Cancer January 2017

Cancer, January 2017

Cancer (21 June – 22 July)

January is a big month coming up and the main planetary activity revolves around a powerful Full Moon in your sign of Cancer on January 12th.

Yet first, there are other factors to take into account. Most importantly, a reminder that communication planet Mercury is retrograde until January 8th so don’t rush into anything too early in the year or you may end up having to retrace your steps.

Mercury turns direct in Sagittarius, the sign that rules your work and routine, your lifestyle and health. So this would be a good date to start any New Year resolutions, especially if they involve your well-being or a new routine.

You might find that events on or around January 8th are also important for you with regard to your work and your everyday schedule. Perhaps a new job or contract that begins or an intention to do things differently, to change around your daily routine to work better for you.

Yet back to the Full Moon on January 12th. Why this Full Moon is so important is because it lights up the four cardinal signs of the zodiac, Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. Effectively the Full Moon is part of a powerful planetary pattern called a Grand Cross.

During the Full Moon, the Sun sits next to Pluto in your opposite sign of Capricorn, highlighting relationships, both personal and professional. The Moon is in your sign of Cancer and this is about your own needs, what makes you feel comfortable.

In addition, the Full Moon is squared by a major opposition between Jupiter in Libra and Uranus in Aries. The freedom planets clash across the sectors of your chart which light up your home and family, your past (Libra) and your career and vocation, your future (Aries).

So this really is a powerful Full Moon for you. During Full Moon periods, you’re often more sensitive to your emotions and a Full Moon can represent completion, clarity or achievement. It’s when you stop and view life head on and because this Full Moon lights up the cardinal signs, you’re ready for action.

It could be that you feel your life is in overdrive and you’re being pulled in too many different directions. If you’re constantly giving out and you’re not getting enough support, you’ll be more than ready to do things your way.

Take care however that you don’t leap into action without some careful thought and attention to your personal situation. It’s a volatile time to act without first considering all your options.

Other people in your life play a key role here too, whether personally or professionally. Over Christmas and New Year, communication planet Mercury was retrograde, i.e. on go slow in Capricorn and your relationship sector.

So you’ll either have been reviewing a partnership situation or been absent from the one you love and during the Full Moon new information comes to light. This is when you have the full picture and this is confirmed because on January 12th, the same date as the Full Moon, Mercury returns to Capricorn and your relationship sector.

This is a key turning point for your 1-to-1’s whether you’re having to change things around to accommodate someone special, your other half has accepted a job in another part of the country or you want to put work before duty, family before relationships. It depends on you and where you’re at but what’s really important is that everything is building towards the Full Moon.

So this is going to be a decisive month for you and once you’ve gathered all your information and you’ve had time to think, move things forward. Use the side of your nature that’s good at initiating new projects to get your life moving.

Mercury is out of its shadow phase on January 27th and the following date, January 28th, action planet Mars enters Aries and your career and vocation sector. This is red hot action, an ambitious time of year for you when you should be ready to power forward, into the next stage of your life.

Team up with a power-house individual at work, think joint ventures, business partnership; revolutionise your relationship 1-to-1’s and either break free completely or unite with confidence. Whatever you decide, act with conviction towards the end of January and your commitment will stick.

Money too is a driving force as the Sun enters Aquarius and your joint finance sector on January 19th. From this date on you can sort out finances and the New Moon on January 28th is a powerful date in this respect. This might indicate the time when you sign or seal a contract that’s going to help you feel more secure financially.

Also in January, it’s important to spend some time elsewhere or to take part in an activity that’s completely different and shifts your mind-set. This is because there’s a strong influence on your fellow water sign Pisces throughout January and this will call forth the romance in your soul.

You need to build new experiences into your life now, even if this is a day trip somewhere different. Ideally it would be a good month to go on holiday or study something new and romance too could be part of the picture.

Yet it’s enough to tap into inspirational activities, such as art, music, poetry or to change your surroundings in some way. Turn your life on its head and you might find that your new way of seeing the world helps you make sense of what you want or need to change and what you’re more than happy with.

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