Cancer December 2016

Cancer, Christmas

Cancer (21 June – 22 July)

Your close relationships come under the cosmic spotlight this month as key planets move through Capricorn and your relationship sector. This is about your 1-to-1’s, both personal and professional.

The first personal planet to enter Capricorn is Mercury, the planet of communication. It enters this sector of your chart on the 2nd and this is the time to talk, to focus on where you’re heading if you’re in a relationship or marriage.

This is especially important because on the 19th, Mercury turns retrograde, i.e. begins to retreat through the zodiac in your relationship sector. This could play out in different ways, for example, you’re apart from the one you love over Christmas, someone goes quiet on you or you find it hard to speak about the things that really matter.

It’s also a key period of reflection when Mercury’s on go slow so if you have more questions than answers when it comes to love, allow yourself time and space to think things through. Christmas could be extra eventful this year and you might not have the full picture until the big planetary activity has been and gone.

The other key planet to enter Capricorn is the Sun on the 21st and the New Moon on the 29th also takes place in this same sector of your chart. In fact, the period between Christmas and New Year could turn out to be especially romantic for you as both Mars and Neptune link in to the New Moon from the romantic sign of Pisces. Key dates are the 27th and 30th.

Yet until Mercury turns direct on January 8th 2017, trust your feelings and think more about what you want and need rather than confront another person or ask other people’s opinions. You won’t necessarily hear the truth until Mercury’s back up to speed.

Money matters too are big news this month which isn’t surprising as Christmas can be an expensive gig. Yet there might be other reasons why money’s important for you now. This is about joint finances and sharing resources to help one another. For some, there’s a gift of money coming your way, perhaps an inheritance or bonus.

For others, it’s a good time to renegotiate finances, ensure you have the best deals and work alongside other people in a community spirit. The more you do before the 19th the better, as on this date Mercury turns retrograde and action planet Mars leaves Aquarius and your joint finance sector.

Yet the big astrology this month takes place over Christmas and this lights up your work and career sectors, your future and where you’re heading. The planetary aspect on Christmas Day, December 25th, involves Saturn in Sagittarius trine Uranus in Aries, so for you it’s all about work and lifestyle.

Uranus is a freedom planet and this might coincide with news about a freelance job, part-time work, changing your shifts or commute, working online, technological advances, starting out as an entrepreneur.

Yet answering the call of change won’t always come easy because there’s another planet which is shifting the dynamic of your work and career. This is Saturn, the taskmaster of the heavens and for most of the time since late 2014, Saturn has been in Sagittarius and the part of your chart that rules your routine, your everyday work, what you do for a living.

Saturn in Sagittarius taps into the part of your nature that wants security and stability in life. You often have to work hard to achieve your goals when Saturn’s in this sector of your chart.

So whether fear kicks in and stops you following your dream vocation or whether you’re balancing the 9-to-5 with an activity or pursuit outside of your working life, you have to take both factors into account, Saturn and Uranus.

Yet when they’re working together as they are on Christmas Day, you could feel especially bold and be ready to drive forward your new plans and goals. You might decide to challenge the boss when you’re back at work, step up to a new level of responsibility, take the lead, be dynamic, go for what you want. This might be linked to money matters too and someone’s help financially could be the trigger you need to set change in motion.

Sagittarius is also in the sector that rules your health and it’s important to look after yourself well when Saturn’s in this part of your chart. Moderation is a good place to begin and to put sensible habits in place, such as eating well, sleeping well, taking regular exercise, getting fresh air, etc.

If you’re overly busy or the opposite, unemployed for a while, you could easily get stressed or depressed, the opposite ends of the health spectrum. Even more reason to lead a healthy lifestyle and prioritise your well-being.

Events over Christmas will help point you in the right direction. With major astrology taking place, life events can crop up unexpectedly enabling you to take advantage of new beginnings.

The other major planetary activity is Jupiter in Libra and your home and family sector opposite Uranus in Aries on Boxing Day, December 26th. Jupiter rules foreign connections so you might be visiting family who live abroad, or decide to take a sabbatical or emigrate. Think of wide, open spaces and you get a feel of what Jupiter in Libra is like.

Jupiter represents freedom too which indicates that it’s going to be hard to sit still or hold on to life as it is. There might be more comings and goings than usual and you could decide to take a trip down memory lane for a specific reason. All in all, the festive period is lining up to be a major period for change.

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