Cancer February 2019

CancerCancer (22 June – 22 July)

The first month of the year was an eclipse month, so life may still be settling down after a tricky start to 2019. There may already have been significant change for you with regard to relationships, either personal or professional, or your financial situation.

This month is a good time to go for broke when it comes to your work and career. When you have Mars, the planet of action, in Aries and your career and vocation sector, this can help you make swift progress, although it can bring more stress into your life too.

Mars in Aries is competitive and go-getting, so you might be up against tough competition at work or be dealing with a boss or client who’s tricky or manipulative. If anything, this is a good time to be more assertive at work and not let other people hold all the cards or the power.

Any challenges here could be evident early in February when Mars clashes with Pluto in Capricorn and your relationship sector on the 2nd. This combination feels controlling so be wary of any individual who tries to take charge, dictate terms and tell you what to do.

Some of you may find that that an imbalance of power reaches breaking point this month and you’re not prepared to put up with a difficult situation any longer. After clashing with Pluto, Mars careers through Aries until the 13th when it teams up with Uranus, the liberator and planet of freedom.

If you’re ready to break free from a stressful situation, this could be the time to do it. Be aware, however, that once you’ve taken the plunge, there’s no going back. Mars leaves Aries on the 14th and Uranus leaves Aries on March 6th. 

This is significant for you, as Uranus has been in your career and vocation sector since 2010/2011. It’s a volatile planet, great for freelance work but not for stable and steady employment. 

Therefore, this powerful combination of Mars and Uranus joining forces may coincide with your decision to do things differently. At its best, this is about you stepping up and directing your work/career down the path of your choice. In some cases, however, you might find that fate steps in and your situation changes unexpectedly.

Also, it’s important to note that Chiron, the wounded healer, enters Aries on February 18th where it remains until 2026/2027. Therefore, you might be ready to shift the balance at work. Chiron is a symbol of the mentor or teacher, so perhaps you’re thinking of doing things differently and using your caring and compassionate skills to help others.

One way or another, this month’s astrology smacks of change. While you’re at it, ensure you negotiate well. The 8th is a great date for discussing finances and agreeing payments or salary. This is when Mercury and Mars are working together and you get the chance to walk your talk.

Plus, both Mercury and the Sun are in Aquarius and your joint finance sector until the 10th and 18th respectively. The New Moon on the 4th also falls in this key sector of your horoscope.

Therefore, money is significant for you now. Changes in this area of your life might be the reason why you’re able to break free and switch direction. It’s certainly a promising month to get your finances in order and consider all options available to you. 

Play your cards right and you could discover that there are other avenues for making money or earning money that you weren’t aware of. It’s a top month to get expert financial advice and make some savvy moves to ensure your future security.

People are important to you and when you find the right person for the job, you make things a lot easier for yourself. This can benefit all areas of your life as Venus, the planet of relating, moves into your opposite star sign, Capricorn, on the 3rd.

Venus remains here until the end of February and this is a strong symbol for a loving relationship, conciliation, compromise and having the support that you need. Venus does run into the tough planets, Saturn and Pluto, on the 18th and 23rd respectively. However, this could signify commitment or making a relationship more stable and solid.

Pluto in particular often flags up an extreme situation, so you may find the strength to end a relationship that’s not working out. There’s a commit or quit feel to your astrology when it comes to love.

If you do need some time for yourself or you want to gain a fresh perspective on events this month, try and get away for a while. Swift-moving Mercury enters Pisces and your travel sector on the 10th followed by the Sun on the 18th.

Plus, the Full Moon on the 19th lights up this same sector of your horoscope cutting across the Virgo/Pisces axis of the zodiac. This is lovely for travel, seeking inspiration, reading, study and learning. 

It’s a sign to expand your horizons and get away from any challenges at work or in your personal relationships. Take time out when you need it and line up some dreams and ideas that benefit you first and foremost. 

Being one of the water signs, you’re a dreamer at heart and you have a vivid imagination. Feed your soul this month, as the planets are calling you to open your mind and your heart. Do more of what you love and find inspiration in your life. Your friends will play their part here too. Hang out with unusual types and befriend those people who dare to walk the path less travelled.

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