Australian Open Tennis 2016

Australian Open 2016

Update: Novak Djokovic won the Australian Open as predicted. Once again, there’s been speculation about his birth time and I would love to have definitive proof. (Novak, if you’re reading this, please be in touch 🙂 ).

I do favour the Capricorn Ascendant which does mean that he has fascinating astrology this year. On the day of the final, transiting Mars was exactly conjunct his Scorpio Midheaven and transiting Pluto exactly conjunct his Capricorn Ascendant – slam dunk!

You would expect the Pluto transit to be challenging as it’s associated with loss and transformation on a deep level, but I wonder whether this is going to be more about his popularity in the year ahead. When you get someone who dominates the game, they inevitably arouse strong reactions and Novak has to work hard to win people over.

Personally he’s won me over – bravo Novak – here’s to an amazing 2016.

The Grand Slam tennis predictions begin for another year and once again I venture into the world of sports prediction with a mixture of trepidation and excitement.

Since my last prediction for the US Open 2015, I have read more than one article stating that the era of the Big Four is over and we should now be talking about the Big One, Novak Djokovic.

Djokovic won 11 trophies last year, he won 3 of the Grand Slams and was in the final of the 4th, and he’s gunning for a record 6th Australian Open title. Is he unstoppable? Quite possibly.

Looking at the top seeds going into the tournament, I will still focus on the Big Four with the addition of Stan Wawrinka, especially as I have birth times for all five men, Djokovic, Federer, Murray, Nadal & Wawrinka, even if there is heated debate over a couple of the birth times. I shall take a quick glance at the Best of the Rest to see if anyone’s astrology stands out, although this is more hit-and-miss as I don’t have birth times for many of the players.

The tournament chart is as usual my starter for prediction. For those of you who are familiar with astrology, I have posted the chart for you to peruse. As a firm believer in astrology as divination, I use the chart for the start of the tournament as a symbolic moment in time. I don’t view astrology as a science. In my opinion, it is a sophisticated tool of timing based on scientific principles, the movement of the planets.

Here goes…

Tournament Chart – January 18th 2016, 11:00am, Melbourne, Australia

The chart for the start of the tournament has Pisces on the Ascendant so the traditional ruler of the chart is Jupiter in Virgo. This is an interesting Jupiter because at 23 Virgo it is conjunct the north node at 24 Virgo. This feels a lucky combination as Jupiter brings benefit and good fortune whilst the north node is linked to growth and fated opportunity. In the chart they sit together on the Descendant, the relationship point.

In addition, Jupiter rules the Sagittarius Midheaven, the success point in astrology, where we find Venus in Sagittarius very close to the peak of the chart. Venus rules women, love, money, art, beauty and at 22 Sagittarius is square to Jupiter at 23 Virgo. The benefics of the heavens clashing but powerful on angles. Boy, does this feel abundant.

Personally I think this picks out the favourite, but I wonder whether it’s to do with prize money or a destiny moment, Djokovic breaking a new record perhaps? [Update: This was written before allegations of match fixing hit the tennis world. I did wonder where this ‘abundance’ of money might come from indicated by the Venus/Jupiter square but this fits the symbolism beautifully! If someone’s benefited financially, it looks like we might know about it soon].

The other planetary body to consider is the Moon strong in Taurus, her sign of exaltation. The Moon has a run of positive aspects trine to Pluto, Mercury, Jupiter and finally the Sun, all of which are in earth signs, Virgo and Capricorn. Again this is a positive showing for the favourite.

Finally, like last year’s French Open, this tournament begins whilst Mercury (communication) is retrograde. Things don’t always go according to plan so look out for mistakes, most likely with the organisational side of things, and delays. I have heard the weather is going to be exceptionally hot as the tournament begins. Mercury turns direct on January 25th and the final is on January 31st.

Novak Djokovic – b. May 22 1987, 11:25 pm, Belgrade, Yugoslavia (Sun Gemini)

Novak Djokovic is on an incredible high as he goes into a new year of tennis. 2015 was arguably his most successful year yet and he achieved that with Saturn opposing the Sun (traditionally a time of low energy – go figure!). Yet Pluto was also sextile the Midheaven (career) throughout the year, a helpful planetary aspect and Pluto sits close to his Scorpio Midheaven and is its co-ruler. At its best Pluto never ever gives up, it’s relentless power. Plus when you are Saturn-ruled (see next paragraph), you can theoretically make friends with the tough planet Saturn.

Even though we have often debated the different birth times for Novak, I’m sticking with the Capricorn Ascendant, as the birth time has been confirmed from the birth certificate (see This makes his ruling planet Saturn, the planet of longevity, and unless something drastic happens, he’s here to stay. Plus this puts Scorpio on his Midheaven and with a powerful Mars-Pluto trine aspect dominating his career, I believe this is the testimony for his continued dominance in the game.

