Cancer January 2018

January 2018

Cancer (22 June – 22 July)

Any month that starts with a Full Moon in Cancer has to be remarkable and the fact that this month is January and the start of a whole new year makes it even more special. The Full Moon is exact on the 2nd, but you’ll feel its influence on the 1st, New Years Day itself.

This is a time when the Moon is in your star sign and it’s important to focus on your personal goals and aims and what comforts and nurtures you. Admittedly, it might be an emotional start to the year as the Full Moon is the time of the month when emotions are heightened. You’re wise to create time to ponder and reflect on your life.

Plus, on the same day as the Full Moon, the 2nd, the planet of change, Uranus, turns direct in Aries and your career sector. This is full-on planetary energy and the decisions you make, or those which are made for you, early in the month could impact on the whole year.

You’re best to use this time wisely to consider the bigger picture, where you’re heading and why. Decide what’s most important for you, your personal life or your professional life, and you might surprise yourself with the answers that arise.

As January begins, it’s not only about you. The decisions you make or which other people make impact on what happens next. This is because the Sun is in your opposite sign of Capricorn until the 20th and more importantly, love planet Venus is here until the 18th.

Capricorn rules your 1-to-1 relationships, both personal and professional, and your partner planet Saturn recently entered Capricorn as well, where it remains for the next three years. Therefore, this could be a month of big decisions for you with regard to your close relationships and it will depend a lot on your current situation.

If you’re in a long-term relationship or married, this is the time to decide whether you’re moving forward together or it’s time to go your separate ways. Certainly, in any close relationship, this feels like a month when you need to make a commitment, whether this includes getting married, starting a family or moving in together.

If you’re single, you might be very clear that you’re either happy to remain single or you’re going to do all you can to meet the partner who’s right for you. This could turn out to be a passionate month as well, with both lusty Mars and opportunity planet Jupiter in Scorpio and your romance sector.

Mars remains in Scorpio until the 26th and the most important date is the 7th when Mars and Jupiter come together in the zodiac. This feels enthusiastic and full of blazing energy so tap into the depth of your emotions and be fully engaged with love, your children, what you want out of life.

This feels like an exciting time, although it’s worth noting that you can’t control other people. You’re not the one calling the shots, although you can still make some key decisions what you’re prepared to go along with and when to pull back.

The period between the 7th to the 10th feels especially lively for your relationships, when you’re willing to take a leap of faith or you’re ready to put an end to loving someone who doesn’t deserve you.

The weekend of the 13th/14th could be pivotal too as both the Sun and Venus clash with volatile Uranus in Aries. Perhaps someone close to you takes a job further away or changes to your partner’s life impact on your own.

The best astrology comes mid-month when there’s a stunning Jupiter-Pluto connection on the 16th followed closely by a New Moon in Capricorn and your opposite star sign on the 17th. Notice who you’re with on or around these dates and where your heart lies.

There’s a sense of abundance about love and relationships during this period and it’s an excellent time to reorient your compass and set new intentions. January is not a month to bury your head in the sand with regard to your 1-to-1’s, but instead get serious about where your commitment lies.

Scorpio also rules your creative skills and talents so this isn’t just about love but finding a way to express yourself and who you really are. The more passion you put into your life now, the more you get back in return. Focus primarily on your personal life in the first half of January.

Work and money matters are under the cosmic spotlight, but later in the month is the time for action. Communication planet Mercury is in Sagittarius and your work and health sector until the 11th. This is about retracing your steps and Mercury’s linked to ideas, the mind and thinking.

It’s only when action planet Mars enters Sagittarius on the 26th that you might be ready to put your ideas into action or to focus primarily on work and your professional life. Mars remains here until March 17th.

Both Venus and the Sun enter air sign Aquarius on the 18th and 20th respectively, and this lights up the sector of your horoscope which represents joint finances and shared resources. Turn your attention to money, whatever your current situation and pay attention to what goes in and comes out of your bank account.

This is particularly important because on the 31st, there’s a second Full Moon in January and this time around it’s a Lunar Eclipse. The eclipse highlights the signs of Leo and Aquarius and your financial axis. This is a part of a wider cycle that began in August 2016 and completes in January 2019.

Eclipses often coincide with the unexpected or dramatic, which is why it’s important to get on top of money matters before the end of the month. Look out, however, for new opportunities which open up, allowing you to take advantage of a shifting situation. If money’s an issue in a long-term relationship, either personal or professional, this could signal a significant turning point for you.

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