Cancer May 2017

Cancer May 2017

Cancer (21 June – 22 July)

You may have avoided taking action over the last couple of months or been waiting for Mercury to turn direct before leaping in. The good news is that communication planet Mercury completes its three week retrograde phase on the 3rd signalling action stations.

Mercury turns direct in the fast fire sign Aries ruling your career and vocation, your status and reputation. This is a lively scenario but one thing you can’t do is dilly dally or wait a moment longer. Even if it’s hard to say what you think or want, be direct, outspoken even.

Mercury turns direct next to unpredictable Uranus so there’s a theme of surprises or the unexpected. You might be the one who shocks others with a sudden decision but ideally use this as a positive influence to revolutionise your place of work.

In fact, this month it’s wise to get on the right side of other people especially at work or with regard to your career. The planet of relating Venus is also in Aries and like Mercury, Venus went through her own retrograde phase early March to mid-April.

So this may be about rebuilding strong connections or focusing more on team work than a solo project. It’s through your network and connections that you can get ahead so bear this in mind especially if work is unsettled or you’re unsure of your next steps.

It helps to know that this isn’t the best month to leap out of the frying pan into the fire. Instead, look at how you can change your situation from the inside. There’s a stunning Saturn-Uranus connection on the 19th, one of the major themes of the year. For you, this brings together your work sector and your career sector so it’s about what you do for a living and your future goals.

Saturn in Sagittarius can mean that work’s boring or perhaps it suggests you’ve opted for a regular routine. Add Uranus to the mix, however, and this is a chance to do things differently. You might decide to take a business online or look at how you can diversify your current work situation to create something new. It’s not about starting over completely but instead reworking what you already do.

This month it’s also important to find a way to lessen your stress levels. You don’t want to take on too much or put added pressure on yourself. The planet that represents anger, Mars, is currently in Gemini and the most hidden sector of your chart.

So take care that you don’t turn any anger in on yourself. If you’re feeling irritated or frustrated, find a positive outlet for your emotions. Same goes for any form of negative thinking. Do whatever you can to knock it on the head and not be overly critical.

This can also indicate that you’re working behind the scenes or you’re busy with a project which you’re not yet ready to show the world. You may be collecting your own thoughts or getting ideas together and right now there’s no rush to take things further if you choose not to.

Instead prioritise the work you do on yourself and take good care of you. The New Moon in Gemini on the 25th would be ideal to line up a retreat or some quiet time. If you enjoy reading, lose yourself in a good book. If you find that writing or journalling helps you make sense of your busy mind, start a daily ritual.

Take your time when it comes to personal issues and projects and know that it’s enough that you’re working towards them. Once the personal planets begin to enter your sign of Cancer from next month onwards, then you can proceed with confidence.

If you’re dealing with secrets or you don’t want to hurt someone close by revealing your inner thoughts, keep matters to yourself for now. Be private and enjoy your home comforts.

Friends are a definite plus this month, perhaps to talk through some of the issues that may be bothering you. Same goes if a friend needs a listening ear. Put your sensitive water sign skills to good use and be there for others.

The Sun is in Taurus and your friendship sector until the 20th and communication planet Mercury re-enters Taurus on the 16th. Be around loyal friends and enjoy simple pleasures together. Cooking and eating together, gardening, being in nature.

Whatever helps you to feel settled and at peace, pursue it. Talk about your dreams in life with your closest friends or join a group or association that helps you stir your imagination. It’s here where you can find something more than everyday affairs.

Relationships are best now when they’re on a steady footing and trust and safety are plentiful. Avoid a love connection that leaves you feeling unsettled and certainly don’t be around a partner who puts you down verbally. You deserve better.

The Full Moon on the 10th lights up the sign of Scorpio and your romance sector. This could be a peak date for love but ensure that feelings and thoughts are out in the open, rather than hidden.

On the 19th, the Saturn-Uranus connection promises new developments for your other half as Saturn is your partner planet. If their work situation is going well, encourage them to try something new and boost their aspirations.

For you or someone close this is a month when a go-for-it attitude pays off and taking a well-calculated risk brings reward and then some. You don’t want to take on too much but at the same time, a clever strategy could bring you overnight success.

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