Which means he is in for a fascinating tournament. In the chart above, Mars is at 7 Scorpio almost exactly conjunct his natal Pluto up at the top of his chart. On the day of the final, Mars will be at 14 Scorpio almost exactly conjunct the Midheaven, the success point, the peak of the tournament chart. In other words, he means business.

Even more remarkable is the transit of Pluto which starts the tournament at 15 Capricorn 38 and on the day of the final is at 16 Capricorn 04, i.e. the day of the final is the exact date of his first Pluto transit to his natal Ascendant, the point in the chart which represents the self.

Traditionally Pluto is difficult. It represents the dark as opposed to the light, it takes you down to the depths and is known as the wipe-out planet. When it goes over the Ascendant, it can be a time of self-transformation but not always in an easy way. In the mix is communication planet Mercury which turns direct conjunct Novak’s Ascendant and on January 31st, the day of the final, Mercury is exactly conjunct Pluto.

This is extraordinary astrology, quite hard to predict, but it certainly suggests extremes, an all-or-nothing situation. Will he be victorious (Pluto is co-ruler of his career point) or will fate intervene and he’s out? I’m not going to speculate further but it’s important astrology to note.

Andy Murray – b. May 15 1987, 2:10 pm, Glasgow, UK (Sun Taurus)

Andy Murray’s defining moment in 2015 was helping Great Britain win the Davis Cup for the first time since 1936. An awesome achievement and as a Brit I felt immensely proud. He’s now well on the way to another achievement because mid-February 2016 his wife Kim is due to give birth to their first child. He’s already said he will leave the tournament if Kim goes into labour.

Fittingly Mercury is retrograde, i.e. on go slow, in his 5th house ruling children and Mercury is his career planet, because it rules his Gemini Midheaven. Yet Mercury sneaks out of his 5th house and into his 4th house where it turns direct and only returns to his 5th house on February 1st, the day after the final. Hopefully this means Kim can hang on so he can complete the tournament.

Not a lot leaps out astrologically for the tournament although it is interesting to note that Andy’s Moon at 21 Sagittarius is conjunct the Venus/Midheaven point of the tournament chart. The Moon rules the mother and Venus rules women so maybe Andy’s thoughts will be elsewhere.

Roger Federer – b. August 8 1981, 8:40 am, Basel, Switzerland (Sun Leo)

Roger Federer reached the final of two Grand Slams last year, Wimbledon and the US Open, and both times he was defeated by Novak Djokovic, who also beat him in the final of the ATP World Tour at the O2 in London. He is turning into Roger’s nemesis. The bad news for Roger is that he can’t reach the final without taking on Novak if he is still playing.

The good news is that Roger has some steady astrology with Saturn trine his natal Mercury (career planet) during the tournament, exact on January 24th. Like Andy, he has Mercury retrograde in his 5th house (hope the two set of twins behave!) and more intriguingly Roger’s natal Neptune is at 22 Sagittarius so almost exactly conjunct the Venus/Midheaven combination of the tournament chart. Will he be idealised with Neptune here as Neptune rules glamour and seduction? Will there be some scandal or deception revealed during the tournament as Neptune is linked to the media? Hope not – I’ll go with idealisation.

Stan Wawrinka – b. March 28 1985, 11:05 am, Lausanne, Switzerland (Sun Aries)

Stan the Man was the only person who could deny Novak Djokovic the full shebang of four Grand Slams last year as he defeated Novak in the final of the French Open. Maybe Stan is turning into Novak’s nemesis? – if he’s on top form, he knows he can defeat Novak.

Both Stan’s Grand Slam wins of the last two years were shown astrologically by Uranus transits and he has another set of Uranus transits coming up. However, Uranus, planet of surprises, is one planet that tends to play out exactly to the date and it’s not until late February that Uranus is back in action. Otherwise the Moon at 10 Taurus in the tournament chart highlights Stan’s Mars at 9 Taurus but nothing else leaps out.

Rafael Nadal – b. June 3 1986, 7:10 pm, Manacor, Spain (Sun Gemini)

Rafael Nadal has said that he’s starting to enjoy playing tennis again after a testing couple of years. His Saturn Return is now behind him and with a 1st house Saturn, i.e. with the focus on self/physical body, it must have been tough not winning consistently.

Rafael’s Uranus is at 20 Sagittarius so close to the Venus/Midheaven duo of the tournament chart. Uranus is unpredictable but it often represents a surprise result in tennis. Rafael’s natal Moon is in Taurus, the same as the tournament, but otherwise not a lot leaps out with regards to his career.

More importantly perhaps, Pluto will be exactly opposite his natal Venus on January 20th and Venus rules love. There may be challenges behind the scenes or on a personal level with this astrological challenge.

The Best of the Rest:

Tomas Berdych – b. September 17 1985, time unknown, Czechoslovakia (Sun Virgo)

We don’t know what the Sun rules in Berdych’ chart and whether it’s linked to his career but with his Sun at 24 Virgo, the Jupiter/north node combination is lighting up his chart. A lucky combination.

