Back To Black: Saturn Returns To Scorpio

Saturn ScorpioBack to Black‘ was Amy Winehouse’s second and final album that was released in 2006. It’s one of those classic albums full of stunning tracks of music.

I loved it when it first came out and my daughter’s rediscovered it recently. We both agree there’s not a bad song on it.

When I was thinking about Saturn’s return to Scorpio which begins tomorrow, Monday 15th June and is one of this year’s major astrological transits, ‘Back to Black’ was a phrase that kept coming to mind.

Saturn is retrograde, in retreat and giving the illusion of moving backwards in the heavens. Scorpio is the zodiac sign most closely associated with the colour black. Scorpio symbolism rules all things deep and dark, hidden areas, taboo subjects. Saturn re-enters Scorpio and moves back to black.

Bad Press

In astrology, neither the planet Saturn nor the sign of Scorpio have a good press. In fact, they can both generate fear or an expectation that something bad is going to happen. Saturn in Scorpio is a tough combination, immovable, fixed, solid and Saturn digs deep into Scorpio’s psyche.

Saturn is Old Father Time in astrology, the last traditional planet and thus rules endings, boundaries, dead ends. This is the planet that exposes your limitations, puts obstacles in your path and expects you to work hard if you’re to reap your rewards. Conversely Saturn represents self-discipline, commitment, endurance, authority, doing things by the book. It’s the planet of rules, duty and sensible behaviour.

Slam The Door Shut

Saturn in Scorpio can mean you have to face your fears and deal with what’s hidden. This is the time to look at those things in life you’ve been ignoring or avoiding to bring closure or to close a door on the past.

This is a relatively short transit of Saturn in Scorpio and it only dips back into the last few degrees of Scorpio (28-30), so it’s most important for you if you have key planets/angles at these degrees. Saturn remains here from June 15th until September 18th and then it’s gone for another 29 + years.

Saturn has already waded through Scorpio from October 2012-December 2014. That two year transit was the hard slog, the reality check, the confrontation with loss, hardship or difficulties. Think of this new transit as a chance to check your progress, to consolidate your position and to look at what’s working or what’s not.

Most importantly, there’s a finality about Saturn in Scorpio that demands closure. It’s time to slam the door shut on the past, especially anything that’s dark or connected with loss. Never forget that Scorpio represents the phoenix who rises from the ashes. This is the sign of the survivor who experiences the dark so they can subsequently let go and move into the light.

Amy & Saturn

This article ends by coming full circle as Amy Winehouse was born during the last Saturn in Scorpio cycle which took place from December 1982-November 1985.

Amy’s date of birth was September 14 1983 and in her chart Saturn is at 1 Scorpio and conjunct Pluto, Scorpio’s ruler. Saturn is the ruling planet of her unique and individual Aquarius Midheaven signifying her career and ‘Back to Black’ is a most powerful legacy.

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Amy Winehouse, born. September 14 1983, 10:25 pm, London, UK; died. July 23 2011

2 thoughts on “Back To Black: Saturn Returns To Scorpio”

  1. Hi Sally – this is a late comment on this post, as events in my life appear to have a link to this transit and I thought it might interest you to hear about them, although I’m not too sure if the dates exactly match up.

    In June 2012 my mum had a fall and ended up having an elbow replacement, The operation was botched up and resulted in remedial surgery to fix it 18 months later. She then found out last summer that she had cancer. We got her through another op and radiotherapy, and until this week she was recovering slowly but steadily. What then happens on Thursday? She falls and fractures her pelvis – just as Saturn has gone back into Scorpio! Mum is nearly 90 and very fit and sprightly, but these constant health problems have really got to her. She has Saturn at 25 degrees Scorpio in the 6th house…

    Meanwhile in August 2012 I was made redundant. Since then I’ve done supply teaching but have wanted to get out of the profession. I went for an interview last week, and after an hour of waiting around with no explanation as to the delay, I left the organisation’s offices and asked for a rescheduling of the interview. No such joy! A few weeks ago another similar thing happened when an employer ASKED me to apply for a post, then didn’t even give me an interview and rejected me out of hand, having said verbally that I was perfect for the post!! It may be a little out timewise, but I have Saturn in Capricorn in the 4th house, also at 25 degrees… Am I imagining this, or am I actually seeing the effect of transits on our two lives?! On the positive side, at least it’ll all be over come September!

    Sorry for such a long post, and for the plethora of exclamation marks! Incidentally my Saturn is conjunct my Jupiter – does this dampen down my luck? 🙂

    1. hi Rachel, thank you for your comment. It’s your mother’s 3rd Saturn Return and in the 6th house Saturn is linked to her health. I hope she’s ok and that she takes it easy over the next couple of months. Your Saturn is in Capricorn, its sign of dignity and Saturn would have been in a harmonious sextile aspect with Saturn so I don’t think the Saturn Scorpio transit would work for you in a detrimental way. The last few weeks I think it’s probably been Mercury retrograde that has coincided with non-interviews, etc. That seems more radical, i.e. fits the symbolism. Certainly your Saturn is stronger than your Jupiter which is in its sign of fall in Capricorn so you might have to work harder to achieve results rather than leave it up to luck. I hope that helps. best, Sally

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