Cancer Horoscope June 2022

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Quiet Times

The Sun is in Gemini and the most hidden sector of your horoscope until the 21st, the day of the Solstice. This turns your attention inwards. It’s often a time of preparation or quiet and solitude.

Certainly, you’re wise to create some space in your life so you can listen to your inner voice and get in touch with your natural instincts. Being one of the water signs, this is your strength, to listen to your gut and trust your feelings. You can only do this fully when you allow yourself time to be still. 

Reading helps too. In fact, some of your reading material may be deeply stimulating and inspiring while there’s strong emphasis on the star sign Gemini. Talk planet Mercury returns here on the 13th. You could learn more easily and find answers through other people’s words. 

There may be one person, however, you’re more than ready to talk to. On the 3rd, talk planet Mercury turns direct in Taurus and your friendship and group sector. This can sometimes bring new information to light or your plans get the go-ahead. It’s an ideal date to reach out to others and re-open the lines of communication.

Plus, lovely Venus remains in Taurus until the 23rd, a reminder to enjoy life’s simple pleasures and embrace peaceful times with your girlfriends or a group of women.

Full Moon/Mars’ Action

Another key event for you is the Full Moon on the 14th. Being a Sun Cancer, you’re ruled by the Moon and you often feel the phases of the Moon and its changing seasons more deeply than other people.

The Full Moon tends to be a time of deep emotion. In astrology, it represents completion and culmination as matters come to a head. You see things clearly and the Full Moon brings clarity. This is why it’s a good time to make key decisions, release and let go.

This month’s Full Moon falls in Sagittarius and your work and health sector. These areas of your life are under the cosmic spotlight mid-June. This means it’s an excellent time to look after your health and focus on your lifestyle and well-being. What you do on a daily level impacts many different areas of your life.

For some of you, the Full Moon could be a definitive date for a job, your work or a contract. Plus, you have action planet Mars in Aries and your career and vocation sector throughout June.

Mars in Aries is a fast and furious influence and could bring motivation your way. You might be raring to go with this combination as your ambition kicks in.

However, Mars can be an aggravating influence so any issues at work or regarding your career may flare up . You might be ready to take on a fight at work or be dealing with a strike issue or protests. If your working life is super busy and stressful, this could be another reason why you want or need more down time on a personal level.

This month could be a significant turning point for you, whether you’re back out in the world or ready to put yourself and your needs first.

Wheel of Fortune

Another key turning point takes place on the 21st, the day of the Solstice when the Sun enters your star sign Cancer. It’s the start of your birthday month.

When the Sun is in Cancer, this highlights your image and profile and how other people see you. It’s about your body and physical goals.

Cancer rules your personal aims and projects that are dear to your heart. It’s a great time to initiate new goals in your life and get things moving and fast. The best date to choose would be the New Moon in Cancer on the 29th.

This is the only New Moon in your star sign throughout 2022 so make the most of it. Not only set your intentions for the month ahead but your year ahead as well.

You might be looking at a new work opportunity, a job that takes you abroad or be keen to pursue a long-term dream or goal. As long as your plans are cemented in reality, there’s no reason why you can’t fly high and dream big this month.

A partner or third party could be involved somehow. They may be the anchor that keeps you rooted to the ground or the catalyst for the next steps in your life.

As a Sun Cancer, you have a vivid imagination. The period from the 14th to the 16th and Neptune’s change of direction on the 28th may offer you a chance to conjure up new ideas, goals and excitements. Alternatively, it may be disenchantment that helps you realise you’re ready to move on.

As June completes, prioritise yourself and stay focused on the one thing that matters to you the most. You’re entering a key period of change when the wheel of fortune is turning and lining up a new path of destiny.

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