Australian Tennis Open 2019

Update: As predicted, Djokovic won the Australian Open. His astrology was closely linked to the tournament chart, which showed the favourite doing well. Nadal was the Uranus factor, surprising many by his swift defeat of his opponents, all the way until the final.

It was the Leo, Federer, who was eclipsed in the run up to the Leo eclipse by a Leo, the young contender, Tsitsipas. It turned out that even without a time of birth, we could see that Tsitsipas had some stunning fire sign transits.

Thank you to everyone who commented, especially those of you who add a huge amount to the astrological prediction. Look forward to seeing you all again at the French Open in June.

Andy Murray, b. May 15, 1987, 2:10pm, Glasgow, UK – Sun Taurus

The run-up to the Australian Open turned out to be a tearful affair for Andy Murray as he announced his likely retirement in 2019. The Moon was heading to Neptune when he broke down in tears.

There are some major transits which have been difficult for Andy since his last Grand Slam win at Wimbledon in 2016. Later that year, Andy had his Saturn Return which can often coincide with a major turning point in your life. Andy’s Saturn is in Sagittarius, the sign that rules the hips, and his right hip has been an ongoing issue for him since early 2017.

Also, Neptune, the planet of dissolution, has been going back and forth over Andy’s Descendant, since May 2017. Neptune is exactly conjunct his Descendant this month, January 2019. The Descendant is the relationship point in astrology and sits opposite the Ascendant, the point in the horoscope which rules you, your physical body. Neptune can bring sadness, a feeling of dissolution that things are falling away.

Andy’s Saturn is at 19 Sagittarius and lucky Jupiter will go back and forth over his natal Saturn this year. Yet, Jupiter rules liberation as well as opportunity. Neptune tries to hide you from the truth whereas Jupiter can release you. Playing tennis at the highest level may elude Andy this year but he has every reason to be proud of his incredible career. Check out this article on why Andy Murray may be Britan’s greatest sportsman: Andy Murray.

Australian Open Chart 2019

The tournament chart is printed above. Two planets stand out – Jupiter at 14 degrees Sagittarius, which rules the Pisces Ascendant and the Sagittarius Midheaven. It’s the ruling planet and the planet linked to success. Jupiter is exceptionally strong right now so any player who has key planets/angles linking in to Jupiter could do well. On its own, it’s a strong showing for the favourite to perform well.

The only proviso is Jupiter’s recent square aspect to Neptune, which is close to the Ascendant of the horoscope. This symbolises big dreams which aren’t grounded in reality. This planetary combination is full of hope but success can elude you – just ask Andy, as this square aspect will dominate his natal chart until September 2019.

The planet representing women, Venus at 6 Sagittarius, is heading towards Jupiter. The two benefics, i.e. best planets, are side by side on January 22nd at 16 Sagittarius. Also, Mars is in competitive Aries all competition – strong – and there’s a Lunar Eclipse on January 21st at 0 degrees Leo – who will be eclipsed?

The Moon at 20 Aries is heading towards a conjunction with Uranus at 28 Aries, although it has to encounter the Sun/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn first. Uranus is another planet that can trigger a win. Uranus represents life’s highs and lows, both ends of the success axis, so it’s more difficult to predict with Uranus. Uranus proved pivotal for Alexander Zverev at the end of 2018 – see below – also look for planetary connections at 28 Aries.

Uranus is the theme of the new, the non-favourite. Slightly conflicting messages then for the tournament chart, which doesn’t make for an easy prediction. Any thoughts you may have on the astrology, please add them in the comments below.

Here’s the astrology for the top seeds. As usual, the GOATs dominate the top 3 places. I read in an article recently that the combined age of Djokovic, Nadal & Federer is 100 – go figure!

1. Novak Djokovic, b. May 22, 1987, 11:25 pm, Belgrade, Yugoslavia – Sun Gemini

Djokovic is the no. 1 seed and has won the last two Grand Slams. This coincided with the Sun progressed to Mars, his career planet, exact in August 2018. He’s born exactly one week after Andy Murray but they are different star signs. Plus, Neptune by transit is currently trine Novak’s Midheaven, i.e. helpful for him.

Also, Novak starts the competition with a strong Mars conjunct his north node at 8 Aries, the destiny point in astrology. By the day of the final, Mars is one degree away from his natal Jupiter, promising good fortune. Add to this the fact that the tournament chart’s Midheaven is 19 Sagittarius 05 and Novak’s ruling planet, Saturn, is 19 Sagittarius 07 and the astrology is compelling. If anyone can see anything worrying about Novak’s stars, please tell.

2.Rafael Nadal, b. June 3, 1986, 7:10 pm, Manacor, Spain – Sun Gemini

The last time Rafa won at the Australian Open was 10 years ago, 2009. He comes into this tournament with injury worries. Therefore, he needs some pretty amazing astrology to predict a win. Rafa’s natal Uranus is at 20 Sagittarius so it’s not far off the tournament Midheaven, success point, and lucky Jupiter will reach his natal Uranus in February 2019.

However, other than that, I’m struggling to find great astrology for Rafa. Also, I did note that the eclipse at 0 Leo is exactly square his natal Moon at 0 Taurus in his 6th house, which I don’t like personally for staying injury free. Let me know if you see otherwise.

3.Roger Feder, b. August 8, 1981, 8:40 am, Basel, Switzerland – Sun Leo

Roger is a fire sign, Leo, and there’s strong fire sign energy during this tournament. The other two fire signs being Aries & Sagittarius. Lucky Jupiter will trine his natal Sun during the tournament, exact on January 19th.

The Leo eclipse on January 21st is a question mark for him as it falls exactly on his natal north node at 0 degrees Leo. We have seen eclipses bring success. Like Uranus, they are another factor that is linked to wins or losses. On its own, that could signify a win but Roger has a Saturn transit exactly opposite his Mars on January 22nd. So, Jupiter glory; Saturn gloom. A mixed bag for Federer.

Other players to note:

4.Alexander Zverev b. April 20, 1997, 3:00m, Hamburg, Germany – Sun Aries

Alexander had a stonking November at the ATP finals 2018 when he beat Federer and Djokovic to win the title. On the day of his success, Uranus was exactly conjunct his natal Sun at 29 Aries. Back in May 2018, when Uranus was first at 29 Aries, he won the 2018 Madrid Open.

Uranus transits are often date-specific and his final transit is in March 2019. However, the 3am time gives him a Capricorn Ascendant and tricky Saturn will be exactly conjunct his Ascendant, ruling self/physical body at the same time. I note he goes into this tournament with some injury concerns.

8.Kei Nishikori: December 29, 1989, 5:30am?, Matsue, Japan – Sun Capricorn

A birth time of 5-6 am has been suggested for Nishikori, which would mean lucky Jupiter is close to his Sagittarius Ascendant. With strong Capricorn planets, he may have the potential of turning the Jupiter-Neptune dream into reality.

20.Grigor Dimitrov: May 16, 1991, 5:30 am or 11:30 am, Haskovo, Bulgaria – Sun Taurus

Dimitrov has his natal Mercury at 29 Aries so he has an exact Uranus transit in February 2019. As the tournament begins, transiting Mercury is exactly conjunct his natal Uranus at 13 Capricorn. It’s weird astrology. However, if the 11:30am birth time is correct, his Midheaven, success point, is 28 Aries 38 and definitely one to watch!

22.David Goffin: December 7, 1990, time unknown, Liege, Belgium – Sun Sagittarius

Goffin was born with the Sun at 15 Sagittarius and lucky Jupiter is conjunct his natal Sun during the tournament.

51.Nick Kyrgios: April 27, 1995, time unknown, Canberra, Australia – Sun Taurus

One of the home favourites, Kyrgios is having his lucky Jupiter Return as the tournament begins. Without a birth time, we don’t know where it falls in his birth chart but his natal Jupiter is 14 Sagittarius.

59.Stan Wawrinka: March 28, 1985, 11:05 am, Lausanne, Switzerland – Sun Aries

I’ll be interested to see how the Sun Aries’ players do with their planets Mars strong this tournament. It certainly boosts Wawrinka’s birth chart but he’s another player who’s had a significant injury recently.


The astrology says: Djokovic is once again the player to beat.


Welcome back everyone and Happy New Year! Please play nicely in the comments and let me know your thoughts on the astrology or any other information that will make our tournament viewing a happy one.

So you know, I haven’t updated my website. If you have problems posting comments, let me know via my Facebook or Twitter account or contact me directly at I will make it a priority to try and get the issue fixed before the French Open in June. Thank you.

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  1. Dear Ms Sally,

    Thanksalot !

    You have released the latest episode on Day 1 of the Australian Open minutes before the defending champion Roger Federer has taken his position on the Centre Court – Roda Laver Arena. Great !!

    Thanks once again.

  2. 3 seeds have already lost in the first round in the men’s section.

    John Isner (9), Kyle Edmond (13) and Steve Johnson (31)

    1. Replying to this as Tsitsipas is advancing well. No time of birth for him so only limited information. He’s a Sun Leo born August 12, 1996 in Athens, Greece. He has strong fire sign energy which pulls in lucky Jupiter. His Sun is at 19 Leo, so transiting Jupiter’s making its way towards a helpful trine aspect, although exact in February. Also, he probably has Moon Aries but we don’t know which degree because of no time of birth. If it’s around 14/15/16 Aries, then again, he has a positive trine aspect from Jupiter.

  3. Hi, Sally,

    How wonderful to see you posting your tennis slam analysis! Thank you!

    I agree with you that things look good for Novak. The recent January 6 solar eclipse is pretty close to his Ascendant, and that could bring him attention and fame. Also, his secondary progressed Moon is within a degree of his Sun, and that could be favorable. So in addition to the factors you have mentioned, I think things look good for him, despite a recent loss or two.

    Roger has his secondary progressed Midheaven in a tight square to his progressed Saturn. That is a difficult factor for success in the career. The January 6 solar eclipse does light up his Mars, as it is close to the exact opposition. And the lunar eclipse, as you mentioned, lights up his North Node point of fate. I don’t know that these can overcome the difficult, nearly exact progression of Midheaven-Saturn, however.

    Rafa has a nice progression, his secondary progressed Mercury trine his Saturn. This could bring some excellent tennis. However, his secondary progressed Midheaven is still pretty close to the exact square to his Neptune, and that’s a difficult factor. I think it would be difficult for him to win with that factor in effect.

    I haven’t looked at astrology in effect for the other players, but of the top three, I think Novak has the edge.

    1. Thank you, Astrotennis. Always great to hear more on the progressions. I didn’t notice the solar eclipse was conjunct Novak’s Ascendant. That could prove interesting. He does have the heavyweight planets, Saturn & Pluto, hanging around his Ascendant so not always easy to stay injury-free. Although with a Capricorn Ascendant, Saturn is his ruling planet which tends to be more constructive rather than destructive.

      1. Thanks, Sally.

        I had forgotten that sometimes an eclipse on the Ascendant can express in injury, so I have read. Eclipses are such wildcards. They can bring intense energy for good or ill.

        It will be interesting to see how the transits of Saturn and Pluto near Novak’s Ascendant, plus the eclipse, will express. His Capricorn Ascendant, as you have noted, could bring a favorable expression.

  4. Hi Everybody and welcome back! Thank you very much, Sally, for starting a new Grand Slam season with your renowned predictions. It’s a pleasure to read after some months again! Happy to share my perceptions for the players with outstanding astrology:

    World Champ‘s Sasha Zverev’s ruling planet Saturn in precise square to it’s natal position currently brings him physical instabilites in the forefield of . I remember Federer went out last Wimbledon with Saturn square Saturn which hits Zverev precisely to the start, too.

    The defending champion Roger not only had hindering astrology at Wimbledon 2018 which made some of us see him defend his title at first – Jupiter in trine with natal Mars and vice versa. At Melbourne, a Jupiter Venus conjunction at the Semis falls in a Grand Fire trine with Mars and Roger‘s fabulous natal Leo Sun/Mercury conjunction. Yet – Saturn could spoil the party again – opposing natal Mars in an exact transit that day. Curious how the Lunar Eclipse in Round 4, falling directly on Fed‘s North Node in the forth Round, will play out for him.

