Cancer March 2017

Cancer March 2017

Cancer (21 June – 22 July)

Communication planet Mercury and the Sun are both in your fellow water sign of Pisces until the 13th and 20th respectively. So as March begins, you continue to be in La La Land, as Neptune connects with both planets on the 2nd and 4th.

This can be an inspirational time when you enjoy day-dreaming and visualising future goals. Pisces highlights the bigger picture in life, so it’s a good time to have dreams and to allow your mind and soul to wander, to soar high.

Yet sensible Saturn is also in the mix and when Saturn clashes with Mercury and the Sun on the 12th and 17th respectively, it may feel as if you come back down to earth with a bump. The 12th is also the date of a Full Moon that cuts across the Virgo/Pisces axis of the zodiac.

This highlights education, travel, exploration, wanting to spread your wings and fly. Yet Saturn reminds you of your responsibilities, whether this is due to work, health or other everyday ties.

Saturn is also your partner planet so this might be a month to look closely at your 1-to-1’s. Consider those relationships which encourage you to be the best you can be and those which stop you living your dreams to the full. Ideally you want a partner by your side who’s both supportive and encouraging.

Yet the big news this month focuses on your career and where you’re heading in life. Like last month, there’s a stack of planets up at the top of your chart in the sign of Aries. Aries rules your career and vocation, your status and reputation. This is about your future goals, what you want out of life and why.

Action planet Mars is in Aries until the 10th and when Mars makes a positive planetary aspect to Saturn on the 5th, you can make some sound work decisions. This is especially important if you’ve been involved in any kind of dispute or office politics. If trouble flared up towards the end of February, this is the time to decide how you’re going to handle a bully or an unsettled work situation.

Aries is a sign that’s fast and furious and with Mars here, you might have been able to make quick progress. Yet on some level, the events of March require you to slow down for a while, especially if you feel that life is moving too quickly.

On the 4th, the planet of relating Venus turns retrograde in Aries and remains on go slow for the next six weeks. So you may lose the support of a buddy at work or find that someone changes their mind and breaks a promise.

If you’re involved in any kind of new work project, it could be a stop-start affair for the next few months. Pace yourself and don’t expect everyone you’re involved with to want to help you unconditionally.

Admittedly, communication planet Mercury enters Aries on the 13th followed by the Sun on the 20th. So the momentum remains on your career and vocation sector and it’s wise not to take your foot completely off the pedal.

Events around the 18th and the weekend of the 24th to 26th could prove especially exciting, so look out for new connections and get ahead with new technology. Plus a New Moon in Aries on the 28th is a gorgeous date to launch a project or let someone know you’re interested about a job, project or role.

Think of this as the seeding stage and especially if you need the support of one person in particular, be patient. You’ll find out more about this in the month of May.

There is another factor however that adds a different perspective to what’s currently happening in your life. This involves the major planets, Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto which are currently making a T-square in the heavens.

Jupiter, the planet of opportunity and growth, is down at the base of your chart in the sign of Libra, ruling your home and family, your past and where you come from. Unpredictable Uranus is in Aries, so trying to hold on to a steady job is trickier than usual. Finally, Pluto is in your opposite sign of Capricorn so this confirms that other people add an extra dynamic to your own path.

The Jupiter-Uranus opposition takes place on the 3rd and is a repeat of a planetary aspect at the end of December 2016. The Jupiter-Pluto square takes place on the 30th and is a repeat of a planetary aspect at the end of November 2016. These three planets will continue their influence in your life throughout most of 2017.

This whole combination promises change so it’s unlikely to be a month when you can stay in one place or remain rooted. You might be moving due to work or your career or perhaps someone in your family gets a new job, far away, and this has a knock-on effect for you and your family.

Consider the symbolism and what this means in your own life. Where is change needed, where are your foundations feeling unstable or unsettled? If you want to shake things up and do things differently, this could be a good time to do so although any leap of faith won’t be easy or straightforward.

Think back to the end of last year and what was bubbling away back then. Is there something you didn’t change that you now regret?

This is a month for being bold and courageous which isn’t always easy for you. If you’re typical of your sign, you enjoy being in your comfort zone, surrounded by the ones you love. Yet listen to where life is calling you now and where new beginnings can have the greatest impact.

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