Cancer Horoscope July 2023

Happy Birthday, Cancer. This is your month with a lot of activity in your star sign Cancer. When planets are in your star sign, the focus is on you. It’s the ideal time to pursue your personal goals and ambitions, to reflect on who you are and how you come across in the world.

Cancer Season

The Sun shines bright in Cancer up until July 23rd. The other planet in Cancer is talk planet Mercury, which is here up until July 11th. Therefore, this is an excellent time to arrange meetings, key conversations and negotiations.

The Full and New Moons are key this month and can help guide you and point your way forward. The Full Moon on July 3rd cuts across the Cancer/Capricorn axis of your horoscope, highlighting yourself in relation to other people.

Emotions are heightened during a Full Moon and you often see your situation clearly. Trust your intuition, especially around relationships, both personal and professional. The Full Moon is a polarity with the Sun in Cancer opposite the Moon in Capricorn. This may be about finding a balance in a love relationship. Or, perhaps it helps you to realise who’s on your side and who you want on your team.

During the Full Moon, lucky Jupiter is in action. In fact, on July 1st, Jupiter in Taurus teams up with the Sun and Mercury in your star sign Cancer. Find the right group of friends or the right team and your own life can grow and flourish. Reach out to other people and do something fun and social, life-enhancing and life-expanding.

The New Moon on July 17th focuses more on you as it falls in your star sign Cancer. This is the astrological equivalent of your personal New Year. Therefore, it’s a perfect time to set your intentions and consider your goals and aims for the year ahead.

Most importantly, ensure that your own needs are met and be assertive. A New Moon is a symbol of new beginnings and a wonderful day to launch a project, sow seeds and start afresh.

There are a couple of dates, however, when you may have a challenge on your hands. This is because both Mercury and the Sun in Cancer oppose Pluto in Capricorn on the 10th and 20th respectively.

Pluto in your opposite star sign Capricorn can indicate some form of conflict, perhaps with an enemy, an ex or someone opposing you. You could fall out with someone on or around these key dates or be caught up in office politics.

If you’re in a relationship or marriage, you and your partner may have different priorities around where you’re heading as a couple. The dates mentioned are when things could come to a head. Don’t ignore an ongoing issue, especially if this is old news for you. Life is providing you with another chance to step up and confront what’s not working.

Leo Season

Money matters are highlighted this month too, because of all the activity in fire sign Leo. The planet of relating Venus is in Leo all month and is side-by-side with Mars in Leo up until the 10th. The lovers of the heavens next to one another in your personal money sector suggest that partnership is the way forward to boost your finances.

Yet, Leo rules values and self-worth too. Therefore, the more confident you are and the more you believe in yourself, the more likely you are to earn well and attract abundance into your life. Try not to get-sidetracked by friends who may not want you to do well. The key dates are the 2nd and 23rd. Stay on track with your financial goals without letting a third party get in the way.

If you’re a typical Sun Cancer, you sometimes compare yourself unfavourably to other people. This isn’t the time to do so. Be around those people who lift your spirits, not the ones who put you down.

Plus, talk planet Mercury is in Leo from the 11th to the 28th and the Sun enters Leo on the 23rd. When planets are in Leo, it’s a brilliant time to speculate to accumulate, to play big and trust your luck.

Venus Retrograde

However, there is another important planetary event taking place. On July 23rd, the planet ruling love, money and beauty Venus turns retrograde and will remain on go slow until September 4th. Traditionally, this is not the time to marry, invest or have expensive beauty treatments.

You can’t hurry love when Venus is on go slow and it turns your attention inwards. Be reflective, consider what you want when it comes to love and allow your partner the space and time to do the same.

Venus retrograde in Leo is a symbol of self-love, a reminder that the more you love yourself, the more your life and relationships can prosper. If you don’t find it easy to treat yourself, this is what Venus retrograde in Leo may be teaching you, that you’re worthy and deserving of an indulgent lifestyle.

Getting Organised & A Lively Social Scene

Finally this month, action planet Mars enters earth sign Virgo on the 10th. Virgo rules communication in your horoscope. This is about your daily commute and what you do in life day in, day out.

Virgo rules your siblings and neighbours, your local community and it can be a period in the year when you’re busier than usual. You might be ferrying family back and forth. Or, be dealing with a lot of correspondence in your place of work.

When planets are in Virgo, it’s a good time to get organised and structure your life. Put daily habits in place that benefit your mind, body and spirit. Manage your time well and see how you can effectively utilise the time you spend commuting or your lunch hour or other key times in the day.

Also, it’s a positive time for making new friends. Virgo rules one of the social sectors of your horoscope. This feels lively, whether you’re meeting friends close to home or you’re catching up with neighbours or siblings. 

You might become a student and start a new course while Mars is in Virgo. Or, perhaps you step into a teaching role and pass on what you know. Brainstorm ideas, write things down and express yourself in the spoken and written word. It’s potentially a creative period for you.

The one time when fear or doubt may kick in is around the 20th, when Mars is opposed by Saturn in Pisces. This could put a hold on travel or study plans. Or, perhaps you have to dig deep to keep moving forward with what you want to achieve.

Sometimes, this combination means that the brakes get slammed on hard. Yet, it’s a symbol that it’s not always right to give up. Keep your gaze firmly fixed on your long-term future and be clear about where you’re heading and why. Don’t let a wobble or lack of faith knock you off purpose.

Venus Retrograde Do’s & Don’ts

  • Venus is retrograde from July 23rd to September 4th.
  • Traditionally, it’s not the best time to marry, invest or have cosmetic surgery when Venus the planet that rules love, money and beauty switches direction.
  • Put off major love and money decisions until Venus turns direct on September 4th. Yet, note that Mercury will be retrograde until September 15th – the true turning point.
  • Use this Venus retrograde phase to reflect and gather strength, to review your situation, to consider your love and money options, to learn more about yourself and what you want when it comes to love. Start by learning to love yourself fully.

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