    Djokovic‘s astrology seems to support his favorite role. There’s also his ruling planet Saturn in sextile to natal Midheaven, becoming more precise in the final rounds. Then it comes along with the Jupiter Mars trine that triggers the natal Jupiter Saturn trine. Moreover this potent Fire trine would precisely trigger Stan Wawrinka‘s natal Mercury/Venus Uranus trine which proved significant in his Grand Slam triumphes multiple times.

    There is a seeded player‘s astrology which puzzled me over several days. Goffin enjoys Supertransit Jupiter Sun until the Semis which is even more significant for the inconspicuous David, as Jupiter also triggers natal Leo Jupiter. But that’s not all. On top, there is even Career Ruler Saturn (natal 10th Career House) in it‘s own sign Capricorn spot on natal Midheaven – together with the progressed Sun. Three once-in-a-career Super transits/progressions in one tournament! Really BIG stuff for the Belgium at first sight. Venus Return at the day he is about to return home often comes along with being in the public.

    In R4 against Djokovic, the Jupiter influence on Goffin‘s Sun is even strengthened by Venus which falls in a Grand Fire Trine with Mars and natal Jupiter. The Sun on natal North Node. Yet, as Djoker’s astrology is strong and Goffin didn’t start well into the season, his astrology may indicate a different area of life. Is Goffin about to become father these days with natal Jupiter in House 5? While the Mercury Saturn conjunction in the opening chart‘s 10th house suggests issues about clashings of youngsters and veterans, Djokovic to prevail over Federer is my perspective for the final.

        1. Again today the way Nadal played the 3rd round and improving the his level every game and also he is serving very well too some of the serve even clocking more than 200km/h with his level of play so far how come his astrology so bad for Aus Open , are we missing something

          1. We are not saying he has bad astrology. He just doesn’t have the best astrology. He’s still going to play great because of his talent/tennis experience but the stars aren’t picking him out as the winner. That’s what the astrology is suggesting.

    1. Thank you, Patrick. I didn’t realise there was a time of birth for Goffin – hooray! Yes, great astrology for him. Also the Solar Eclipse on Jan 6 fell on his Midheaven, which can often bring you to prominence. Lucky Jupiter is the best transit though lighting up his Sun Sagittarius – gorgeous!

      1. Thanks for your comment, Sally. 2:35 PM says astrotheme for Goffin. That’s intriguing that even the Solar Eclipse fell on his MC. I am curious what will happen to him.

  5. A Very huge thanks for your predictions regarding the australian open. i was travelling and just got to see your blog.let me give my thoughts on sidereal astrology for the australian open.27.39 drgree arises in the tournament start chart and its ruler is saturn in exact conjunction with mercury.saturn denoted a older player of above 30 will win but mercury stands for youth and their conjunction gives mixed signals.the mid heaven falls on 26.25 scorpio making mars as the success point ruler.mars is placed in a square from saturn which can indicate lot of players retiring due to health issues.noe coming to the individual players the top seed djokovic has sagitarius 24.58 rising (i have rectified his birth time from 23.25 to 23.29pm) and his mc falls in 22.57 libra making jupiter his ruling planet and venus his career planet.the mc of the tournament chart falls exactly on his natal saturn and in an exact aspect to his ruling planet jupiter.this is a fantastic astrology for success.moreover he is running the major period of venus his career planet and sub period of sun this again augurs well for his success.the only blemish i can see is saturn transiting close to his ascendent and in a square to transit mars.this can sometimes result in unexpected injury or defeat.federer does not seem to have any great astrology for the australian open and the lunar eclipse on 21st january falls on his natal north node which is not a good augury for success.nadal is running the major period of moon and the sub period of saturn. in his chart the moon and saturn are in 6/8 position which is normally not good for either success or in terms of health.but saturn is a fortunate planet for libra rising and he is also the 10th lord from his moon and aspecting the 10th from the moon. so one cannot easily conclude that success cannot come for can come after a lot of struggle.the ascending degree for the tournament chart is very close to his natal jupiter and his progresed sun is close to his natal venus.venus being his ruling planet and sun his career planet.of the big three djokovic has the best astrology and he is the most likely winner

      1. Hi James ,

        nice analysis. Venus is the best planet for Djokovic. She is the lord of 10 (career) and 5 (fame, children) based on house (bhava) consideration. She is sitting in the 4th house . He will shatter all records. This is for sure. Another great thing is Jupiter (lord of ascendent) and 3 hours (valor) is sitting in his own house. This combination is super nice for an athlete to reach supreme heights.

  6. Tommorow there is tough fought for Djokovic against Tsonga and Already tsonga had a good record against Djokoic other than Big four, Tsonga had a good chance to remove Noel from the Australian open Draw and there is no astrological prediction is required here.


  7. sally you are using a time of birth of 3.00 am for zverev i thought 22.54 pm worked well for him looking at his win in madrid and runnerup finish in rome and his win in the atp finals in november. are you sure of his birth time please confirm.

    1. There are two possible birth times for Alexander Zverev. 3:00am or 11:00 pm. The Sun changes sign on the day, so he’s either Aries or Taurus. I think the 3:00 am chart has been working well because when Uranus in Aries was exactly conjunct his Sun, he won in Madrid in May 2018 and at the ATP finals in November 2018. That’s why I prefer the earlier time.

      1. sally with 22.53 birth time scorpio 3.54 degree rises and last degree of leo rises making mars the ruling planet and sun the career planet.when he won madrid transit mars his ruling planet was squaring his natal sun his career planet off by just 2 degrees.when he won atp finals in november transit mars was in exact sextile to his natal sun.moreover his progressed sun was exact trine his mc and his progresses mc was exact trine his natal sun during madrid.this is also the case in november.also his progressed ascendent is in a exact sextile to his natal jupiter in i tthought 22.53 may be the correct time.but if i am wrong i stand to be corrected.

        1. Hello James and Sally, Zverev is an Aries. He wears a neckless with his starsign. I think the Sun was conjunct his MC at London against Djokovic using 3.00 AM

          1. hello sally and patrick with a 22.53 birth time for zverev his career planet sun (sidereal astrology)was conjunct his point ascendent against djokovic in london.what is point ascendent with 22.53 birth time becomes mc with 3.00am birth time.this becomes tricky to know his correct birth time.i suppose we need more evidence to find out the correct birth case 22.53 pm is correct he is as much a shot to win the australian open as is djokovic.

          2. Agreed. He obviously identifies with being Sun Aries, which would be the earlier time of 3:00am as he wears the Aries symbol on a chain. Either that or he knows his time of birth? I am leaning towards that time but open to considering the later time too.

  8. The way Nadal has played the second round and if he maintains the same level or improves further throughout the course of the Australian Open then I think he will better chances than even Djokovic or Fedrer

  9. Hi Sally,

    Thanks for the Grand-slam prediction for AO 2019 and the fun starts from now !!

    Thanks to James Green, Patrick and AstroTennis for your views !!


  10. Hi Sally,

    You were asking about outstanding astrology for Nadal…well, I think he will lose in the final to Djokovic (who by the way started his campaign at 7:15 pm on 15-1-2019, with ascendant cancer and the moon in Taurus and the 10th house, which is a great position).

    The reason I think Nadal will do well is because of his 2018 solar revolution, which began in Paris on June 3, 2018. Mercury rules both his solar ascendant and midheaven. It is conjunct his natal Sun and in a trine with his natal POF. Also his solar POF is conjunct his natal moon and in an almost partile trine with the cusp of his natal midheaven.

    These aspects have already paid dividends, given that, whichever tournaments he has participated in under this revolution he’s done well in, including his run to the Wimbledon semis, title in Toronto, and US Open semis. Neptune in his solar descendant, however, may be one of the reasons for which he fell short at Wimbledon and the US Open.

    His astrology for after his birthday does not look that great, however, and I would not be surprised if he does not win Roland Garros.

    As for Federer, he’ll have mixed results the first half of 2019, but I pit him as a favorite to win the US Open in September.

    1. Interesting, thank you. Is there a way you read the Solar Return and use it for timing of the year? It sounds like you do that in your comment, although I may be wrong.

      1. Not in this case. I say Nadal’s second half of the year won’t be great, because his solar return for 2019, which starts right smack in the middle of Roland Garros (as almost every year) is not good at all.

        Whereas Federer’s current solar return is not that good, but on a professional level, the one for 2019 is better, although I fear he’ll go through some kind of turmoil at a personal level.

        1. Hello jhptygate, seems your interpretation is bit different than other Astro? What do you think about Nadal’s chances for future grandslam titles. I mean As per your interpretation Nadal is not going to win any slams this year, Right. What about in 2020.

      1. Because Djokovic’s, upon my interpretation, is even more outstanding. As for Nadal, I haven’t looked as far as 2020, but I don’t completely disregard him winning RG. There’s obviously some very potent aspects surrounding him and that tournament if he’s won it 11 times and only lost twice. His solar return that starts during it is not great, but the tailend of this current one may be enough to push him through to take it.

        1. Jhptygate, For full tennis career, who has best astrology of all the 3 Fed, Nadal and Djokovic . Who according to you will end with most records?

          1. I don’t know, to be honest. Federer’s chart is almost a mystery cause in the current birth time that is used, the ruler of his ascendant falls on the 12th house. Nadal’s birth chart on the other hand, screams success. Djokovic’s is also pretty solid. Hard to tell.

    2. at 38 years old, fed will be done.
      his last two possibilities for the swiss are the present ao and the next wimbledon.
      after that, is over.

    3. One thing I have noticed only with Nadal and not the other players is that when he has good astrology/slated to do well it is usually in the form of his draw miraculously opening up (see USO 2017 among other examples). Even here looks like he won’t face a top 20 player before the final. This rarely ever happens with other players, but with Nadal, it is always to be expected. What is it that is special in his charts that brings him such unprecedented luck at the slams ?

      1. I don’t think it’s been across the board with Nadal to have unprecedented luck at the Grand Slams. In more recent years, sometimes, yes. While Jupiter has been in a peak part of his horoscope.

      2. It’s not true other than USO 2017 it has not happened with Nadal. In fact Novak USO 2018 was more open he only faced Del Potro in the final who was in the top 20. Compare the USO 2017 for Nadal and USO 2018 for Djokovic you will realise who benefited the most

      1. Sorry, the ladies game is really tricky to predict because the players change so quickly. I also found that my predictions weren’t great for the ladies tennis, which is why I stopped and concentrated on the mens tennis.

      2. Maybe we need to encourage someone else to set up a blog for the women tennis. That would be great! Any takers?

  11. I would like to know more about Medvedev’s astrology, who was born on 11th February 1996 in Moscow, uknknown birth time, but he is in great form, beat Goffin easily in the last round of AO, defeated Andy Murray, Milos Raonic and Jo-Wilfried Tsonga on the way to Brisbane final. He is young, tall and good server and to me the biggest treat for Novak Djokovic, especially as they play on the day when it’s Lunar eclipse (21st January),, which could put big shadow on Djokovic’s game. Medvedev has some great tranistions on that day, if they play in the evening slot, as moon would make exact trine with his natal Venus and Pluto during that match. The transit Sun, also conjucts his natal Uranus to less than one degree on that day and to me, all that indicates he could make a big upset to the favourite. Moon on that day squares Novak’s MC and it is also lunar eclipse, so it looks to me that upset for him is going to happen,
    Could anyone else look at these aspects and comment?

  12. I know this is an astrology blog which focuses on the planetary aspects – but I just have a feeling that Djokovic won’t win this. He’s already very disgruntled during his last match and seems more fragile than last year.
    There’s also a storm brewing about his role as the Chairman of the players Council and bad blood about the issue with Chris Kermode.
    Djokovic is a player who lives-out his emotions on court and there are signs of the same agitation he had when he had a loss of confidence a while back.
    Wouldn’t surprise me if there was an upset by the semis….

  13. Any astro-thoughts on Medvedev and Borna Coric ?

    Medvedev had a good season in 2018 winning three tournaments.

    Djokovic lost to 2 NEXT GEN players last year – to Karan Kachanov in Paris Masters and to Zverev in ATP World Tour Finals. Can Medvedev cause an upset ?

    What are Borna Coric;s chances ? Coric beat Federer last year.

