and do well with innovative ideas and new trends, the better.

If you’re starting something new, don’t give up the day job just yet. Have a regular income and play around with new ideas at the same time. Use modern technology to your advantage, whether you build a website, learn about social media or find other ways to enhance what you want to do. The 25th/26 are key dates for work progress.

Finally, once the Sun enters Pisces on the 19th, expand your vision and think big. The Full Moon on the 22nd highlights the travel and study sectors of your chart so look out for an opportunity to go on a trip, to improve your knowledge, to learn something new.

Start to turn your focus back to yourself and what you want out of life. If other people have been taking up too much of your time and energy of late, shift the attention back towards your own interests.

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