Cancer April 2018

Cancer, mountains

Cancer (22 June – 22 July)

It’s important to remember this month that you’re one of the cardinal signs, which means you’re one of life’s leaders. This is because throughout April, there’s a lot of planetary energy in the cardinal signs, Aries and Capricorn, which does indicate you need to step up your game, otherwise other people could try and take control.

Your work and career is one area of life where there’s plenty going on and you’re wise to use the timing of astrology to know when to act and when to pull back. If you remember from last month, communication planet Mercury is currently retrograde in Aries and your career sector and remains on go slow until April 15th.

Aries not only rules your career and vocation, but also your status and reputation. It’s about being out in the world and considering your future path, your goals and what next. When Mercury’s in retreat, you may find you’re retracing your steps or perhaps you’re halted in your actions.

This is potentially a frustrating Mercury retrograde phase as Aries is a heated sign. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself feeling impatient or you run up against other people who want things to happen and fast.

The 4th/5th of the month could be particularly tricky if you have some difficult opponents in your life. The current astrology does indicate that you shouldn’t underestimate the competition or make light of your boss or an authority figure.

This is because of a trio of planets in your opposite sign of Capricorn. Mars is there, the planet of ambition but also arguments. Saturn is in Capricorn along with Pluto, two slower-moving planets and symbols of power or authority or people who stop you in your tracks and say No.

Notice who your enemies are or be realistic about who you get on with and who you don’t. Mars and Saturn combine on the 2nd and Mars and Pluto come together on the 26th. Both dates could be testing for your close relationships, both professional and personal.

At its best, you’ll have someone working for you, pushing hard to ensure things go your way. Alternatively, you could find that dealing with other people isn’t without its challenges. Perhaps one partnership or relationship could even become impossible.

What you do have on your side are allies and it’s important to team up with other people who get who you are and who you can relate with well. No-one likes being bullied or intimidated and if you’re a typical Sun Cancer, you’re more sensitive than most.

Look out for women who can help you and nurture now, your female friends or colleagues. This is because the planet which rules women, Venus, is currently strong in Taurus and your friendship sector. Make an effort to meet up with your girlfriends or join a women’s networking group. The period from the 7th to the 17th is an ideal time to ask for support and have some fun.

It is imperative to have a healthy social life now, especially if other areas of your life are testing. Focus on play as well as work and have activities in your life that encourage you to dream and access your vivid imagination.

The Full Moon on the 30th takes place in the water sign Scorpio and the last weekend of the month is ideal for lining up an activity that’s totally about pleasure, fun or entertainment.

In fact, the Full Moon is one of the best dates of the month for love and the theme is renewal. You may discover what works and what doesn’t work for you quite clearly when it comes to your intimate relationships. Big planet Jupiter is also in Scorpio, which is gorgeous for new romance and embracing a loving relationship that lifts you up.

The 14th is another unique date for your 1-to-1s and, for some Cancer individuals, you won’t be short of passion throughout April. It must be love on your terms though rather than feeling as if the other person is calling the shots.

Back to your career and changes could work in your favour mid-month when there’s a rush of planetary activity in Aries and your future sector. Firstly, communication planet, Mercury, turns direct in Aries on the 15th and this often coincides with new information. It’s an excellent date to take action and make things happen.

This is confirmed because on the 16th, there’s a New Moon in Aries, a symbol of new beginnings. If things haven’t been working out for you on the career front, mid-April is ripe for change. Some of you may find that life steps in to move you on but, play your cards right, and you can make the most of the innovative and progressive astrology.

The other planet in the mix is Uranus, the planet which is linked to freelance work, doing things your way, taking advantage of change. Uranus will only remain in Aries for another month, although it does return later this year for a short while.

If you know you want to do things differently or you’re itching for a change of scene, now’s the time to make it happen. This is bold planetary energy so you will have to step out of your comfort zone and, once again, ensure that you have your cheerleaders by your side, people who know you and love you and want you to do well.

This month’s astrology isn’t for the faint-hearted. Instead, you’re being asked to stand up to injustice and make the most of any new opportunities which come your way. In fact, the two might be linked. You may decide you want a change of scene in order to move away from a difficult partnership or personal situation.

Love too could be a welcome distraction once Venus enters Gemini and the most hidden sector of you horoscope on the 24th. Perfect for a private love affair, reading or writing about love.

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