Cancer Horoscope November 2022

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Your Ruler

You’re a child of the Moon as your star sign Cancer is ruled by the Moon. Therefore, this may be a significant time for you as you enter November ‘twixt eclipses. Eclipses involve the Sun, the Moon & the Earth.

Because the Moon is your ruler, your moods can ebb and flow like the changeable nature of the Moon’s phases. Unlike the Sun which remains a constant circle in the sky, the Moon has a chameleon nature and is sometimes completely invisible in the night sky.

You may sense that you’re in tune with the waxing & waning of the Moon. The New Moon is a time of new beginnings whereas things come to completion or culmination during the Full Moon.

Lunar Eclipse

This may be a significant time for you as we’re deep in eclipse season. Eclipses are dramatic and they bring about change. It’s hard to stay stuck in your comfort zone when you have eclipse energy propelling you forwards. That’s not to say that eclipses are easy but they are a time when you can potentially turn your life around.

This month, there’s a Lunar or Full Moon Eclipse in Taurus on the 8th. This is part of the Taurus/Scorpio eclipse cycle which highlights the social axis of your horoscope. It’s about your friends and group activities. Also, your involvement with society, politics, community or humanitarian goals.

It’s about the things you give birth to, i.e. your creative urges. This includes your children, your lovers, your creative projects, your skills & talents. 

This eclipse is highlighting how you express yourself out in the world. These areas of your life may be shifting or changing as new lessons or learnings emerge. This eclipse cycle continues until October 2023.

During this eclipse, the Moon is exactly conjunct the planet of change Uranus in Taurus so things could happen unexpectedly. Uranus in Taurus lights up your friendship and group sector, your hopes and wishes for the future.

Decisions could be made fast mid-month. You might get thrown out of a group, club or society. Or, perhaps you’re the one who decides to part ways. Alternatively, you may experience a sense of being an outsider and not part of the ‘in crowd’.

Plus, during the eclipse, the Sun & Moon are square to Saturn in Aquarius. This could flag up fear or doubt or reveal where limitation or restrictions lie. Money might be an issue or sex could be a problem. You may be shocked by a friend’s behaviour or be caught up in a triangle situation. There’s passion and intensity but possibly unpredictable and bad behaviour too.

This eclipse is powerful as it’s triggering the Saturn-Uranus square which was the major planetary aspect of 2021. Rules & regulations (Saturn) v. freedom & rebellion (Uranus).

These two planets have been active once again since mid-2022 but are now moving away from one another. It may be that something has to break down in order for you to break through.

Jupiter Joy 

The period from the 5th to the 11th looks choppy but after this date, you’re potentially in flow. The planet of relating Venus is in your fellow water sign Scorpio alongside talk planet Mercury and the light of the Sun.

On the 15th, 16th & 21st, all three planetary bodies team up with the best planet Jupiter. This is good news for you because Jupiter’s in Pisces, also part of the water element, like your star sign Cancer. Positive Jupiter aspects can feel lucky and open you up to growth, expansion and good fortune.

In your horoscope, Jupiter in Pisces highlights travel, study, philosophy, spirituality and any activity that expands your horizons or broadens your experience of life. 

If you want to emigrate or take a sabbatical from work and explore a new direction in life, it starts with believing and knowing that anything’s possible. Line up some big dreams in 2023 and let the universe hear your voice.

There may be an opportunity to play globally, expand your network or reach out to other people in different countries and cultures. Jupiter is closely linked to philanthropy and charitable actions. The big planet rules publishing, the Law, truth and justice. Stake your claim and begin your voyage of discovery.

What are you searching for, what are you seeking and where do you find fulfilment and faith in your life? These are the questions to ask as Jupiter completes its journey through Pisces in the last two months of the year.

Sagittarius Season

Finally this month, there’s a shift in energy once the inner planets move into fire sign Sagittarius. Mercury’s first on the 16th followed by Venus on the 17th and the Sun on the 22nd.

This indicates it’s time to turn your attention away from your personal life or personal issues and get back on track with your work and routine, your lifestyle and your health.

When planets are in Sagittarius, it’s time for a physical MOT, to take care of your body, to change around your routine for the better. You may feel enthusiastic about getting fit or taking on a new job or role. Turn your attention outwards into the world.

Plus, on the 23rd, the New Moon takes place in Sagittarius, a symbol of new beginnings. This is the same day that lucky Jupiter, Sagittarius’ ruling planet, turns direct. This is potentially a double whammy of good fortune. It would be an ideal date to apply for a job, take a risk and say yes to life.

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