    1. I think Medvedev can really cause an upset, not only because he is in form, winning tournaments this year, beating Murray, Tsonga, Raonic to reach Brisbane final, but also he has good astrology on the day he plays against Novak. The sun gets within a degree to his natal Uranus and if the match is played in the evening, the Moon will trine his natal Venus and Pluto. It’s also Lunar eclipse that day, which could be bad for Novak, as both, Moon and Sun square his MC that day. Medvedev is tall, young player with the great serve and very tricky opponent for Novak. If Novak doesn’t have many matches with young good servers, he can easily loose a set, then nerves and the match, too and I would say this is the most critical match for him. If he somehow wins that match, he would have good chance to win it AO fot the 7th time. Medvedv was born on 11th February 1996 in Moscow, but birth time is unkwnown.

  14. Ms Sally,

    Nishikori is through to the last 16. From what you written his astrology looks promising. I would request you to do a closer scrutiny of his chances astrologically.


  15. I think Djokovic or Nadal may win (strictly by tennis prospects).

    Although judging by first 3 rounds, Nadal may want to increase % win on 2nd serve. But he appears to be playing well. Federer doesn’t seem to be playing too well. So, if he can cope with Federer (provided they meet), he could reach the final. Of course, there’s no telling if Federer will suddenly improve his game but those things might be more difficult to do at the age of 37.

    Djokovic seems more consistent among top 3, but last few months has revealed his tendency to suddenly get knocked out by a player he would normally be able to beat. If that doesn’t happen, there’s no reason he can’t win if he plays to potential.

    1. Read my post below. He has a great solar return from 2018 that he’s still enjoying and will surely take him into the final, where if he faces Djokovic, he will lose. Anyone else he will beat.

      Also, in regards to Federer, I think a serious rectification of his birth chart is required. Using his 08:40 birth time, it leaves him with a poor solar return for 2006 in the professional level. And 2006-07 was one of his best career years.

      1. I don’t think you can base a player’s success or failure solely on the Solar Return. It’s one part of astrological prediction but there are other factors to consider too, which are more important, in my opinion. Transits work brilliantly for Federer’s chart and so do progressions.

      2. hello jhptygate i am sure federers birth time of 8.40 am is correct because getting a set of twins is rare and getting 2 sets of twins is even more rarer his chart cast for 8.40 time perfectly shows him getting two sets of twins as per sidereal astrology.

        1. I’ve been looking at and quite fancy him as an AC Scorpio with Uranus and the moon conjunct to it, midheaven in Virgo with Venus close to it, and Jupiter and Saturn in the 10th house. Comparing some returns earlier in his career vs. Returns with the 8:40 time, those returns make more sense.

          P.S. What’s the source for the 8:40 time?

          1. Federer’s birth time is an A rating on which means it’s reliable. He’s had too many wins with exact astrology for the birth time of 8:40am not to work. That’s my theory at least.

  16. As we step into the second week, looking forward to fresh comments and viewpoints from Patrick, James Green, Astro Tennis, Jhptygate and all others.

  17. Ashok Kumar Sahoo

    Sally, I hope you won’t delete this comment.

    2018 Aus Open Astrology :

    Sally, Patrick, James Green – All had said Nadal would win the tournament with the Best astrology.

    1. No worries, I won’t delete it. Yes, last year Nadal had lucky Jupiter conjunct his Ascendant, hence the prediction for him to win. Federer also had Jupiter conjunct his Moon and in the end it was Federer who was successful. The astrology showed that it would be one of the older players who would win as the tournament chart had the Moon applying to Saturn, the ‘older’ planet.

      1. Ashok Kumar Sahoo

        I don’t think Nadal can reach final , it will be Baustita Agut from that side of the draw.

        But I’m sure it’s Djkovic who is going to lift the trophy.

        My prediction is based on my knowledge on tennis, not on any astrology.

        Tennis is the next thing for me after oxygen ,from the day I watched the match between Boris Becker n Kevin Curren .

        And the confession, I’m a Big shot fan of Richard Krajicek n Roger Federer.

        1. Ashok now what happens after Sitsipas wins man you said tennis knowledge is like some supreme or something…care to try one last time. Sorry Sally couldn’t stop from replying.

    1. No, Ashok. RBA has already spent too many hours on court. If he gets into a 4-5 set dogfight with Stefanos (likely) , he will have nothing left in the tank and get pummeled by Nadal. Nadal’s exceptional luck will continue and he will make the final without beating a top 20 player.


  19. federer had a great jupiter transit aspecting his natal sun today but his natal mars was aspected by transit saturn as well as transit mars a double bad transit resulting him in crashing out of the tournament.

  20. Federer beaten by Tsitsipas in 4 sets. Predictions have come right.

    Agut beats Cilic in 5 sets

    Nadal beats Berdych in straight sets.

    Tiafoe beats Dimitrov in 4 sets.

  21. yes last year i had predicted nadal to win the australian open and nadal left the tournament with injury. i had missed the transit mars exactly from his natal moon during last yrars australian open.error of judjement accepted.

  22. We have not heard from Mr Amado Bustamante for quite some time. He was very active during French Open 2017.

    Where are you Mr Amado Bustamante ? We are looking forward to your comments.

  23. Ashok Kumar Sahoo

    I personally know Greenstone Lobo and today I messages him on WhatsApp after Federer Match.

    My Question:

    Federer lost today in the 4th round of Aus Open.

    Just wanted to know if at all he has any chance of winning one more slam ?? And can anyone break his record of Slams ?

    Have you recently seen his planetary positions ???

    His answer:

    See…whatever I have to say, I write in the columns.
    Tennis is a one-on-one game and the guy who has the best current transit wins. And there are so many players whose exact birth details are not known. So I don’t predict in the beginning of a tournament. Can hazard a guess only in the final.

    I really appreciate his answers because most of the astrologers predict knowing the DoB of only top players. And that too no one is sure how correct they are.

    If anyone has seen Baustita Agut game today, can you discard him of winning the tournament ???

    1. Thank you for posting this. I am a bit surprised by some of what he says. Theoretically, you want to see the person with the best current transits winning but we know that isn’t always the case because you have to take into account their talent/experience/any injury concerns, etc. What we try to do here as well is to look at the astrology chart for the tournament to see if that can reveal what may happen in the fortnight ahead. That is often really helpful and you can see more of the trends/what type of player it may favour.

  24. Hi Sally and all other astrologers,
    This year and for this AO, I would like a young player to win this slam. Is there a chance that Djokovic or Nadal can be beaten at this AO even if Djokovic specially has a good astrology. Raonic plays very well till now : can he be the winner of this tournament ?
    Thank you

    1. The tournament chart has a signature for a younger winner – yes, although it has another symbol which shows the favourite winning. Sometimes, astrology is like that giving you two conflicting messages. The eclipse during the tournament is another possibility to see the GOATs being toppled. Federer has gone with the Leo eclipse on his north node and the eclipse fell square to Nadal’s Moon. So far he’s playing well. Djokovic doesn’t have the same effect from the eclipse so I would expect it to be less dramatic for him. We shall soon know.

    1. Gemini Djokovic to win against Capricorn Nishikori. No time of birth for Capricorn Raonic up against Pisces Pouille. Neither has astrology that leaps out – Saturn could bring out the master in Raonic, although it’s not convincing. Aries Bautista Agut up against Leo Tsitsipas – battle of the fire signs – no times of birth – I would like to see Tsitsipas win, the Leo who vanquished Leo Roger Federer leading up to the Leo eclipse! First time I’ve seen Aquarius Tiafoe’s chart – again no time of birth. He takes on Gemini Nadal. Tiafoe’s chart is heavily Aquarian and he has Mars directly on his Saturn today. Tiafoe could pose a threat to Nadal. That’s my quick take on the quarter finals.

      1. Nadal won easily against Tiafoe today and in my opinion appears so far best player of the tournament ofcourse Djokovic is knowan for elevating his level at big stages specially in the final of a grand slam how the two will perform in the next few matches will be interesting

        1. Yes, Nadal seems to be flying. Maybe he will surprise us all – the one major transit I saw for him connected to the tournament chart was his natal Uranus at 20 Sagittarius 42 close to the Midheaven point at 19 Sagittarius 05. Perhaps he is the Uranus factor in the tournament chart? The Tsitsipas-Nadal semi is going to be fascinating as Tsitsipas is very caught up with the tournament astrology – the young Leo player -Tsitsipas – vanquishing the older Leo player – Federer. Leo is the sign of royalty and it does feel as if the king has been toppled from his throne for the new players to emerge. We shall see… I’ll take a look at the semi-final chart when I know the date/time.

          1. Feels like Uranus always help wildcards…so to Aus open. Remember your analysis few years back when Wawrinka won Aus open and he had some Uranus connection too!!
            Guess we found the missing link for Rafa! Djoko will probably be worn out by Nishikori and Raonic.

          2. So Sally, if Rafa plays djokovic in final, do you see Rafa stands a chance to win? If he wins this, he will be the only player to complete double career slam in the current era and that will be a big achievement.

  25. I watched Djokovic v Medvedev match throughout. Djokovic appears invincible. Novak, on sheer tennis prowess, should be ruling this year. Whether Nadal would have enough firepower to stop Djokovic ? We will all know in a few days time.

    Novak Djokovic is the player to beat !!!

  26. Hi

    I have noticed that someone mentioned about Solar Returns. Could someone here please explain Novak Solar return? Will it continue to be good or not?

    Federer solar return looks promising in August.

    Thank you.

    1. Novak’s solar return ends just before RG. He should win the Aussie and at least one of IW & Miami, and perhaps another in clay season (although I predict Nadal to sweep). His 2019 return is decent but not as great as 2018, but I haven’t looked at it deeply yet.

      Roger will struggle throughout the first part of the year. But with his new return in August he should have a great fall season, be a top candidate for the USO and a good challenger for the Australian Open 2020 (if he’s still playing).

      1. I hope that Roger can come back for one more GS before he leaves the game altogether. I do hope that Roger’s astrology is good in time for Wimbledon.

        But the game is changing, Novak and Nadal will be getting older and will find it difficult to keep up the grinding style they both posses.

    1. Really interesting that the two young players coming through, Tsitsipas and Tiafoe, one is Leo, one is Aquarius, the eclipse signs. Eclipses either wipe you out or bring you to prominence – it’s often about a shift in power. And, of course, Tsitsipas knocked out Leo Roger Federer.

    1. I feel his astrology for the tournament needs to be looked at again. He hasn’t dropped a set. Djokovic..and for that matter anyone, doesn’t look that convincing

      1. I have done already – see previous comment. The only major transit happening for Nadal is Jupiter heading for his natal Uranus at 20 Sagittarius – it’s exact in February. Venus links the two on Jan 26 and will be exactly conjunct Nadal’s Uranus. So yes, he can spring surprises. I didn’t like the eclipse – Jan 21 – exactly squaring Nadal’s Moon and look what happened with Federer leading up the eclipse, also in the eye of the eclipse. That energy is still active, so Nadal has to remain injury free to keep flying high. The Moon is in Nadal’s 6th house, which rules health. No time of birth for Tsitsipas so it can never be an accurate prediction. Tsitsipas does, however, have some lovely astrological transits – also mentioned in previous comments. Once I know the date/time of the match, I’ll look more closely at their semi-final match. I have a feeling it could be epic!

          1. Nadal’s progressed Sun is not making any major aspects this year. It will do in two years time when it reaches his natal Venus. Do you see something else?

          1. I think we have come across this difference between us before, James? We must use slightly different progression methods. I have the exact date of the Sun progression conjunct Venus as November 2020 – i.e. end of next year.

    2. Looking how he is playing and his astrology i think Tsitsipas will be the next Champion; he has the Sun in the 19 degree of leo , reciving trine from jupiter-venus and Mars this days.the point is in which degree is his natal Moon in aries because mars its close and Saturn can be squaring It, but also jupiter and venus can trine It.

      I think a new great tennis player is comming! May be he is the surprise that the Moon aplying yo uranus shows of the first match of the open. He remember me a mix between G. kuerten and Federer…

      1. Tsitsipas has already ‘surprised’ us by beating Federer. I agree he has great fire sign astrology. I suspect his Moon Aries might also be having Jupiter transits/Mars transits but we don’t know for sure without a time of birth.