Marin Cilic – b. September 28 1988, 5:00am, Croatia (Sun Libra)

As we have a time of birth, we know that his Ascendant is 24 Virgo so like Berdych, he has the lucky Jupiter/north node duo highlighting his personal life. Not notable for his career perhaps but nonetheless a positive combination.

Jack Sock – b. September 24 1992, time unknown, USA (Sun Libra)

Another key Jupiter/north node transit taking place imminently. As Sock is now 24, he is experiencing his second Jupiter Return, when the planet of opportunity and growth, returns to the place it was when you were born. This event happens once every 12 years. Sock’s Jupiter is 26 Virgo and sits next to his Sun at 1 Libra. With no time of birth, is this about career? Either way, it looks like being a positive year or two for Jack Sock.

Who Will Win?

I’d be mad not to go for Novak Djokovic to break records and win this Grand Slam. The tournament chart highlights the favourite and Novak’s astrology is focused and intense, as long as Pluto behaves itself and signifies power rather than a personal challenge or injury (and the birth time is correct of course. Maybe this Grand Slam will help to confirm it).

I’ll be watching the results intently (the time difference may mean I don’t watch many matches live!). I look forward to hearing your comments and thoughts on the astrology and the tennis. A lot of you have been in touch already asking when the prediction will be live. Please play nicely in the comments. No shouting (capital letters), no gloating. I will delete any comments that I don’t feel add anything to the lovely community we have here. Bring on the tennis!




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  1. Hi Sally

    Thank you for this. They might well give the trophy to Novak. I am not surprised with this reading.

    Will Roger have any good Astrology this year Sally?

    Kind Regards


    1. Hi Sally

      Thank you so much for putting up the Astrology for AO. I love reading Astrology, it is so interesting.


  2. Hi Sally.

    I got a question about the Pluto transit on Djokovic chart? Can Pluto mean that Djokovic opponent can be powerful enough to beat him?

    Kind Regards


  3. Hi Sally, thank you once again for your predictions I know it takes time to do this so a big thank you for this. I’m going to go with Nadal in the final as he has Moon in Taurus. As you say Moon is exalted in Taurus and those with Taurus strong in their charts like Nadal, Murray and Kyriogs should do well. As for Novak I’ve backed him for many years and I believe this is his time. 2017 may be a different story but right now he is in his strength. I do think change is on the horizon for him though. I remember when Pluto crossed my ascendant in 2007 as it was at the end of Sagittarius. Everything in my life changed and transformed. So I think his time of dominance is limited and he will also enter his Saturn return later in the year. But for now he has a great chance to take the title and join Bjorn Borg for slam 11. One thing I’ll check to see is if there are any eclipses during the tournament. I don’t think there are but they certainly caused some upset at the US open.

    1. Hi Shelley

      That’s interesting! So, what do you think of Roger’s chart? If you don’t mind me asking. Everyone is still writing him off. I do believe that Roger has got one more in him, I wonder which one it will be.

      So who do you think will win AO? Sally, said that she welcome anyone views on astrology. I love other people views as well. Sometimes, I don’t agree with it.


    2. hi Shelley, thank you. Yes, most of Sunday afternoon was spent poring over charts to see what leaps out. Anything more in-depth would take much longer! The astrology does look exciting though so look forward to the tournament. No eclipses this time, only Mercury retrograde for one more week. Re. Novak – yes, it’s intense astrology so this could well be a watershed year for him. Tough astrology but it doesn’t play out the same way for everyone. He might be putting a lot of pressure on himself this year to make his mark (Pluto ASC) and Saturn Return can be a time of achievement if you’ve done your groundwork, which he has. It’s still relentless stuff though. I do hope this ‘match fixing’ thing doesn’t spoil the tennis. Djokovic has been the first one to speak up so far. best, Sally

  4. Thanks for this Sally, it must take time to do and tennis fans appreciate it! Maybe the moon influence for Murray is that he has Amelie Mauresmo back on his team, after her absence to have a baby?! I think that the female influence is strong with him at the moment, in many ways. Djokovic seems invincible at the moment I agree – but I have a feeling about Roger this year – and perhaps an outsider…..
    Chung is good and playing Djokovic in the first round. He is a rising star from South Korea and a Taurean, so I wonder what his chances are? Enjoy the tennis everyone!

    1. hi Lucy, thanks for the kind words. Much appreciated. Yes, of course, Amelie Mauresmo is back after the birth of her baby and Amelie is a Sun Cancer, the sign ruled by the Moon. There might be some baby talk during Andy’s coaching! Chung is out but he’d have to be very good to get past Djokovic in the first round. Looking forward to seeing how it all plays out. best wishes, Sally

  5. Hi Sally,

    thanks for yourprediction. I didn’t see Pluto Opposition Venus for Nadal and Saturn Trine Mercury for Roger. Interesting start chart of the tournament with such strong Venus. I normally take 11:10 for start as first 10 minutes is just warm-up…

    After a break on US Open I also made an prediction or let’s say analysis, where I also put some other guys with intersting transits in like Garcia-Lopez and Ferrer.

