Cancer April 2021

Cancer, April 2021, butterfly

This month’s planetary vibe is forward-moving. Yet, there seem to be different areas of your life you’re required to juggle in order to keep up. 

Career Goals

Firstly, the emphasis on your career continues at a fast pace. Talk planet, Mercury, joins the Sun in Aries and your career and vocation sector from the 4th to the 19th. Venus is here too, the planet of relating so expect to be busy.

You might be getting to know new team members or trying to sort out tricky office politics. You could find there’s one person you clash with – the key dates are the 12th, 16th & 17th. Try not to get on the wrong side of anyone if possible. At the same time, don’t allow yourself to be bullied or imposed upon by a third party.

There may be ways out of this, perhaps changing your hours or working from home. Keep close tabs on your stress levels and don’t let any problems or issues get worse. Aries is a direct star sign, so leap in and sort things out sooner rather than later.

If you’re looking for work or you’re keen to start a new vocational project, the New Moon in Aries on the 12th is an ideal date to sow seeds. Send off an application and set things in motion. New Moon energy is pro-active and forward-moving.

Friends & Allies

Your best allies from mid-month onwards are your friends, especially those friends you’ve known a long time. It’s important to be around people who make you laugh and who are kind and supportive. 

The planet of relating, Venus, is the first of the inner planets to move into Taurus and your friendship and group sector on the 14th. Venus is closely followed by Mercury and the Sun entering Taurus on the 19th. Get the right people on your side and you’ll feel a lot happier.

Your friends are the people to talk to if there’s someone in your life who’s causing a problem, either personally or professionally. This might be an ex, your boss or someone you’re tied to in some other way.

Some of you may feel as if a close relationship has reached a brick wall or a crisis point and this could peak on or around the 27th. Lean on the people you trust this month as this will help you feel more grounded and steady.

The Uranus Factor

Uranus, the planet of change, is also in Taurus and active from the 23rd to the 30th. On the one hand, this suggests that your friends will bring you excitement. Be around people who are alternative and unconventional or try out a new group, club or society.

This is about what you believe in and doing your bit for society. Uranus in Taurus is stirring things up, perhaps in a good way. It’s via your friends, your community or a group in your life that you can have a blast or start a revolution.

As a Sun Cancer, you are one of the cardinal star signs, i.e. a leader. Where you excel in your leadership is within your family, your community or your country. Join together with other people and you can make a difference.

The Full Moon takes place on the 27th and cuts across the Taurus/Scorpio axis of the zodiac. This is a social Full Moon and it would be a great date for organising a get-together or doing something special. You can’t count out finding love on this Full Moon as Scorpio rules your romance sector.

In fact, love could be unusually intense during this Full Moon period. It’s potentially exciting for new love but not so great perhaps for a long-term relationship. It’s important that any relationship allows you breathing space. 

If someone’s not good for you or holding on too tight, you’ll feel it towards the end of the month. Things could happen fast and deep – be aware that this may be an emotional Full Moon for you.

Be Your Own Best Friend

There will be times this month when it’s important to be kind to yourself. Up until the 23rd, you have action planet Mars in Gemini and the most hidden sector of your horoscope.

Be careful that you don’t turn your anger in on yourself or become your own worst critic. Instead, use journalling and the talking cure to express your feelings and release tension.

On the 23rd, Mars moves into your star sign, Cancer and this will boost your courage, your desire to take a stand. Focus on your personal goals and ambitions and line up a new challenge.

Mars is a physical planetary influence. It gives you drive and enhances your assertive nature. Cut through any indecision and start to take the right course of action.

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