  27. Hola a todos!

    La astrología de Stefanos Tsitsipas para este torneo es impresionante. No sólo tiene a Jupiter aspectando a su Sol natal -19º Leo- sino que hay una potente energía de fuego que lo está impulsando lejos porque tanto Venus como Marte estan transitando por signos de fuego haciendo trigono a dicho Sol y probablemente a su Luna natal.

    Lamentablemente no contamos con la hora de nacimiento por lo que no sabemos en que grado tiene la Luna (que podría recibir también la cuadratura de Saturno).

    Pero es interesante que si le hacemos direcciones simbolicas (1 grado=1 año), Jupiter para 2019 llega al grado 17º de Aries. Este podría ser un indicio para ubicar a su Luna natal y por ende su hora de nacimiento, que podría andar entre las 12 y 13hs.

    Su conjunción Sol-Mercurio natal muy probablemente le quede en su Casa 10 y la Luna podría regirle un eventual MC en Cancer; esta hipotesis quedaría reforzada por la llegada de Jupiter a Luna no sólo indicando una explosión de popularidad que vendría por un despegue en su profesión -Luna regente MC natal-. Por simbolicas, también tiene a Venus llegando a su Sol ¿viniendo de su MC natal?. Tendría lógica, sobre todo por los transitos actuales de Jupiter-Venus-Marte tocando dos puntos sensibles de su carta.

    Si vemos su revolución solar vigente (con esa hora aproximada), la Luna quedaría en el grado 0º de Virgo extremadamente afortunada por quedar conjunta a la estrella Regulus, sobre su Nodo Norte natal y formando un gran trigono de tierra con Saturno y Urano. Además Venus solar está en excelentes condiciones, en Libra y en sextil partil al NN y a Pluton.

    1. the english translation goes like this 9 thanks to google ) :

      Hi all!

      The astrology of Stefanos Tsitsipas for this tournament is impressive. Not only does he have Jupiter aspecting his natal Sun – Leo Leo – but there is a powerful fire energy that is driving him away because both Venus and Mars are transiting by fire signs making trigone to said Sun and probably to his natal Moon.

      Unfortunately we do not have the time of birth so we do not know in what degree the Moon (which could also receive the square of Saturn).

      But it is interesting that if we give him symbolic directions (1 degree = 1 year), Jupiter for 2019 reaches the 17th grade of Aries. This could be an indication to locate your natal Moon and therefore your birth time, which could be between 12 and 13hs.

      Its natal Sun-Mercury conjunction will most likely remain in its 10th House and the Moon could have an eventual MC in Cancer; this hypothesis would be reinforced by the arrival of Jupiter to Luna not only indicating an explosion of popularity that would come for a takeoff in his profession -Long regent MC natal-. By symbolics, you also have Venus reaching your Sun, coming from your natal MC? It would be logical, especially for the current transits of Jupiter-Venus-Mars touching two sensitive points of his letter.

      If we see its current solar revolution (at that approximate time), the Moon would be in the 0 ° degree of Virgo extremely fortunate to be joint to the star Regulus, on its native North Node and forming a large trigon of Earth with Saturn and Uranus. In addition, Venus solar is in excellent condition, in Libra and in sextile partil to the NN and to Pluton.

      1. Thank you for the translation. Really interesting what you say about Tsitsipas. If the time of birth is around 12:30 pm, the Moon at 17 Aries would fit well for his success as Jupiter is heading to transit his Moon by trine, ruler of Cancer MC. That might be enough for him to beat Nadal? The astrology is certainly compelling. His Neptune is at 0 degrees Aquarius so the eclipse that was the symbol of defeat for Federer rose Tsitsipas to prominence. I do wonder whether that will be his moment of glory and now we all know his name – that may be his moment. Or whether he can go all the way and win the title. His north node is at 1 Virgo 29, the point of destiny, and yes, his Solar Return would include the Moon at 1 Virgo 38, exactly on his north node. Coincidentally that is also Nadal’s Midheaven or very close at 0 degrees Virgo, also on the fortunate fixed star Regulus. This is leaping ahead trying to work out his birth time but will definitely be the semi final to watch.

        1. Hola Sally! Que gusto volver a hablar con vos. Muy interesante lo que indicas.

          Mi hipotesis cada vez cierra más. El 9/8/2018, cuando le gana a Novak Djokovic en Toronto: el Sol y Mercurio estaban conjuntos de manera exacta en el grado 16º Leo en trigono exacto a la Luna natal de Tsitsipas que para mi está 16/17º Aries.

          Me inclino a pensar que nació cerca de las 12:00hs, con ASC 23/24º Libra en conjunción a la magnifica estrella Spica. Además Jupiter 27º Piscis trigono MC natal 27º Piscis y Venus 28º Piscis: impresionantes aspectos!! Este chico va a ser muy grande en el tenis.

          Habría que conseguir más datos de su vida y fechas importantes en su vida, que nos permitan confirmar o descartar esta hipotesis. Pero creo que estamos acercandonos a su hora de nacimiento 🙂

          1. Your translation: Hello Sally! What a pleasure to talk to you again. Very interesting what you indicate.

            My hypothesis closes more and more. On 9/8/2018, when it beat Novak Djokovic in Toronto: the Sun and Mercury were exactly set in the 16th grade Leo in trigone exact to the natal Moon of Tsitsipas that for me is 16 / 17th Aries.

            I am inclined to think that he was born around 12: 00hs, with ASC 23 / 24º Libra in conjunction with the magnificent star Spica. Also Jupiter 27th Pisces trigono MC natal 27th Pisces and Venus 28th Pisces: impressive aspects! This guy is going to be very big in tennis.

            It would be necessary to obtain more data of his life and important dates in his life, that allow us to confirm or discard this hypothesis. But I think we’re getting closer to his birth time 🙂

      2. For me the asc of zizipas is 100% scorpion.
        I recognize this both for the somatic features related to many other people that I know directly or not, famous or not, both for the not really sweet character and in the ways of doing that has already shown on many occasions, especially in matches with Medvedev.
        So the birth time can not be that between 1 and 2 pm, with the Sun and mercury in X house close to the MC.
        I do not like tennis and I do not like him as a person, on the contrary he is definitely disagreeable to me, but I have to admit that he has potential as a champion.

        1. Scorpio Ascendant would actually fall in that time. It starts to be Scorpio Ascendant if his time of birth is 12:45 pm. I know very little about him but will be taking more of an interest for sure. Tsitsipas.

          1. Hola!

            Estuve buscando más información sobre la historia de Tsitsipas.

            En 2015 estuvo al borde de la muerte. Casi muere ahogado y lo salvó su padre. Stefanos cuenta que esta experiencia le cambió la vida para siempre, fue como un renacer y desde ese momento toma la vida de otra manera.

            Suena muy “escorpiano” eso de estar al borde de la muerte y renacer, ¿no? Lo notable es que en 2015 Saturno transitaba los primeros grados de Sagitario, donde Tsitsipas tiene a su Pluton natal (¿regente de su ASC Escorpio?).

            Cuando es campeon de dobles juniors en Wimbledon 2016, para su revolución lunar tenía Jupiter 16º Virgo trigono exacto Pluton 16º Capricornio.

            Cuando es campeon por primera vez de un torneo ATP en Septiembre de 2017 en Genova, en su revolución lunar tenía Sol 16º Virgo trigono exacto Pluton 16º Capricornio.

            Cuando se hace conocido por primera vez en el Conde de Godo 2018, llegando a la final, en su revolución lunar tenía Jupiter 21º Escorpio sextil exacto Pluton 21º Capricornio.

            Parece que Pluton tiene bastante importancia en su carta natal, y esto podría decirnos que su ASC es Escorpio.

            No tengo dudas que nació entre las 12 y las 13hs, su Luna está allí en los grados 16/17 de Aries. Si investigamos sobre su vida y comparamos los aspectos de astrologia, vamos a acercarnos a su horario de nacimiento.

      1. The english translation is here ( thanks once again to google !! ) :


        I was looking for more information about the history of Tsitsipas.

        In 2015, he was on the verge of death. He almost drowned and his father saved him. Stefanos says that this experience changed his life forever, it was like being reborn and from that moment he takes life in a different way.

        It sounds very “escorpiano” that of being on the verge of death and being reborn, is not it? The remarkable thing is that in 2015 Saturn transited the first degrees of Sagittarius, where Tsitsipas has his natal Pluton (regent of his Scorpio ASC?).

        When he is champion of junior doubles at Wimbledon 2016, for his lunar revolution he had Jupiter 16th Virgo trigon exact Pluton 16th Capricorn.

        When he is champion for the first time of an ATP tournament in September 2017 in Genova, in his lunar revolution he had Sun 16th Virgo trigon exact Pluton 16th Capricorn.

        When he became known for the first time in the Count of Godo 2018, reaching the final, in his lunar revolution he had Jupiter 21st Scorpio exact sextile Pluto 21st Capricorn.

        It seems that Pluton is quite important in his natal chart, and this could tell us that his ASC is Scorpio.

        I have no doubt that he was born between 12 and 1 p.m., his Moon is there in the 16/17 degree of Aries. If we investigate about your life and compare aspects of astrology, let’s get closer to your birth schedule.

        1. I have to agree I like the Scorpio Ascendant for Tsitsipas with what you’re saying. That would mean a birth time of 12:35pm or later, which does put his Moon at 17 Aries, picking up both the lucky Jupiter transit in Sagittarius and the competitive Mars transit in Aries. He still needs to get past Nadal who’s flying. Sometimes, even the best astrology can’t defeat the best! I’m looking forward to the semi-final. I hope it will be on in the evening at Melbourne and then I can watch it. Enjoy the tennis, folks.

    2. Hola Juan,

      It is great to see you back here again. I hope you are well. We all missed you here.

      Very interesting astrology, it is nice to see new stars breaking out.

    1. I think the draw has suddenly opened up for Djokovic. Nishikori has retired and Djokovic plays Pouille rather than Raonic in the semi-finals. I can’t see that Pouille has great astrology and we have a time of birth for him – February 23, 1994, 4:00 pm, Grande-Synthe, France. Any thoughts from other astrologers? For me, it looks as if Tsitsipas is going to pose the greatest threat out of the two younger players, from an astrological perspective.

    1. Wow, that’s precise! So by your calculations are you predicting a Nadal win with his progressed Sun closing in on Venus, exact later this year? I find that the progressed Sun usually plays out six months before and six months after exactitude, although is always strongest nearer the actual date of the progression.

      1. sally the tournament chart favoured djokovic but i am not ruling out nadal from winning the a precise birth time for tsitsipas is not available it is a little difficult to talk about his astrology.

  28. We now have the Final Four – Djocovic, Nadal, Tsitsipas and Pouille.

    The time has come for a brain storming session among the Astrologers here. I would request all to squeeze some time and make this forum ” extra buoyant “.

    1. We’ve already been discussing this in the comments. The astrology suggests that it will be a Djokovic win against Pouille and Tsitsipas has a great chance to win against Nadal. Do we also know the likely dates/times of the semi-finals? That would be helpful. If someone can let me know, I’ll take a look at the charts of the semis to see if it throws up anything different. Thank you.

        1. Both charts for the semi-finals favour the favourite, i.e. Djokovic & Nadal. I am assuming Djokovic will be at the same time on the following day, January 25th. They are similar charts because of the time of day. The planet that rules the favourite is the Moon in both charts as the Ascendant is Cancer. On both days, the Moon’s next planetary aspect is positive. On Jan 24th, the Moon in Virgo makes a trine aspect to Pluto in Capricorn and on Jan 25th, the Moon in Libra makes a trine aspect to the Sun in Aquarius. Also, on both days, the lucky Venus/Jupiter conjunction is in the 5th house, which favours the favourite. Plus, on both days, the Saturn/Pluto conjunction is on the Descendant, the point in the chart which represents the opponent. Saturn is the partner planet, ruling the Capricorn Descendant. Therefore, the opponents, Tsitsipas and Pouille, literally have a mountain to climb to come out on top. That doesn’t help Tsitsipas who has some great transits. Enjoy the tennis!

          1. Sally the semifinal between Nadal and Tsitsipas turned out to be one sided match Nadal looked incredibly good against Tsitsipas with his level of play right now Nadal looks invincible.