    See here:

    Btw: What is the source for Cilic’ birthtime? Jupiter conjunction ac seems very intersting. It could be exact since 5 o’clock seems to be a rounded off time and birthtimes are normally a few minutes early than on birth record… Without knowing his birthtime I have placed him in semi final instead of Federer. Could be the surprising winner!

    With Nadals birthtime I am very confused after he lost with Jupiter conj. MC in Paris. I can’t belive this…

    Talking about Andy Murray, I think baby could come on 8 February. This day Jupiter is exactly 90° to his moon (Radix House 4 (a girl?)) and Uranus (radix House 4) is exactly on Jupiter…

    Greetings, Jannis

    1. hi Jannis, thanks for all the information. Have bookmarked your article to check out. Marin Cilic’s time has been rectified (it doesn’t say by whom). You can see more at, so definitely not 100%. Interesting though that you’ve chosen him to do well here. I hope the baby waits for Andy and he remains in the tournament. Looking forward to the tennis. best, Sally

      1. Hi Sally,

        the birthtime of Cilic would be very intersting, but I think this is just a free rectification. I think Virgo rising fits very well for him (btw Virgo/Virgo risings often wear trimmed beards…). I am sceptical… maybe I can get the source of the rectified time from Alois Treindl, founder of

        Interesting is that Boris Becker will have Moonknot/Jupiter Trine Mars at 1/4-Finale and Moonknot on Pluto on semifinal.

        Greetings, Jannis

        1. hi Jannis, I presume by Moonknot you mean north node? That’s the usual terminology, the fated part of the chart. Yes, it would be good to hear who rectified Cilic’s chart and why. Thanks, Sally

  6. I meant Lopez instead of Garcia-Lopez. Feli Lopez could go surprisingly to semi-Final while Garcia-Lopez could go ouzt surprisingly this night with Saturn Opposition Sun/Mars while his opponent Mathieu (with birthtime) has Mars conj. jupiter and Moon conj. MC. I like those games where a good constellation of the one player fits with the bad constellation of the other player… Other surprising out in 1st roud could in women’s tournament Madison Keys with Saturn square Saturn. But I am most excited if Camila Giorgi could kick out Serena Williams since Giorgi has Jupiter square Mars (although no birth time) – following my experience the best sports constellation at all!

  7. Hi Sally,
    Greetings from China. Thanks for taking your time to make predictions before GS and sharing with us. Always looking forward to seeing them. Glad you’ve picked Nole, he has a lot of fans in our country.
    I have got this question though. Is it possible to tell if there is gonna be major leaps out in his career after the baby comes? Quite curious about that after seeing Nole’s unbelievable run after the birth of his first child.
    Also, ATP has recalled a press conference this morning, regarding to match-fixing issue. Maybe this is the scandal you’ve been talking about?

    Best Regards/Angie.

    1. hi Angie, greetings to you in China! My niece is teaching out there for a few years. I presume you mean Andy Murray’s career, will it take off in major leaps after the baby’s born? Hard to say. Saturn rules his 5th house (children) and sits in his 4th house (home & family) so he certainly may be pulled more towards being a hands-on Dad. Novak’s Saturn is his ruling planet and opposes his 5th house (in the 11th) so not such a pull for him towards family perhaps. Speculating here…
      Yes, I heard about the match fixing and added an update to my prediction for the tournament chart. That fits the Venus/Jupiter symbolism which dominates the chart. Intriguing. All for now. best, Sally

  8. hi sally thanks for the prediction on the australian open. i am predicting a djokovic nadal final. the chart for the start of the final will probably decide the winner. but i agree with you that djokovics astrology looks the strongest.

  9. Hi Roger’s fan, for me the issue is not can Federer win another grand slam because we all know his qualities and he is such a great mover and player so yes he has a chance. However, I think his age is his nemesis. For him to win a grandslam it’s the best of 5 sets so it depends on who he plays. I think 5 sets full on is a bit much for him but if he can do it in 3 or 4 sets then yes he could win. For me it’s about the opponent he gets in a final. Djokovic and Murray are too strong for him and will push him to 5 sets. If wawrinka or cillic are having an off day then yes.

  10. Hi Sally and all.

    Can coaches birth chart help? I noticed that Roger’s coach Ivan has got a lot of Virgo in his chart. His acendant node is Virgo. And Luthi is a capricorn.

    Kind Regards.

