Cancer May 2020

Cancer, sun on water

Friends & Alliances

Friendships and groups are a key theme as May begins. The emphasis is on people, making connections and having fun, even if this is over the phone or online. Friends play a key role in your life now, helping you feel more grounded. Turn to old friends in particular for advice and support.

This is because the Sun is in Taurus and your friendship sector until the 20th and is joined by talk planet Mercury until the 11th. It’s good to talk. This will become clear to you on the 4th when the Sun and Mercury are side by side.

The more you allow yourself to do what you love and connect with people you like, the more fulfilled you feel. If you’re looking for a new activity in May, you could find it through networking or by joining a club or group online.

There may be good reason to celebrate too. Notice what happens on or around the 10th and 17th when Mercury and the Sun align with lucky Jupiter. There could be good news for a friend or an anniversary to celebrate and remember.

Love & Relationships

Relationships too invite you to go in deep and examine the bigger issues this month. A powerful Full Moon in Scorpio on the 7th suggests passion and a soul-mate connection. Plus, Pluto and Jupiter remain strong in Capricorn and your relationship sector.

This is the time to make some key decisions about love and start by noticing who’s good for you and whose company you enjoy the most. It’s in your relationship sector where there’s a theme or rebirth or renewal. Do what’s right for long term satisfaction rather than short term gratification.

Time Spent Alone

People are important in your life as May begins but so too is spending time on your own. You may be forced into being alone due to the lockdown situation. If so, this is the time to notice how you are with your own company and look more deeply within yourself.

This is because of the shift of the personal planets into Gemini and the most hidden sector of your horoscope. Mercury’s here from the 11th to the 28th and is joined by the Sun on the 22nd. You may want to use your time more productively, read books, start a journal or learn more about the workings of your mind.

Gemini is the communication sign, both the spoken and written word and May’s astrology turns your attention inwards. The focus is on your inner life, including secret plans or personal issues. The conversations you have with your self may be the most revealing and meaningful.

If you’re not comfortable with time alone, start to look at why. This month could turn into a time of serious soul-searching. For some of you, this may be your cue to seek insight, either by talking to a counsellor or a healer. Look after yourself and nurture the connection between your body, mind and soul.

Retrograde Planets

The mid-month period brings a shift in planetary energy as three planets turn retrograde, Saturn on the 11th, Venus on the 13th and Jupiter on the 14th. All these planets relate to relationships and partnership in your life in some shape or form. This is where there’s a theme of slowing down.

Venus retrograde is a time to be reflective and contemplative about love. You may be apart from someone close or experience silence from a loved one. Try and use this phase to take a step back and learn to love yourself most of all. Venus is on go slow until the end of June.

Also, the only major aspects Venus makes are a square aspect to Neptune on the 4th and 20th. This combination flags up a theme of unreality so don’t believe everything you hear. And, don’t make any major decisions around love. Instead, go with the flow and explore your feelings.

Neptune rules the world of your imagination so this is also a fertile and creative period in your life. If you want to explore your artistic side, do it, or follow up an interest in mysticism.

Many Cancerians have a poetic or romantic soul and this would be an ideal time to explore this side of your personality.

Weekly Astrology

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2 thoughts on “Cancer May 2020”

  1. Hi Sally,
    I have been following you for a while, I bought your 2020 guide book, watched your webinar at the beginning of 2020 and recently listened to your talk at the Astrology and Shamanism Summit. I have been trying to put things together and understand where I have come from and where I want to go to. I am all Cancer (Sun, Moon, Ascendant, Mercury and Saturn) in the 12th house and feel that this is so boring. I am very secretive, I don’t talk about my thoughts and feelings but love learning about spiritual things.

    I really enjoyed listening to your talk this week, it gave me some comfort and confirmation that perhaps I am doing the right thing. I am at home (I love being at home), I am able to work from home (something I have always wanted to do and now have the opportunity to do), with my family (we are getting along brilliantly) and during my time off, taking it easy. I spend quite a bit of time on my own studying or doing my hobbies/crafts, meditating, resting and relaxing (quite often I go to bed early).

    I just wanted to say thank you for your talk. It gives me hope for the next chapter of my life that I am so desperate to do differently but do not have a clue what I want to do or how to do it. I am hoping that Astrology can give me some guidance.

    1. Sally Kirkman

      Thank you for your comment, Melanie. One of the things that I find wonderful about astrology is that it confirms who you are and there’s reassurance in that, you’re on the right path. Lean in to the things in life you love and do more of them – definitely one way to find a level of contentment in your life. Sometimes, I think that’s what most important rather than continually seeking and questioning. Sending best wishes and enjoy the comforts that you’re receiving during this time.

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