            What’s your view sally

          2. I’ve just added a comment about Tsitsipas. Yes, he had amazing transits and we now know why. That doesn’t always mean a win for the newer, younger players but it means a big leap up the ladder and his defeat of Federer was amazing – a nice pay packet for him too. For me, the chart of the semi-final showed a win for Nadal – as I mentioned in a previous comment – and I suggested that Tsitsipas had a mountain to climb to overcome Nadal. That’s why I always use the progressions/transits in unison with the astrology of the moment, i.e. the tournament chart/the final chart. You need both to get the full picture. Nadal is flying and, so far for me, he is the Uranus factor in the tournament chart. Let’s wait and see Djokovic get to the final first and then reassess. I’m already pretty sure which way I’m leaning 🙂 For those of you who read these astrology blogs, I rarely change my original prediction.

        2. They never start the match at official time, especially with preceding women’s match which may go longer than anticipated

      1. It will be a good idea to do some retrospection and see where it went wrong – “Tsitsipas has a great chance to win against Nadal” May be Tsitsipas Time of Birth is not correct.

        1. Please read the previous comments. The information you need is there. We don’t have an accurate time of birth for Tsitsipas – we were trying to work it out between us.

  29. If the time of birth for tsitsipas is between 12.00 and 13.40 then he has got very good astrology as then his ruling planet is venus and moon is his career planet and jupiter and venus are conjunct now in a trine to his career planet. the nadal vs tsitsipas semifinal is the one to watch.i expect djokovic to reacg the final.

  30. Such a strange loss for Serena, I thought there had to be some astrology involved. She was up 5-1 in the last set, had match points, and lost.

    Sure enough, the lunar eclipse was only about a degree from her North Node, and within range of the square to her Ascendant!

    1. The eclipses have been playing out as predicted when they have been conjunct/opposite a planet/node, i.e. same with Federer as with Serena. Not so much when they have been square to a key planet, i.e. Nadal.

  31. But I would like to say something about zizipas: observing his horoscope, he has Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, North Node, and even Mercury, and this is the most important planet in this sense because it is the youth he represents in this moment, all retrograde.
    If we are to classical astrology, which certainly can not be disproved, we can say that here there is something that does not come back, because with so many retrograde planets, especially Jupiter and precisely Mercury, it is not clear how it could have realized its talents and its ambitions so quickly, apparently without major difficulties that symbolically represents retrogradation.
    So regardless of the positive transits that he has right now, his birth chart which is the basis of everything, would seem to disprove this astrological precept.
    It would be enough to remember how Sally herself emphasizes that for example a retrograde transit of Jupiter, even to the MC, is never completely auspicious, but rather often the opposite.
    And we saw it last year with Djokovic himself.
    I would like to hear how my friends think about tennis and astrology.
    But I would not want to hear the usual “forced” reasoning to try to get things back in one way or another, but to stay on the merits of the speech.
    Thank you.

  32. Hey guys! Juan, thanks for your analysis about Tsitsipas. For your birth time I found out that Uranus was at 17 Aries conjunct natal Moon when Stefanos reached his first two ITF Future Finals in Novembre 2015. Jupiter entered Scorpio (natal AC) in autumn 2017 when Stefanos cracked the ATP 100 and had beaten a Top 10 player for the first time (Goffin). For 12:55 PM, progressed MC currently is conjunct North Node.

    The Jupiter Mars Fire trine approaching natal Moon will be good for him tomorrow as discussed with his natal Leo conjunction (just as Federer), also that this is more precise one day later. This might speak for a closed match as you indicate, Sally. Yet, I assume, Tsitsipas run will come to an end tomorrow. His starsign ruler Sun will square natal Saturn which suggests frustration. Two of three ATP finals Stefanos lost against Nadal – among Barcelona when the Sun was conjunct natal Sun. Transit Venus will have left Jupiter. Also the Moon runs into a square with the Sun.

    1. Honestly, I do not understand where you see this “frustration” in the transit to Saturn’s natal zizipas.
      Tomorrow the moon is in virgin, and at the hour when it will play against nadal it will create a trine with its saturn. And even the Sun that squares this Saturn of birth, which, however, is not yet there, does not seem to me an aspect to be taken into great consideration in the total reading of a horoscope.
      So, zizipas will probably lose tomorrow because the balance of power is different and can not be overturned by more favorable stars, which perhaps can only indicate both a great inner joy and a first big exploit in a tournament, but I do not think that this is a cause of the Saturn of zizipas.

    2. Hola Patrick.

      Coincido con vos Patrick, hoy el Sol está en el grado 3º Acuario haciendo cuadratura a su Saturno natal 3º Tauro. Ese es un transito que puede indicar frustración y derrota. Pero el tránsito de Jupiter puede ser más fuerte e importante. En unas horas vamos a comprobarlo.

      Por otra parte la carta del partido 19:40hs ASC 18º Cancer. Nadal viene vistiendo de naranja y blanco y Tsitsipas de verde marino y blanco. Por colores la asignación se dificulta.

      Al ser un partido entre un gran campeon y un joven retador, no estaría mal pensar que a Nadal le corresponde la Casa I y a Tsitsipas la Casa VII.
      Veo mejor a la Casa VII, Saturno está con dignidades mientras que la Luna no. Además Marte -regente IV- aplica trigono partil a Jupiter y Pluton -coregente IV- está angular en la VII recibiendo trigono de la Luna.

      1. the english translation is given below ( thanks to Google ) :

        Hi, Patrick.

        I agree with you Patrick, today the Sun is in the 3rd degree Aquarius making a square to his natal Saturn 3rd Taurus. That is a traffic that can indicate frustration and defeat. But Jupiter’s traffic can be stronger and more important. In a few hours we will check it.

        On the other hand the letter of the game 19: 40hs ASC 18º Cancer. Nadal comes wearing orange and white and Tsitsipas of marine green and white. By color the assignment is difficult.

        Being a match between a great champion and a young challenger, it would not be bad to think that Nadal corresponds to House I and Tsitsipas to House VII.
        I see better the House VII, Saturn is with dignities while the Moon is not. In addition Mars – regent IV – applies trigone partil to Jupiter and Pluton – agent IV – is angular in VII receiving trigon of the Moon.

    3. The Game has cancer Rising so the Moon takes a main role in this match.

      I dont see any aspect from the Moon to Tsitsipas ( even by antisticia)

      The Moon Will make an opposition to natal Júpiter of nadal and amolst later Will Square his natal uranus .Later Will trine his natal mars ( that It Will be a sign of Víctor because its the ruler of his chart). But the Moon Will stop in his uranus so lets see. Also , Mercury, lord of the Moon of the Game its squaring very close his natal Moon.

      The ascendent of the Game is in trine with natal Júpiter and ascendent of Nadal, so he Will start strong but maybe Tsitsipas can win( Moon opposite júpiter of Nadal can show this)By lunar return Saturn is over his Mercury ( lord of his MC), so if he wins today he Will lose the final.

      Its much less important the aspect from the Sun to natal Saturn of Tsitsipas that if were Saturn aspect yo his natal Sun.

      I think for tennis It Will be great having a new Champion so i go with Tsitsipas, but the Moon doesnt activate nothing of his chart. Anyway and amazing macth is comming!


  33. Match started and in no time, Nadal is 2 breaks up in first set leading 5-2 and serving for the set !! Match at this moment does not look closer at all !!

    1. Nadal 2 set up on Tsitsipas without any trouble he is playing one of the best tennis of his life at least I have not seen him this aggressive in his entire career specially on hard courts

      1. Good thing about these top players (Federer, Nadal, Djokovic) is that they continue to improve. Today Nadal played aggressively and improved his serve and creating short rally points !! Their commitment to continuously improve make it difficult for younger generation !! Hats off to these legends !!!

  34. Wow..Nadal in Finals..Never has he looked so fit and much in form to challenge Djokovic (speaking early a bit:-) )..I still cannot forget the 6 hour+ match between Nadal and Djokovic last time they played in the finals..the only time both were in excellent form!! Now again, this time..cannot wait for a revetting final…

    A bit disappointed with astrology not favouring my favourite Nadal. Yeah..planets have to do their job and players and we continue with our jobs:-)..


    1. This time even planets should support Nadal to make him win, as history will be created by winning 2 slams twice each.

      Sally are you sure if it is Nadal vs Novak it is Novak whom it is favouring.

      Can you please double check for me if there is any soft corner for Nadal from planets

  35. Such a brutal performance by Nadal. He made short work of Tsitsipas, the person who beat Federer last week. With this form and fitness, I won’t be surprised if he beats Djokovic in straight sets in the final. Djokovic has not looked on top of his game thus far, but yes he will surely raise his game against Rafa.

    I just hope he wins the title here and completes the double career slam. Aussie open has eluded him so many times but hopefully not this time.

  36. By the way it was a complete thrashing, not for a single moment I thought Tsitsipas would pose a threat to Rafa. Sorry to say but astrologers have been proved wrong here. They anticipated a close match but it was not.

    Keeping Astrology aside and talking on the form, I just pray that he should go on to win the title.

    1. Ashok Kumar Sahoo

      He is always dominant against single handed backhand players ( barring Federer & Stan ).

      It will be all together different game against Djkovic who has one of the greatest return of serve & double handed backhand in tennis history.

    2. I’ve been saying for weeks that the final was Nadal vs Djokovic. Still taking Djokovic in 5. Nadal has Neptune in the 7th house in his solar return which typically spells disappointment at the very end…despite that, he’s got an excellent solar return….So we shall see. If Djokovic were to lose, Nadal wins easily.

      1. Ashok Kumar Sahoo

        I feel Djkovic will take it in 4 sets , purely based on my tennis knowledge and I don’t know much in astrology. But I love to follow astrology.

        1. Hi Rinku,

          I am with you. I recall Sally or one of the astrologers mentioned before, that players of the calibre of the Big 3, sometimes they raw talent and hardwork overcomes astrology. I’m hoping this plays out for Nadal this time – he has been unlucky at AO for many years, not many years left for him to complete his 2nd career grand slam if he misses this chance.

  37. Two things: as mentioned in the previous post, the gap between zizi and nadal was too high to have match, despite the best astrology for the greek. But this can not depend on the Sun-injured Saturn of zizpas, but when ever: -) … there is simply too much difference in value between the two, and no transit star can overturn the genetic values.
    What matters, more than anything else, is clearly the natal chart, only from this can you highlight what is possible or not. No transit of any planet can give you what you have not already “written” within yourself in terms of potential.

    Second thing, in my post on the retrogradations of zizpas in the natal chart, here it is that perhaps today we have confirmed it.
    That is, it had seemed too “easy” his ascent, having even a retrograde mercury to the MC.
    But I see this place that I wrote seems not to interest anyone, or perhaps no one has been able to give an answer on the merits.

    1. Sorry for not replying sooner. I’m busy with clients at the moment running my business 🙂 I wanted to respond to what you said about retrograde planets. The planets Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto are often retrograde in players/peoples’ birth charts. That doesn’t mean you can’t be successful when you have those planets retrograde. They work on a different level and are internal rather than show out in the world. The interesting retrograde planet is Mercury because it is the tennis planet. That would be fascinating to investigate further to see if there are top tennis players with it retrograde in their birth charts, or not. My experience is that it adds an extreme edge to Mercury activities, i.e. learning and communication. Sometimes, people are slow learners or slow to speak when they are young. Other times, it adds a real depth of intelligence and often both are evident.
      Also, I wanted to add that Tsitsipas’ transits have shown brilliantly during this tournament. He’s still young, he defeated Federer and he’s now a name to be recognised. His earnings will have been substantially boosted due to his progress to the semi-finals. When the potential is there in the birth chart, it’s the progressions/transits that bring the astrology to life, which is what has happened over the past fortnight.

      1. Sally, I know that retrograde planets are present in anyone’s horoscope, higher or lower. And that certainly alone does not mean any impediment to its own realization. But certainly, having retrograde personal planets, that is, those including mercury to saturn, some problems in terms of processing and delay, there can be.
        Especially when we have primarily retrograde Jupiter, and then secondly Saturn. If then both retrograde are present in the horoscope, then the speech is expanded.