    1. Yes, coach’s charts are often relevant because that’s their career so you would expect positive transits when their key player is doing well. I thought Roger’s coach was Stefan Edberg or am I behind the times? He’s a Sun Capricorn. Who’s Luthi? best, Sally

  11. Hi Sally,

    welcome back and thank you very much for another Grand Slam prediction!

    Your explanations are exciting as always, especially conjunctions in the opening chart and regarding Djokovic’s chart are making curious about. I would like to add a few observations:

    Regarding Djokovic’s astonishing aspects at the final, I further recognized that the MC/IC axis are directly clashing, so – at 7.30 P.M. January 31st – MC is in exact opposition to his natal MC. At the opener, his natal Saturn and Uranus closely embrace the Midheaven. Regarding the tournament opener’s midheaven conjunct Venus, Boris Becker’s natal Venus is at House 10 and Becker’s natal Pluto hits the Jupiter/Nort Node/DC conjunction of the opener.

    Do you think, Jupiter and North Node conjunct the Descendant, representing the Non-Favourite, and squaring MC/Venus in the tournament’s opening chart could be seen in disfavour for Djokovic? Regarding the final, the Moon, as ruler of the Ascendant (representing the favourite) in Cancer, is closed to Djokovic’s Midheaven in Scorpio and the ruler of the Descendant in Capricorn, Saturn, is in FIRE SIGN Sagittarius – closed to natal Uranus of Wawrinka. Doesn’t that support a non-favorit win, as well? Further, the first conjunction of the Moon in the Opener’s chart is on Jupiter/DC.

    Wawrinka has nice aspects: at the Semis Sun Sun Sextile (Jan 28: almost exact/Jan29: 1 degree gap) and at the Final, the Sun conjuncts his natal Jupiter and squares his natal Mars. On the other hand, Mars and North Node embrace the Final’s Midheaven and Uranus conjuncts his natal Mercury/Venus conjunction same as at his triumph at Paris, as you already pointed out.

    Or could North Node conjunct Jupiter and DC be connected with a 18th legacy win of Federer? I have seen several good transits for Roger at the final: Midheaven sextil his Mars (1 degree gap), Mars trine his natal Mars (<1' gap) and Mars square his Sun (1' gap). Yet Djoker's exact transits seem too convincing to Roger for taking him out at the semis. As well as show courts at Melbourne are rather slow for Roger's game.

    I suppose Rafa Nadal's lean period at Grand Slams could proceed at Melbourne as Saturn has him in his hands again: Saturn, as you point out in house 1 of his horoscope, precisely opposes Nadal's natal Sun at the tournament's start and remains in opposition within 1 degree until quarterfinals. Within this period he could face Wawrinka or Raonic. Will he already struggle against Verdasco in Round 1, winning the 5-Setter against his countryman in 2009 Semifinals?

    Regarding the MC/Venus conjunction of the opener, Raonic – beating Roger at Brisbane's final – has his natal Venus at house 10, as well as his natal Sun/Saturn/Uranus/Neptune/North Node of his Capricorn Stellium are all in house 10, as well as natal Mercury in Sagittarius, embracing current Sun/Mercury/Pluto in Capricorn house 10 and closed to the tournament's midheaven in Saggitarius.

    Also thank you very much again for your recent personal support as well for your monthly star sign posts on your website which I enjoy studying.

    Let the games begin! ????

    Kind regards,

    1. Thank you, Patrick, for your kind words and your detailed astrology predictions. There’s too much going on here for me to reply to every comment but the Jupiter/north node combination is intriguing. Yes, it’s on the Descendant, yes, it’s square Venus conjunct the Midheaven and yet… it is such a lucky ‘fated’ combination that I think we might see something special here. Plus when you get the two benefics, i.e. the best planets, Venus and Jupiter in square aspect, it can still be a positive effect. You get more of a good thing essentially. So I like the astrology for the favourite, is what I’m trying to say by going round the houses. Do remind us of anything you’ve posted here if it plays out in the tournament. That will be really interesting to read. All for now. best, Sally

  12. I predict Djokovic will win all 4 slams this year. He has zero competition now and on the horizon. Easy peasy.

    By the end of 2016, Djokovic will have 14 slams like Sampras and Nadal.

    In 2017 he looks very likely to tie Federer with 17 slams. Some surprise, new name will win the other slam.

    In 2018, Djokovic will win his 18th slam and become GOAT.

    1. Ooh, big prediction, Alex. You are not the first pundit who’s predicted four Grand Slams for Djokovic. If he can stay fit, if he can prove to be consistent, he is always going to be the one to beat this year. best, Sally

    2. Alex: I think it’s highly unlikely that Djokovic will win all 4 slams this or any year. That’s a tall order and he had the year of his life last year, so it’s improbable that he would win even 3 this year. I see him levelling-out during this year and there are other talents out there. There is not ‘zero’ competition. Wawrinka, Murray, Federer or Nadal can still bring a challenge over 5 sets…..

