Cancer July 2016

Amsterdam, CancerCancer (21 June – 22 July)

It’s your birthday month and as July begins you have the Sun (identity), Venus (relating) and Mercury (communication) all in your sign of Cancer. In addition, the month starts in style with a New Moon in Cancer on the 4th.

So the focus is on you and one thing that’s important to remember this month is to put yourself and your own needs first. This isn’t always something you find easy but right now there’s strong dominant planetary energy in your partnership sectors.

This can mean you have other people in your life who hold power over you in some way or another. You might be in love with someone who you can’t let go of or you’re dealing with powerful individuals at work or in other key areas of your life. Yet the New Moon is for you so focus on what you want in life rather than be swayed by other peoples’ influence.

New Moons are a symbol of new beginnings and this New Moon in particular is an important marker in the year. It’s the half-way point and the ideal time to look back at your wishes and goals as 2016 began. Are you on track? Have you been diverted away from what you wanted in life? Have life events stopped you following a personal goal or desire?

Now’s the time to reassess where you’re heading and why and to focus once again on your personal goals and aims. Take time out right at the start of July to set some new resolutions for what next. The New Moon in your sign is the equivalent of your personal New Year so make the most of it and be true to you.

Venus in Cancer until the 12th indicates that this is an important time for love and if you’re looking for love, be proactive about meeting someone new. Use the New Moon energy to put out good vibes and attract the right person into your life.

Remember that being a Sun Cancer, you need kindness and caring and ideally you want a partner in your life who protects you and looks after you. It’s important to hold on to what’s right for you because of other planets whose energy is strong.

One planet to note is Mars, the action planet, now back up to speed in Scorpio and your fellow water sign. This is your romance sector and Mars is strong and powerful. It can act like a magnet pulling you forward. It’s a sexy placing for Mars, ideal for love affairs and passionate encounters.

Pluto too is prominent this month and intense Pluto is in your opposite sign of Capricorn and your relationship sector. Pluto’s focus can stir up hidden motivations and the more you understand yourself and any compulsive behaviour, the easier it is to do what’s best for you. Events on the 1st or the 7th might highlight whether you’re in a relationship that’s healthy or not or one that’s currently right for you.

At times this month you might feel you’re in a battle, whether this is a battle with yourself or a battle with someone close. Ultimately it’s important to be very clear and honest with yourself and others and once you make a commitment, stick to it.

This will become crystal clear at the powerful Full Moon on the 19th which cuts across the Cancer/Capricorn axis of the zodiac. This is about relationships for you, either personal or professional, and ensuring that the balance is right in your life. Full Moons are brilliant for making decisions and then it’s up to you to follow through.

Mars in Scorpio is good news for your creative self, the side of your character that’s passionate about your skills and what you believe in. The more you can harness this side of your nature, the more effective you can be. Do what you love, discover a hidden talent, make the most of life. It’s important to find a sense of purpose as well as activities which fulfil you on a deep level.

Mid-month, the emphasis begins to shift away from your personal life towards money and work. The personal planets move into your money sector on the 12th (Venus), the 14th (Mercury) and the 22nd (the Sun).

This is where you can shed some light and channel positive energy. The emphasis is on financial independence rather than relying on other people or life to support you. Be proactive in your money-making endeavours and look at ways of using your money to good effect.

It’s also the time to consider what you value in life and what money means to you. Explore your money mindset and decide whether you want to create wealth in your life or you want to move away from a materialistic lifestyle. There are no rights and wrongs in this respect but rather being true to you and who you are. Security is important to you, both financially and emotionally, but sometimes less is more.

The planet of change, Uranus, is also in action this month and you might already be considering a change of direction. Uranus in your career sector doesn’t make for an easy life and in fact, you might be better off working freelance now or trying something new.

Uranus turns retrograde in the heavens on the 29th and this can be unpredictable. Read between the lines at work to see if change is on the horizon and if you want to make a radical move yourself, the end of the month is the time to do so.

This might link in to new moves around money, a new way of thinking. It’s hard to hold on to the past now but instead think of this as a period of reinvention. This might mean keeping up-to-date with new technologies or gaining qualifications which will lead you down a different path. Don’t hold tight to a set way of doing things with regard to work but instead be open to change.

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  1. yes thanks for the horoscope n i believe ur right on what id like to learn more on is my past lives n how they fit into this life im living now n i believe im at my last life time n its my worst nim a very old n powerful witch n id also like to know more about how i got all my gifts r they passedon from my other lives n ive met my supernatural husbands from all my life times n i was awakened 7 half yrs ago by one of my supernatural husbands n when i finally reveal my true identity ull be shocked id like to know how to removes curses n throw them back where they came from

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