        Example, staying at tennis: Nadal and Djokovic both have Saturn retrograde, but not Jupiter which is the planet that gives the most important boost to the realization, and having it directed in this sense is excellent. Federer neither, he only has Neptune retrograde in all his birth chart.
        But, in the specific case of zizipas, I wondered if especially retrograde Mercury, which I think is almost certainly the MC in his birth chart because he is ascending scorpio, involves some problems to the “true” and complete achievement of all his ambitions .
        Because I’m sure, and just read his statements, he was convinced he could beat anyone already from this tournament. A bit rash, I would say, and presently. And this is what matters … because one can reach goals that others already seem very high, but perhaps for this person, having huge consideration of himself wrong or right, they seem instead “normal”, or even less.
        I also remember that Zverev himself has Mercury retrograde … and as we see is having fair problems with its complete explosion, in the slam is not combining anything good. Coincidence of retrograde mercury in the two most important nextgenes? 🙂
        Then, finally, regarding the transits of zizipas.
        You say he defeated Federer ede and arrived in semi, so the favorable transits were confirmed. And in fact what I wrote, if not exactly this ?! 🙂
        I added only that no more favorable transit than another person, can overturn the balance of power.
        In order to make this happen, in the specific case that is to say that today had lost, there had to be a very negative configuration for it. What it was not.
        So Nadal, although with less glaring transits of zizipas, he can not lose from it because it is too much stronger.

    1. Don’t we still have a second semi-final? The astrology shows a clear win for Djokovic but let’s not leap ahead 🙂

  38. Nadal fans don’t loose heart just because Nadal doesn’t have good astrology and Djokovic has good one. First of all congrats to Rafa for great performance by reaching the final. So that means he can only loose because of astrology and not on the basis of current form.

    Also astrology has not always indicated correctly in past like last year Rafa was supposed to win Aus and not French but the reverse has happened.

    Also in past Roger was asto fav. When Cilic won US open. And Murray won Wimbledon when Djokovic was Astro fav.

    So both the results are possible.


      I Like This Answer. I want Rafa to Win Being a Rafa Fan. Also, Rafa methods of being success also depends on whether he is fresh or not. Generally Rafa Suffers from Fatigue during the end of Season post August month as he has to endure a lot of court time due to his time spent on court.
      He has had 5 months break to correct his technical faults, get a minor surgery done to remove a chink in his leg. He has made his serve more aggressive to get him more free points. So, this is the Grandslam where he has spent least amount of time in the Court enroute to final and he is looking as fresh as possible.
      He will definitely give a run for his money in the final.

    2. And also sure that Fed was not astrologer fav for 2017 Aus open.

      So as much as I love astrology, Sally and other astrologer my guess is that there is always a chance and there are lots of other parameters apart from luck like how much hardwork someone has put in etc.

      It will be painful if Nadal were to loose again esp since he is playing lights out but as I said earlier don’t loose hope.

        1. Hey Rinku,

          I’ve been saying all along that Nadal DOES have good astrology and that he would make it to the final. My analysis could be wrong (would not be the first time) but I think Djokovic has better astrology in his favor with a great solar return, decent moon return, and a definitely superior personal tournament chart.

          Nadal, however, does have great astrology. He has a fantastic solar return for June 2018-2019. If you see, every tournament he has played in that timespan he has performed well. I think it will be a tight five-setter on Sunday IF Djokovic makes it. He could lose to Pouille tonight for all we know.

        1. Yes, Patrick did choose Federer. Plus, Astrotennis was the one to pick up on Federer’s stunning progression of Mercury/Jupiter. Also, James Green, just re-reading from that tournament, you had already declared Nadal winner of the French Open, even though there was excitement about Federer winning more! Between us, we do a great job 🙂

          1. You saw the Fed Rafa final very early Sally back then and I picked Roger at final. Astrotennis helped with Fed’s Super progression. We all saw Rafa reach the final although he was not a favourite at this time ☺

          2. Sally that is patting ourselves in the back I can say that you have got most of your predictions right in grandslam tennis

          3. All of you guys combined have very good track record but as Rafa fan I hope there is something that you all are missing and Nadal can lift the trophy.

  39. I was watching the transits of the final on Sunday, which as always should dispute at 19 local hours in Melbourne.
    Well, for that time, if the final should be between Djokovic and Nadal, the first will have a transit of the Moon almost to Zenit, in the highest point of the horoscope, still in IX but on approaching X.
    While the moon of nadal transit will be in XII house.
    Moreover, Djokovic’s native moon has no negative aspects but rather a narrow sextile of Mercury and a wider one than the Sun, while Nadal’s one suffers opposition from the same transit moon in scorpions, as well as the direct return of Uranus to little more than one monomer away from the exact point.
    It seems clear symptoms of an astrology much more favorable to Djokovic, especially from the point of view of what can and can be an inner feeling, in this case of a victory or a defeat.

      1. Ok, it does not change anything for half an hour, because obviously in the other case the final would start at 19.15

      2. BTHouson-Frederick

        lost all interest in the australian open from the time Federer lost. Jhptygate could you head some light as to whether or not Federer will win any of the remaining slams this year? thank you very much and how can i contact you personally

  40. The Men’s Singles Final will be played on Sunday the 27th at 7.30 p.m

    I would request all astrologers and tennis enthusiasts to post their thoughts.


          1. Kalpana, we are in minority as very few people around internet commutiny(including all astrologers) giving any chance to Rafa.

    1. OK, a quick recap – actually it’s a long one. Settle down and apologies to those of you who don’t know the astrology. As Djokovic and Nadal are so close in the betting odds and such great rivals, it’s no wonder that they both have some lively astrology taking place.

      I picked Djokovic at the start of the tournament because of the impressive fire sign transits and his connections to the tournament chart. Novak’s Saturn is his ruling planet at 19 Sagittarius 07, the Midheaven (success point) of the tournament chart is at 19 Sagittarius 05. It could hardly be closer. Plus, he has lucky Jupiter homing in on his natal Saturn. Novak showed clearly as Jupiter in the tournament chart, the ruler of the ASC, the favourite heading for the Midheaven of the tournament chart and his natal Saturn. Plus, Saturn by transit during the final is at 14 Capricorn 26 and making a positive sextile aspect to Novak’s Midheaven at 14 Scorpio 10.
      At the final, competitive Mars is strong at 17 Aries 44, heading for a trine of Novak’s natal Saturn plus a conjunction of his natal Jupiter at 18 Aries 56. Again, compelling. Even the minor transits are good for the final – Mars is closely sextile Novak’s Mercury at 18 Gemini 11, the tennis planet and he’s a Sun Gemini (ruled by Mercury). Plus, Mercury at 5 Aquarius 11 is closely sextile his Moon at 5 Aries 32.
      Novak is still under the rays of last year’s major progression – Sun progressed cnj Mars – which coincided with his return to form. Plus, he has a stunning Solar Return with the Sun at 1 Gemini conjunct the Midheaven at 0 Gemini. It’s looking good for Novak.

      Then we turn to Nadal, who has been the surprise with stunning form throughout the tournament and is clearly the Uranus factor in the tournament chart. I was worried about the lunar eclipse at 0 Leo for Nadal being exactly square his natal Moon at 0 Taurus in his 6th house, ruling health/injury. The eclipse ‘eclipsed’ Federer and Serena Williams, both of whom had their natal node, destiny point, close to the eclipse degree. A conjunction – bad news. A square – turned out to be not so bad.
      At the final, Uranus is at 28 Aries 46 moving closer to Rafa’s north node at 29 Aries 21, a lucky point in the horoscope. Plus, his Moon is at 0 Taurus, so Uranus will return there in March. We’ve seen Uranus spring surprises before in the tennis – sometimes it spells good news, sometimes bad news, as it’s an unpredictable element. Rafa’s natal Uranus is 20 Sagittarius 42 so Jupiter is getting closer to it, although not yet exact. However, Venus has been translating the light of Jupiter as she is the second best planet and also currently in Sagittarius. On Jan 26, Venus was exactly conjunct Rafa’s natal Uranus, although now separating. Still good minor astrology. The only minor transit that’s not great for Rafa is Mercury at 5 Aquarius 11 square to his natal Pluto at 4 Scorpio 59, his ruling planet.
      Rafa also has a significant Solar progression building, a conjunction to his natal Venus. The system I use says it’s a year or so off exactitude and not relevant now, although James Green uses a different system. If he’s right, it’s effective now.
      Rafa also has a stunning Solar Return with the Sun at 12 Gemini conjunct Mercury at 9 Gemini, both applying to a conjunction with the Midheaven at 14 Gemini. Rafa won the French Open during this Solar Return, Novak took the next two Grand Slams. Are they going to share the honours equally and Rafa takes the Aus Open, meaning two Grand Slams each? That would fit the Gemini symbolism.

      Looking at the chart for the AusOpen final, Novak is the favourite and is, therefore, the Moon at 0 Scorpio heading for a square aspect to Sun/Mercury Aquarius in the 7th. Not great astrology. I know one of you said that the Moon is in his 9th house heading for his Scorpio Midheaven, but it does have to get through tricky Pluto first. Rafa would be the Saturn Capricorn, ruler DSC, cnj the Descendant but also Pluto. This symbolism didn’t work for Tsitsipas or Pouille, although during the semis there were strong Moon aspects for both Novak and Rafa. That’s not the case now – so not convincing for either player.

      So, who do I think will win? I am standing by my original prediction as I think Novak has the best transits. Djokovic to take the Aus Open.

      1. hi Sally,

        first of all, let me say thanks for another slam prediction. always love your analysis. together with astrotennis, Patrick and also James Green, you guys make this not just interesting but also entertaining. iam a fan in astrology, kind of student now and therefore an amateur, but I like to analyse the charts also, and there is something not being mentioned here which I suppose is also the reason for Nadal success, and independently of the initial/final chart of Aussie open as an event, is happening almost exact in the day of the final. Nadal is with a grans trine now between Jupiter (16’53 Sagittarius -mars ( 17’30 Aries) -MC (17’35 Leo), and this to me as an amateur being positioned Jupiter in the 2nd house, mars in the end of the 5th and MC, means great success.
        plus mars is in trine to uranus within 3 degrees, and as you probably know his ascendant is scorpio so mars is powerful planet for him and now in th 5th house of sports, etc.

        since iam just an amateur, and I am learning on a hobby basis a bit more about astrology, I would like to know your thoughts on this aspects and if those aspects are relevant for his sucess and potentially winner or not.

        But here I would not rulled him out of winning the tournament. a grand trine aspect to MC is always very powerful in my opinion.

        thanks and if am wrong, please enlight me.

        best regards


        1. Hi Sam, great interpretation. Thank you. Re. Nadal’s chart, we have had a lot of debate in the past about the time of birth and the one we settled on and seems to work best is 7:10pm, which makes his Midheaven 0 Virgo and conjunct the royal star Regulus. It seems to fit him very well, so your Grand Trine would not work with this chart. I do think the Mars transit is great for Nadal, but I would like it to be closer to benefit him more. 3 degrees is quite a lot with the minor transits and the aspect will only be exact on January 31st. That’s why I didn’t include it but you’re right about Mars being his ruling planet and therefore strong for him. His natal Mars in Capricorn is a symbol of the ‘gladiator’ and I always used to think of Nadal like this. He’s a real fighter on the tennis court.

          1. Hi Sally, I wrote the comment again, because I thought there was a mistake posting it.
            thanks for your interpretation. I use natal time for Nadal (19:00 pm). I. might be wrong then.
            Many thanks to your reply.

          2. There’s been a lot of debate about Rafa’s time of birth as different times have been quoted. I like the 7:10pm time because it seems to work well for him and it makes Mercury his career planet and puts his Virgo Midheaven on the fixed star Regulus, which is the sign of a champion. He’s an obsessive too which fits the Virgo theme.

          3. Hello Sally, Everywhere on internet its 3 Jun 1986 · Astrology birth chart for Rafael Nadal , born at June 3, 1986 at 6:20 PM.

          4. You will have to read the past Grand Slam articles if you want to find out why we decided to go with the 7:10pm time. There have been different times quoted by Rafa, his Mum and a journalist. I can’t quite remember now without reading it all through again. Not all birth times are correct that are in the public arena.

        1. I did see that James. I don’t think it’s major enough to be significant. Also, the Moon in the final chart is sextile his Midheaven but opposite his natal Moon – so it’s swings and roundabouts!