        1. Alex predicted Djokovic to win 3 Grand Slams in 2017 – that means he has to win the next three before Alex is 100% correct. Time will tell…

  13. 2016, Djokovic wins all 4 slams

    2017, Djokovic wins 3 slams, some young player breaks through and wins the other slam.

    2018, Djokovic wins his last slam and a new era begins with a new generation of players taking over the tennis world.

    Federer, Nadal and Murray have all won their slam already.

    Djokovic retires with 18 slams
    Federer retires wirth 17 slams
    Nadal retires with 14 slams
    Murray retires with 2 slams

  14. My prediction is that Federer will win.

    Lana Wooster wrote in june 2015:

    “At the beginning of the Australian Open, the strongest transits are Jupiter squaring his Neptune and Saturn trine his Mercury. Jupiter squaring his Neptune may overinflate his hopes, but Saturn trine his Mercury will help his concentration.
    Though he still has Jupiter square his Neptune at the end, if he gets to the final he has a good chance of succeeding as Jupiter will also by then be trine his natal Chiron, which is very healing and restorative for him. That factor may help him feel that he is back on track, where he wants to be.”

    1. hi Philippe, I remember Lana’s predictions which I didn’t always agree with although some of them won me over. Yes, I mentioned Saturn trine his career planet Mercury during the tournament but I wouldn’t link the Jupiter/Chiron transit to his tennis playing. I think that’s probably about something more personal as Chiron opposes his Moon/Uranus conjunction. That often relates to the past. All for now. best, Sally

    1. Alex,

      Please respect Pitsch views. We are here to discuss Astrology. I would say to you is that you getting ahead of yourself here. Djokovic is nearly 29 to 30, that is nearly end of his peak.

      Shelley said that Novak is heading for his saturn return later this year and his solar return changes after his 29th birthday. Another Astrologist that Novak will win more unitl his 29 birthday but that doesn’t mean everything like last year.

      You cant’ stay dominion for years and years. Novak will have another person who will challenge him.

      Please stop writing Roger off and we don’t want an argument among fans neither does Sally.

      Thank you

    2. Oh please, all this “old man” rubbish re.Roger! The so called “0ld man” has done pretty damn well. The only one who beat him in the big finals is Djocovich. Think of the last u.s open. He was magnificent.

    1. No, I don’t think Roger was involved. Djokovic might be involved, Nadal, Murray all were in the top ten around that time. I won’t be surprised if there are more scandals in tennis as the official are well know to cover up.

      1. They haven’t stated it was top 10 actually; only that it was players in the ‘top 50’ so that may not even mean top 10. Let’s not allow this subject to degenerate into inuendo and gossip. They have no new evidence of anything and until they do, it’s all speculation. Even hinting at a particular player is potentially toxic.

    2. Hi tennisbuf, I know! I wasn’t intending to point the finger at Roger by any means and I would be shocked if he was involved. It doesn’t fit the man or his astrology. I have added an update to the astrology of the tournament chart on the back of the match fixing allegations. I was looking for something which fit the symbolism of Venus in Sagittarius square Jupiter in Virgo. Venus rules money, Jupiter expands what it touches and this is a hedonistic combination and could be said to be linked to gambling. So here is the match fixing. Fascinating too that Jupiter is conjunct the Descendant in the chart and players were allegedly paid to ‘lose’ the match, i.e. handing the match to the victor (which could be read as Venus on the Midheaven or the opposite player, ruled by the Ascendant. I was rather blown away when I read about this today having seen the chart. Hope it doesn’t spoil the tennis. best, Sally

      1. It is interesting and you nailed it with your prediction. However, most of these allegations relate to issues that are quite old, 7-10 years ago and they don’t appear to have any new evidence to back this latest ‘revelation’ up. It seems they are dredging-up past issues at the worst possible time.

        1. hi Lucy, I have heard these are old allegations and they do seem to have faded away again now. Interesting astrologically though as it’s shown in this chart and this tournament has begun with both Djokovic and Murray so far speaking up about the match-fixing. It’s amazing what the media will resurrect when a new big sporting event/celebrity show begins – Neptune at its worst, the tabloid media. best, Sally

  15. Like Sally said, this will be a watershed year for Nole. He will win all 4 slams and achieve the Calendar Year Grand Slam. First male player since Laver to do it.

    1. Alex,

      There is no guarantee that Nole will win all of the Grand Slams. Astrology changes as it goes along. We have to wait and see. But your comment is getting to overpowering.

      Please respect others views.

      Thank you.

    2. Alex,

      You have already mentioned Nole to win all 4 slams and frankly, it is getting annoying. Please stop. I have enjoyed reading all the comments with the exception of yours. Please respect everyone’s views and Sally’s site.


