Cancer Horoscope September 2022

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Organised Vibes & Overwhelm

September is Virgo season. Virgo rules communication in your horoscope when there’s a theme of going back to school or getting back into your everyday routine. This is about your daily commute and what you do in life day in, day out.

Virgo rules your siblings and neighbours, your local community and it’s often a period of the year when you’re busier than usual. You might be ferrying family back and forth or be dealing with a lot of correspondence in your place of work.

Ideally, Virgo season is the time to get organised and bring more structure your life. It’s a good time to put new daily habits in place that benefit your mind, body and spirit. Manage your time well and see how you can effectively utilise the time you spend commuting or your lunch hour or other key areas in the day.

There is, however, a potential theme of overwhelm in your life, especially during the Full Moon on the 10th and again on the 16th or 24th. You may lose sight of your next steps or feel disillusioned with your everyday situation. You could spend way too much time day-dreaming and not enough time getting things done.

In brief, you could have too much on your plate in September, so do watch your stress levels. Prioritise your health and well-being. If you’re juggling a second job or standing in for employees who are on leave or ill, do what you can but don’t over-give.

Creating Connections

Communication and good connections could help you this month. The Sun is in Virgo until the 23rd but Venus is also here from the 5th to the 29th, and Venus in Virgo is linked to help or support.

Reach out to others, especially if you feel overwhelmed or disillusioned about what’s happening in the world. Or, if you don’t know which way to turn in your personal life. 

Ensure you have a shoulder to lean on and a listening, attentive ear. Repay the favour and be available when friends or family need someone to talk to. These are disorienting times we live in and this month could be especially confusing.

The Full Moon period is often an emotional time for you and it’s always helpful for you to know when the light of the moon is at its peak. The day of this month’s Full Moon, the 10th, indicates a significant turning point as Mercury also switches direction on the same day.

Mercury Retrograde

Mercury turns retrograde in Libra and your home and family sector. You may want to retreat at home more than usual. Or, perhaps you’re catching with family or loved ones from the past. Mercury is on go slow until October 2nd.

Mercury switches direction opposite big planet Jupiter in Aries and your career and future sector. This is an awkward opposition as Mercury pulls you back to the past and you may want to hide away.

Whereas, Jupiter’s enthusiastically gearing you up for growth & expansion, a new role or career path. You might feel caught in the middle. Or, perhaps there’s a significant shift in one of these key areas of your life – home/work – which means you have to rethink your next steps.

Mercury retrograde is a time to rework your options, change your mind and review your situation. Once Mercury retreats back into Virgo on the 23rd, try again and follow up correspondence or send off another email if there’s someone who hasn’t go back to you. There’s a theme of returning to old contacts or second chances.

Home & Family

Libra is the star sign at the base of your horoscope ruling your home and family, your past and where you come from. If you’re a typical Cancer, this is where you find balance and harmony in your life. You often retire to your home, your nest, your loved ones if you’re feeling unbalanced. If you need to restore harmony or order at home or in your own life, make this a priority.

The home and family theme continues through the Equinox on the 23rd, the day the Sun enters Libra. This would be a good time to consider your surroundings and where you live, whether you want to redecorate or find a new home. 

You may discover that working from home is possible during September. This could help resolve any issues that you have regarding your commute or working away from home. Or, perhaps you’d rather be back in the office or place of work.

Admittedly, with Mercury retrograde it may take a while for things to fall into place but that doesn’t mean you can’t start to initiate new plans or ideas in these key areas.

The 25th is the day of the New Moon in Libra, so prioritise these areas – home and family. Remember that as a Sun Cancer, you create family wherever you are, so this isn’t only about blood relatives but people dear to your heart, your employees or the people you work alongside.

Mercury Retrograde Do’s & Don’ts

Remember the Mercury retrograde mantra – put off the big decisions & major investments between September 10th to October 2nd. Here are some more tips:

  • be flexible, have plans B, C & D up your sleeve
  • take a step back, do less not more
  • double-check everything, read the small print
  • chase up old contacts, revisit the past
  • use all the re-words – revise, rework, review, reconsider
  • rest & retreat when you can
  • do your research & explore your options ready to act when Mercury turns direct

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