    2. As already mentioned, it seems clear that Nole for the final has a better astrology, and in particular with regard to the Moon of both that always identifies a positive or negative emotionality.
      As if to say that in his horoscope is visible a joy for Sunday, while for nadal it seems the opposite

  41. Hi Sally

    Iam rewriting a comment again, because my previous one have not been apparently posted.
    so first of all congrats for another tournament astrology and analysis, you and everyone here mainly Patrick, astrotennis, and James green, and couple of new people in this forum have been making the blog more than interesting.

    iam a fan of astrology, and is kind of hobby/astrology student situation. so I like to look the charts and try to get the main things out of it.

    therefore, there is one thing I would like to write in here regarding Nadal astrology which I have not seen anyone writing it and for me as an amateur it looks important.

    looking at his transits, something that appears straight to me is grand trine between Jupiter (16´53 Sagittarius – 2nd house – mars 17´30 Aries (end fo 5th house)- MC (17´35) Leo.

    this for me, means great success. he is not just the uranus factor, because he was not a contender at the beggining of the tournament due to uncertainties regarding his recent injuries, but for me he is a true contender for winning the tournament. plus after reading all the transits, progressions for both Djokovic and Nadal, I would like also to add another transit that in my amateur opinion is important as testimony of will power (mars trine uranus) and since he is an ascendant scorpio mars has definitely to look good on him.

    i will not be surprised if he ends up with the trophy in his hands Sunday.

    and please if iam wrong about my analysis, enlighten me, as I get a bit enthusiastic sometimes and as an amateur I might not be correct.


    all the best


    1. I saw the same Mars in Aries and Jupiter in Sagitarius trine his MC in Leo for less than 1 degree with Venus also trine MC for around 3 degrees and it’s such a powerfull combination of 3 good planets for a great success in sport. He had bad luck in few previous AO, when he withdraw earlier due to injuries, or played the final injured and now he wants to win AO more than anything, as that would make him the first player to win all 4 Gran Slems at least twice. To me he looks more focused and sharper than ever before and he managed well to stay away from media attention. Nobody thought he was the favourite before the tournament, as he pulled out from Brisbane and exhibiton in Doha, he didn’t play towards the end of last season, but he was preparing himself for this. His serve improved a lot, he has not lost a set, he looks so confident and really unbeatable. Even Djokovic said he never seen Nadal so good and even though Novak is one of the best returner, I think he will really struggle with Nadal’s new serve and as much as I would like Novak to win, I think Nadal wants to win more and he is prepared for it better than anyone thinks. HIs defeat against Novak at Wimledon, which he could also easily won with just little bit more luck, still hurts him, he is such a fighter and competitor, who is fully fit now and he will be that surpsrise factor, like Sam said.

  42. Sadly, I won’t be watching the men’s final. It has become redundant and boring – both semi finals were a snore. The women’s final is more refreshing – it’s nice to see more variety and battles within the women’s game. Don’t @ me – it’s my opinion. Sally, your prediction is correct as Novak will win since Nadal has no chance against his astrological superiority.

  43. Hola amigos! Lei con atención todas sus predicciones de los últimos días, muy interesante.

    Coincido con vos Sally, para mi el ganador será Novak Djokovic.

    Voy a aportar un dato que no se mencionó hasta ahora: las revoluciones lunares. Este punto para mi termina de definir que Rafa Nadal perderá la final. Digo esto porque en su RL que comenzó el 15 de Enero tiene varios aspectos negativos que impiden su coronación. El primero es Marte de revolución lunar, está en cuadratura a Saturno RL y ese Marte también hace cuadratura a Neptuno natal. Como Marte estaba firme en Aries en trigono a Venus y Jupiter, Nadal logró un torneo magnifico pero las contras mencionadas impediran su titulo. Marte es importante en la carta de Nadal porque rige su ASC natal.

    Luego, Mercurio de revolución lunar está en conjunción a Saturno RL. Otro aspecto negativo, porque Mercurio rige el MC natal de Rafa. Finalmente, el eclipse lunar en el grado 0º Leo terminará afectando a Nadal y creo que le producirá lesiones en los próximos meses.

    Desde Argentina les mando un calido saludo a todos. El domingo voy a colocar mi alarma despertador para disfrutar de un grandioso espectaculo de tenis. Pero no lo olviden, no hay nadie más grande que Roger Federer.

    1. The english version is hereunder :

      Hello friends! I read carefully all your predictions of the last days, very interesting.

      I agree with you Sally, for me the winner will be Novak Djokovic.

      I’m going to provide a fact that was not mentioned until now: the lunar revolutions. This point stops me to define that Rafa Nadal will lose the final. I say this because in his RL that began on January 15, he has several negative aspects that prevent his coronation. The first is Mars of lunar revolution, it is square to Saturn RL and that Mars also squares natal Neptune. As Mars was firm in Aries in trigono to Venus and Jupiter, Nadal achieved a magnificent tournament but the contras mentioned prevent his title. Mars is important in Nadal’s letter because it governs his natal ASC.

      Then, Mercury of lunar revolution is conjunct Saturn RL. Another negative aspect, because Mercury rules the birth MC of Rafa. Finally, the lunar eclipse in grade 0 Leo will end up affecting Nadal and I think it will cause injuries in the coming months.

      From Argentina I send a warm greeting to all. On Sunday I will place my alarm clock to enjoy a great tennis show. But do not forget, there is no one bigger than Roger Federer.

    2. Thank you for interpreting the Lunar Returns, Juan, and Raman for google translating! Here’s to a great final…

  44. Tried using the biorhythm calculator and Novak has 5 positives vs nadal’s 4, this could be a repeat of their 2012 aopen and 2018 Wimbledon but still Novak being the victor at the end.

  45. Congratulations to Naomi and also Petra, what a great match level the final had. Great new WTA No 1, such a nice girl! Great job of Osaka’s young coach Bajin.

    So everything is said to the Men final‘s astrology. Thank you, Sally, Juan and all astrologers for your detailed analysis. Djokovic’s rise in performance comes with his ruling planet getting closer to his Midheaven. Andreas, you mentioned the Moon in precise opposition to Nadal‘s natal Moon. I stick to my opening prediction, too. Djokovic to win.

  46. Sally and Juan Cruz have posted their recaps. We are all waiting for the other astrologers to recapitulate.
    I remember the postings of Dr Dhairya Roy and Y.Krishna during US Open 2017. We have not heard from them so far. They can probably post their thoughts on the Men’s Final now.

    1. Patrick too has posted his recap.

      Now the others have to give their thoughts.

      Also all tennis aficionados following this forum.


      1. Raman,

        I think everyone has unanimously picked up Djokovic. Looks like cake walk to Djokovic and another crushing defeat for Nadal.

  47. Will Federer win 100 th title. When is the good period for him astrologically? I hope he will wins 100th title this year. Sally please don’t delete this comment.please try answer this question Sally if possible from diehard Fed fan. I really want to see him lift 100th title.

    1. Fedfan don’t worry Fed is too good player to get to this number and he might still win more slam as he is a great player. I know this feeling as when Nadal is out it feels like he is finished. I had this feeling since 2011/2012 for Nadal. But here we are in 2018 and they are still fighting for piece of history.

  48. Today I would like to highlight an error in which, in my opinion, unfortunately many passionate astrologers incur when they examine transits or progressions or solar revolutions, of two or more challengers in a sport.
    That is to rely solely on the astrological predictions favorable or not of individual persons, at least apparently if they judge well, without taking into account the potential of the birth chart that is obviously expressed in the potential of the person.
    It seems clear to me, in fact, that if for example any tennis player who is not a Nadal or a Djokovic or a Federer, he had to face them despite having a marvelous astrology at that moment, he could not help but lose because he was weaker or even much weaker … certainly would make a good figure and then he would be happy and would live this moment of inner exaltation, but certainly could not win.
    And this because, I have already written it but I want to repeat it, there is nothing in the world or even in astrology, which can overturn the balance of power when it is based on “confrontation”. This obviously applies not only in sport, but also in many other areas in which there is some way of relating to others.
    To make sure that the stronger lose from much weaker, they must coincide therefore that the first one has a really bad astrology, and the second one an optimal one. Then you can experience the unexpected and sensational surprise.
    And we have always seen this … who knows how many times a Berdych, a Cilic or a Nishikori, or other strong second-tier players, have had a favorable astrology compared to the stronger ones, but then they have punctually lost.
    We must therefore always “weigh” these two conditions: the potentiality of the person, which is represented by his birth chart, and what is the astrology for everyone at that moment in which they face.
    That’s why I think tomorrow will win Djokovic, because facing two players with similar potential, he must win the one that has a more favorable astrology.
    But it is also true that astrology is not an exact science, we know …

    1. Hi Andreas, thank you for your comment and I agree partly with what you say. Yes, the potential in the birth chart is a determining factor in whether a player will be a champion or not. But that can’t be the only factor. We know that sometimes Nadal beats Djokovic and other times, Djokovic beats Nadal. Then, surely, we are looking at the timing of astrology to determine who will become the victor? That’s the whole point of working with timing, to see when it is your chance to shine or when you need to hold back because you won’t come out on top? Therefore, a birth chart is not just static and it’s the timing of astrology that can bring the potential of the birth chart to life.

      1. Certainly Sally.
        But if in your chart, if in your person or maybe we could say how science in DNA (which then has a lot to do with how the horoscope is drawn, maybe we’ll talk about it), it’s written that a certain goal does not you will reach, there is little to do despite having the best transits in the world … at least apparently excellent, because then you have to understand what is really good and what it seems. This obviously depends on the ability to read horoscopes in its infinite facets.
        I am very fatalistic, I believe in destiny: if the being, the person, is “to be”, it will be. Otherwise no.
        I think this.

          1. Johny Excellent

            Well Sally, what I understand from Andreas is, if Federer, Nadal or Djokovic fight amongst each other for a trophy, it may be decided by the factor at the moment who has a better astrology. However, the same may not be the case with top players against a Berdych or Nishikori unless they have outbof the world transits. Simply because some players like Federer and Nadal may have phenomenal birth charts which Nishikori may not have.. or Tsitsipas… So even if Tsitsipas has 89% of chances to win, and Nadal has 82%, practically Nadal may triumph eventually. However, I don’t agree with Astrology is not perfect.. I think it is, just that the astrologer must learn and practice just like any other profession, so that the experience yields more accuracy with time..

          2. Thank you for commenting. I agree with what you’re saying here and what Andreas is saying, but I disagree with the way that Andreas considers the birth chart. I work a lot with clients and some people maximise the chances in their birth chart and others don’t. Therefore, for me astrology is a blend of fate and free will. For example, with the top players, the potential shows in their birth chart but they won’t win without putting in the hard work and committing to their path. Once you have become a champion and you stay injury-free, then you become harder to beat because you have experienced how to win, it strengthens your self-belief and you are committed to keep working hard on all levels to win again. For example, even if Tsitsipas has amazing astrology, he’s coming up against a tough opponent and I believe we do take that into account in these Grand Slam blogs. Also, with your birth chart, timing is what brings it alive. I will keep saying that, otherwise the birth chart remains static. The timing of astrology shows you your best chances and when to pursue your personal goals/aims/dreams, which is why astrology is so brilliant for helping you fulfil your potential. And yes, it also shows how fate steps in when you lose your job because of the credit crunch or your partner leaves you unexpectedly, etc. events outside of your control. But always, it is the movement of the planets that triggers your birth chart and shows the story, i.e. Pluto transit conjunct your Midheaven for losing your job because of the credit crunch! I hope that makes sense and you understand why my argument is a different one to Andreas’. Not to say that Andreas’ is wrong but his experience is not my experience working with clients and, therefore, how I believe astrology works.



        1. I think the amazing Roger Federer needs some great astrology on his side to continue winning Grand Slams and I don’t see it. In fact, I wonder whether he might retire after Wimbledon 2019. I think that was a significant eclipse for Federer during this tournament, conjunct his north node, the destiny point in astrology. Eclipse influence lasts for six months until you approach the next set of eclipses. Federer has some tricky transits this year, in particular Saturn opposite Mars, which is where you find your athleticism, your competitiveness, and Saturn can be debilitating. Plus, there’s another eclipse in July which falls close to Federer’s Mars. Also, there’s a major progression of his Sun square to Neptune in his 4th house, which is exact in July too. That to me feels like his swan song. As I’ve mentioned before, I don’t know what Planet X is and don’t use it. Greenstone Lobo does and he says that is still strong for Federer. So different systems, different stories.