  16. Hi Sally, thanks for your predictions, interesting as always! As you may guess from my “name” I am a very big Federer fan and do genuinely believe he still has a chance to nail an 18th major. But I’m writing this comment as per your introductory tournament comments and specifically whether it might have anything to do with prize money and a destiny moment. It is probably just a coincidence and as has been discussed on this blog it may well be linked to this betting scandal story that broke earlier today. But…. for what it’s worth Federer has earned $97.3 million dollars in prize money alone in his career and if he were to lift the title would go just beyond the $100 million landmark. Djokovic is currently just over $94 million. I can see the headlines now, Federer the $100 miliion dollar man!!! Now that would be some destiny fulfilled at age 34.

    1. Thanks for sharing this, Fed 18. I did check whether the prize money had been increased at the tournament due to the ‘abundance’ symbolism of the chart so we may well hear of individual financial records being broken. I should have been a tennis player not an astrologer – lol! best, Sally

  17. Hopefully Roger will have the luck to keep going with the night games. With the Aussi heat that can help him. I do recall not too long ago that some French speaking player was involved in a possible drug scandal but don’t remember his name. My hopes are as always for a big win for Roger!

      1. It is depends on the scheduling. Novak got the late night schedule after the women’s match. Roger is on last of the day schedule. I hope it won’t be too hot for him but Roger loves the heat.

        1. Roger’s fan: Roger is a pro; he can handle whatever the conditions are. They often put him on at night though because of the spectators I think….! May the best player win!

  18. Hi Sally and all

    Nadal is out. He lost in the first round today. Murray draw has now opened up. Wawrinka is through. Heap is out. V Wiliams is out. Hewitt is through. There have been so many upsets among the women’s and some of the men’s today.

    I hope that Roger draw will open up soon.

    Kind Regards


  19. Well well well!

    The Mercury Retrograde is already playing out!

    Rafael Nadal and Simona Halep were ousted today. More upsets brewing on Day 3 ?

  20. Hi Sally,

    Have you looked at Novak’s chart for the entire year, because you say it could be a watershed year for him ?

    How did you make that prediction ? I’d be happy if you can let me know in a few words 🙂 ( I know it’s a lot of effort to type out length responses 😉 )


    1. Read the article – it’s because of the difficult astrology actually – Pluto going back and forth over his Ascendant and heading for his Saturn Return. Pluto is co-ruler of his Scorpio Midheaven, the career point, in his chart. Traditionally it can be a dark time when Pluto is at the place in your chart which represents you but sometimes it produces times of tremendous effort and relentless focus and for Novak, relates to his career. He’s also Saturn-ruled (Capricorn’s ruling planet) and sometimes the Saturn Return is a momentous time in your life, a time of achievement, especially if you’ve been working hard towards something throughout your 20’s. Again if the Capricorn Ascendant is correct, he works better with Saturn than most. That’s what I’m speculating and why I’m interested to see how it plays out. It’s a boom or bust planetary combination. Hope that helps. best, Sally

  21. Thank you Sally for your nice reply! ????

    I wonder what will happen more with Jupiter/North Node/DC.

    Nadal indeed seemed to suffer by Saturn exactly opposing his natal Sun. Verdasco, yet, profitated by Sun nearly exactly trine his natal Mars.

    Regarding Djoker’s Pluto Ascendant conjunction at the day of the final, you said, Pluto is hard to tell in its impact. It makes me think about Djoker’s tolerant nature regarding
    repressive Saturn aspects as it is his ruling planet. Maybe he handles Pluto as co-ruler of his Midheaven as well?

    Andy Murray, impressively starting versus German Youngster Zverev, as Taurus with ruling planet Venus, might profit from the Venus/MC conjunction in the opening chart?

    1. Hi Patrick

      Your detalied analysis is very interesting. Who do you think got the best astrology for AO?

      Kind Regards

  22. Hi Sally,

    Federer faces Dolgolpolov tomorrow. He is an extremely tricky opponent.

    Like Verdasco, Dolgopolov is a Scorpio too. Is another upset on the cards tomorrow ?
    I hope NOT….

  23. Hi All,

    I found this on Alexandr Dolgopolov on Astro. com. Here are his planetary placements:

    Planetary positions
    planet sign degree motion
    Sun Scorpio 15°10’30 in house 10 direct
    Moon Libra 19°56’34 in house 9 direct
    Mercury Scorpio 1°10’51 in house 9 direct
    Venus Libra 10°10’13 in house 9 direct
    Mars Aries 0°32’28 in house 2 direct
    Jupiter Gemini 3°07’57 in house 5 retrograde
    Saturn Sagittarius 29°30’38 in house 12 direct
    Uranus Sagittarius 28°39’05 in house 12 direct
    Neptune Capricorn 8°04’44 in house 1 direct
    Pluto Scorpio 12°37’04 in house 10 direct
    True Node Pisces 12°15’20 in house 2 retrograde

