Britain’s Got Talent Final: The Dancing Dog

The Britain’s Got Talent final on Saturday night was watched by 11 million viewers in the UK. There were two firm favourites, no. 1, the ridiculously young & amazing opera singers Jonathan & Charlotte, 17 & 16 respectively and no. 2, Ashleigh,also 17, & Pudsey, perhaps the best dancing dog ever.

I didn’t look at the astrology chart for the final but my friend and fellow astrologer, Joanna Watters, did and she got it spot on. She went for the dancing dog and here’s the reason why:


Britain's Got Talent Final astrology chart

The chart is drawn up for the start of the final at 7:30pm BST on May 12th 2012. The Ascendant is Scorpio, so the ruling planet is Mars in Virgo at the top of the chart in the 10th house. Virgo is the sign associated with pets so here’s Pudsey, flying high.

The other planet to consider is always the Moon and in particular the next aspect it makes in the heavens. The Moon’s in Aquarius in the 3rd house of communication. The Moon represents the public in electional charts and in sociable, techy Aquarius here’s everyone tweeting and talking about the final.

The Moon’s next aspect is to the Sun/Jupiter conjunction in Taurus in the 7th house. Jupiter’s the biggest planet in the heavens so this looks like the big guy with the amazing voice (Taurus rules the throat and singing). The 7th house rules other people and Jonathan & Charlotte were the bookies’ favourite. However, the Moon makes a square aspect to the Sun/Jupiter, which isn’t easy.

Let’s take a look at what happens next to Mars in Virgo. Mars also rules Aries, the 6th house ruler, and the 6th house is Virgo’s house, which confirms that Mars in Virgo is Pudsey. The next aspect that Mars makes is a trine (which is an easy aspect) with Mercury in Taurus. In the chart Mercury is on the Descendant and in mythology, Mercury was the winged messenger, nimble and fleet-footed. The Mercury-Mars trine is speedy and skilful and, most importantly, stronger than the Moon square Sun/Jupiter so Mars cuts out the favourites.

Mercury on the Descendant connects with Mars in Virgo on the Midheaven and Pudsey dances his way into pole position. He grabs the £500,000 prize for himself and his loyal owner, and Simon Cowell’s life work is now complete.

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