          1. Dear Sally,
            Great work on predicting, once again.
            Leave greenstone lobo alone. He talks in strange tongue. Nobody understands his deal with planets x, y and z. On the other hand, sally, james and green and juan, they all write in simple and clear ways.

            Sally, could you please give a general overview on whats in store for the top seeds in 2019. You said about Federer. I strongly feel Djokovic will rock on. Particularly he has a strong venus period, career planet, therefore throne is guaranteed. I dont see a prospective year for nadal. Of course I could be wrong totally. Federer, i dont see him playing well this summer but has good periods 2020. I am not sure he will retire this summer. Hope he plays (coming from a Nole fan).

            Many thanks.

          2. Johny Excellent

            Hi Sally, great blog, amazingly spot on prediction once again. I believe that you are slowly getting more and more perfect. Isn’t experience all about learning and getting better. I believe you are like wine 🍷. Just getting better. You mentioned Federer will be on swan song around July.. So should we assume that it will be an amazing performance before he hangs up or will it be a forced retirement with disappointment. I would really be happy to hear your thoughts please 🙏🏽😊

          3. Thank you for your kind words. I will try not to feel too much pressure for the French Open 🙂 One of the reasons why I love this blog is because you see astrology in action and that’s the best way to learn 🙂 The jury’s out with regard to Federer. I was responding to the prediction that he would win another three Grand Slams. I’m not sure how easy that’s going to be without stunning astrology on his side at his age. Plus, when you have a major Saturn transit opposite your Mars, that is going to take a lot of hard work to overcome. Saturn slows down Mars and slams on the brakes. The Sun/Neptune progression is interesting because it’s about his home life, his family perhaps. Things fade away under this progression and your dreams can take you elsewhere. You change as a person too. Federer does have some nice Jupiter transits later this year but not necessarily coinciding with the next two Grand Slams because Jupiter is retrograde then. So, I think the astrology suggests some challenge and a sea-change for Federer this year.

  49. Hi Raman and all astrologers as all u aware in 2017 all predicted Nadal will win except Patrick Federer will win.sally updated in that article simplest astrology is due to satrun conjuct midheaven older player will win so Federer is 5 years older than Nadal. After that in our city we use to play tennis with all of our group friends I done research 5 to 6 times I use to draw chart when ever satrun conjuct midheaven older player use to win the match .Even personally who is having satrun conjuct midheaven if opponent is younger he won match but if opponent is older he lost the match they r all different ascendants but in djokovic case also personally satrun is conjucting midheaven chart so Nadal is 1 year older than him so Nadal have to win but djokovic is Capricorn ascendant so ruler is satrun let see how satrun will decide whether satrun will give title to older player or he will give title to djokovic since he is ruling djokovic chart. Regarding other transits Nadal is having slight edge when compared to who ever wins enjoy tennis and astrology of sally, James, patrick and all other astrologers.

  50. Hi Raman and all astrologers as all u aware in 2017 all predicted Nadal will win except Patrick Federer will win.sally updated in that article simplest astrology is due to satrun conjuct midheaven older player will win so Federer is 5 years older than Nadal. After that in our city we use to play tennis with all of our group friends I done research 5 to 6 times I use to draw chart when ever satrun conjuct midheaven older player use to win the match .Even personally who is having satrun conjuct midheaven if opponent is younger he won match but if opponent is older he lost the match they r all different ascendants but in djokovic case also personally satrun is conjucting midheaven chart so Nadal is 1 year older than him so Nadal have to win but djokovic is Capricorn ascendant so ruler is satrun let see how satrun will decide whether satrun will give title to older player or he will give title to djokovic since he is ruling djokovic chart. Regarding other transits Nadal is having slight edge when compared to who ever wins enjoy tennis and astrology of sally, James, patrick and all other astrologers.Thank u

  51. Thank you, Sally for great analysis and prediction. Every time when you predict Novak to win, or say he has good chances, I try to question it, but am happy that you got it right. The way you read and interpret the astrological aspects is fantastic. Well done and thanks again for posting the blogs for every Grand Slam.

  52. Congrats Sally, Patrick, James , Juan and astro tennis for correctly predicting the winner. See you guys at French open.

  53. As predicted, Djokovic’s victory, even if even easier than expected.
    You can not win a tournament in the final with a moon as negative as that of Nadal, in the XII house and opposite to the Native Moon … unless of course the final act also that of his contender is equally negative.
    The Moon is always the main symptom of how it is and how it will soon be the person on an inner level. So it is the first point to be taken into consideration on the specific day.

    Be careful, however, I am saying only in the final moment and when you face two players of similar potential, not against any player and in a previous round. In that case, even if you have a negative Moon, if there is a lot of potential difference between the two players, then the sensitive point of the Moon counts much less.
    However, in my opinion, Nole’s pure level is stronger than Nadal and has always been, apart from the clay, where Nole also often beat him with sound lessons on that surface too.
    Hello everyone and see you next time.

  54. Juan , Patrick are you guys on Facebook???

    By the way , out of last 9 GS, 3 each won by Federer, Nadal , Djkovic ….

    Where are the young guys ????

  55. Sally, I would like to clarify some things about your last answer to my penultimate post I read now.
    When I say that I believe in “Destiny”, it does not mean that this excludes the concept of “free will”, absolutely not …
    But, first of all, free will is not the same for everyone in terms of being able to dispose of it. I believe this should be obvious.
    But to make it clear, I give an example as simple as clear: if you are born in a country at war, and you are killed at an early age by a bomb or a shooting, I wonder what possibility of free will there may be in that case … it seems clear to me that it is none.

    My concept of free will, therefore, refers precisely to this: that not everyone has the possibility in this life to have it available, and hence the concept of Destiny that I have expressed.
    But when I speak of Destiny, it is clear that we do not necessarily mean in the negative sense as often it means, because it is clear that for all there can be a negative but also perhaps a glorious destiny.
    In sport this can be applied in the sense that while making every effort unimaginable, while giving everything and trying to do everything possible, if it is fate that you can not make it to become a champion or win a slam, there is little to do . Both because you find opponents stronger than you, and because your potential is evidently not able to do in that sense.
    And from here the initial speech, that is, you can have great transits and big aspects in the horoscope, but if you go beyond the net there is one that has a much higher potential than yours, it will be “destiny” that you do not face it to crown your dreams.
    However, however, destiny will be fulfilled … and the person who is defeated knowing that he has given and done everything, will still be satisfied within himself.
    I also give a specific example in this sense, and that of David Ferrer, that we all know. I think there is not a tennis player that more than he gave and did everything to be able to win a great title, but for its technical limitations and especially for the strongest opponents faced, in the end did not make it.
    But within himself he will surely be equally happy.

  56. Great prediction yet another time Sally. Kudos. Congrats to Djokovic and commiserations to Nadal fans.

    Didn’t really see that beat down coming. French open will be interesting since that’s where Rafa brings his best and we will also see what new dominating can bring to the table.

    Congrats to all astrologers who got it right.

  57. Dear Sally, thank you very much for your astrological observations of the recent two weeks. Thanks for investing your time. Congratulations to another spot on prediction and pointing out in detail what made Djokovic prevail. 😃👌🎾💫🏆😃

    Thanks also to all the other astrologers and congrats for their right picks! Due to a seminar I didn’t find the time to discuss more this time. It’s nice to see new members giving their astro thoughts.

    Congrats to Djokovic! The match started with an exact Moon Moon Opposition for Nadal and I heard the commentator say „Nadal hasn’t got his right feeling, yet“. To all Rafa fans: I am sure there will be more duels between the two in the near future. Do you think this transit was the main reason for Rafa’s sudden decline of his form in face of a brilliant Novak, Sally? Thanks for your feedback. I wish you and all participants of this forum a great time until Roland Garros.

    1. Hi Patrick, yes, I think the Moon opposite Moon sounds like ‘Nadal hasn’t got his right feeling, yet’. I wouldn’t count that as the major reason though because, for me, it’s a minor factor. I suspect that it is about the Lunar Eclipse that fell square to Nadal’s natal Moon at the start of the week. Often in astrology, you can predict best when you get a repeating theme, e.g. a progression, transit and lunation that all target the same planet. In this case, the eclipse at the beginning of the week was triggered by the Moon opposition in the final. Also, Juan spoke about Nadal’s difficult Lunar Return and the fact that he too thought the eclipse might be about an injury for Nadal. Eclipse effects often last for 6 months until the next set of eclipses kick in, this time in July. So it’s all about the Moon – an eclipse, the Lunar Return and the Moon opposition. I expected Nadal to play better and for it to be a closer match. Reading the reviews, it did seem as if Djokovic ‘eclipsed’ Nadal, in that Nadal found it really difficult to get into his stride in the game. Hope that helps and have a great few months too.

      1. That’s interesting, Sally. Also the metaphor of the eclipse. Thanks again so much for your explanation! See you in May…

        1. I commented briefly on Federer in response to the claim that he’s going to win more slams – it’s going to be tough from an astrological perspective. Plus, we have flagged up the tricky eclipse for Nadal during this tournament, which could mean health/injury will be an issue for him before the next set of eclipses kick in during July. I’m not going to add any more about the players now until the French Open. Then we can start over from a fresh page. See you all in a few months.

  58. Hi Sally,

    I would like to add my thanks to you for all your work in analyzing the tournament chart as well as the factors for many key players. Also, you put much time and effort into responding to comments concerning many different methods in astrology. I am amazed at the depth of your knowledge and your willingness to take all this on. I am so glad that you love tennis and love astrology!

    Again, many thanks, and I look forward to seeing you soon!

  59. Sally congratulations for predicting the winner correctly once again.the MC of the tournament chart falling exactly on djokovics natal saturn and in an exact trine to his natal jupiter was too great a symbolism for djokovic to win the tournament as you pointed out.the eclipses work in different ways.last january lunar eclipse fell right on federers natal sun and he went on to win the tournament.but this year the lunar eclipse fell on federers natal north node and he was bundled out early and the eclipse falling in an exact square to nadals natal moon certainly did not help him.may be you can throw some light on it.your record in predicting grandslams is very good.congratulations once again and also to all astrologers who predicted djokovic to win

    1. Thank you 🙂 Looking at last year’s tournament, the eclipse fell on January 31st, three days after the tournament ended, which is why it wasn’t obvious. Having said that, eclipses are similar to Uranus, i.e. they bring change and they alter the situation. I have seen people both win & fail on both. Eclipses in particular symbolise a balance in power, especially a Leo eclipse, the royal sign. The old leader has to make way for the young leader, which is what we saw in the stunning example of the two Leos, Federer and Tsitsipas, battling it out. Thank you for your great predictions too. I don’t do this job on my own, by any means, and I appreciate all the astrological insight that you and the other regular commenters bring 🙂

      1. Thanks Sally I may be wrong but looking at Federer’s astrology for the next 2 years I don’t see any favourable astrology for him he may not win any more slams you may correct me if I am wrong

        1. Hi James,

          I have been following you on Sallys blog on the Grand Slams and appreciate your observations.
          I felt sad seeing Nadal losing to Djokovic in yesterdays Australian Open Final. I would be grateful if you could find some time to throw some light on Nadal’s astrology for the rest of 2019.

  60. if they meet again in the finals of roland garros, i give nadal the upperhand.

    but if djoker still beat nadal, then djokovic is beyond astrology then, he is just way better than nadal that astrology isnt going to matter.

  61. Was it ever more exciting to make a prediction about the French Open? There’s my darling, Roger Federer, who’s been competing again for years and who has impressed in Madrid and Rome. Nadal, who found good form again shortly before the start. Djokovic, who could also have won Rome, would not have been disadvantaged and tired because of the weather chaos and next to him the up-and-coming boys like Tsitsipas who are in the starting blocks. I am very excited about your prediction, Sally!

  62. French Open Men’s Singles Draw is out ; your French Open Astrology not yet !!!

    Eagerly awaiting your forecast.


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