    House positions (Placidus)
    Ascendant Capricorn 0°35’37
    2nd House Aquarius 16°21’59
    3rd House Aries 3°02’12
    Imum Coeli Taurus 4°34’04
    5th House Taurus 26°14’53
    6th House Gemini 13°40’52
    Descendant Cancer 0°35’37
    8th House Leo 16°21’59
    9th House Libra 3°02’12
    Medium Coeli Scorpio 4°34’04
    11th House Scorpio 26°14’53
    12th House Sagittarius 13°40’52

    Neptune sextile Neptune End of April 2014 until mid-February 2016
    Pluto sextile Sun End of January 2015 until beginning of December 2016
    Uranus opposition Moon End of May 2015 until end of January 2017
    Jupiter sextile Sun Mid-October 2015 until end of June 2016
    Saturn sextile Venus Mid-December 2015 until end of September 2016
    Neptune trine Pluto Beginning of May 2016 until end of February 2018

  24. Am thrilled that you’re doing the It’s always so interesting and I learn a lot. Although you and almost everyone else thinks that Novak will be the winner I’m still praying for fabulous Federer. He next plays Hewitt. Can you see how he’ll do? I’ve always thought that the cancer moon is’nt that good for him & hope I’m wrong.Seems he’s playing late in the day. Thanks for doing all this work. Everyoneloves it! Joss

    1. Jackie,

      Your comment is lovely to read. Oh by the way, Roger doesn’t play against Hewitt next. He plays against Grigor Dimitov next.

      We all love to see Roger winning this. I am getting rather bored of Novak now. He has won everything last year. It is time for someone else to win.

      Kind Regards

  25. Hi Sally and All,

    This is what Juan has to say about Australian Open:

    The first thing to do is study Djokovic, top seed. Serbia has a mole revolution with 2 negative and one positive things. Venus , the planet that have proven to have full importance to his career is over Saturn native (negative) but trine to natal Jupiter (positive). And Mars Moon opposite Venus native (negative). If it had been another player would have said that low-fight, but now we know that well .. Djokovic is all the title candidate and comes with a remarkable superiority. That’s why arises me a big question: would you achieved with this positive aspect to be crowned? Or those other two negatives are sufficient to privalo the title? The letter opening the tournament shows the Moon (favorite) in very good condition and the letter Djokovic debut is very good with the moon exalted together to Ascending . This more Venus Jupiter Lunar puts it with great chances would campeonar and logic, but left a small window open for a surprise defeat by the statement a paragraph back. If not him, who? The picture is not clear for the rest, but the Czech Berdych has a good chance because Jupiter is transiting over his Sun – Mercury home these days.

    He doesn’t think it will be Federer at all, which is a shame.

    Kind Regards

    1. Thanks for printing. It’s tricky with Juan’s predictions for Novak because he uses a different chart to me, the Leo rising chart. I picked out Berdych too with Jupiter conjunct his Sun. He plays Kyrgios next. It’s heating up in the draws! best, Sally

  26. Hi Roger’s Fan,

    thanks for your interest in my post, I appreciate!

    Learning from Sally’s predictions, I can follow her assessments as she sees favorit Djokovic successfully defending his title. The various positive aspects in his chart, especially at the time of the final, appear astonishing with three of them being (nearly) exact. Both MC axis clashing seems convincing, too. Studying former events, such precision often works for the latter winner.

    Though, I ask myself, if Jupiter, ruling planet and symbol for the favourite, could also represent a triumph of somebody else as it conjuncts and highlights DC (the Non-Favourite).
    The moon, symbol for the favourite, makes his first conjunction on Jupiter/DC. How are these two to interprete? Sally said the Jupiter/North Node/DC conjunction could reveal something special. Additionally, ruler of the Descendant, Mercury, stands in house 10 of the Midheaven, near the Sun. Co-Ruling planet Neptun is near the Ascendant in Pisces.

    At both semifinal days plus at the final, ruling planet of the DC, Saturn is in fire sign Sagittarius, speaking for the Non-Favorit? As Roger’s supporter you moreover may gain some hope by Roger’s Mars Mars Trine at the semis which especially at the 29th should give him tremendous energy. It’s exacter than Nole’s Mars MC conjunction that day.

    At the final, Roger has a few nice aspects, but all of them less precise than positive aspects for Nole and Wawrinka, yet Roger is supported by four good transits then.

    At the final, ruler of the Ascendant, the Moon, is in Scorpio near Djokovic’s Midheaven.
    Ruler of the DC, Saturn in Sagittarius, closed to Wawrinka’s natal Uranus which trines with Uranus conjuncting Stan’s natal Mercury/Venus conjunction – the latter same as with his triumph at Paris (1′ exact as in Paris)! Regarding Venus in this constellation, remember Venus conjunct the Midheaven at the opener and squaring Jupiter/DC and: squaring Wawrinka’s DC at the final. Sun Sun Sextile at the Semis and Sun conjunct natal Jupiter at the final appears strong for the 2014 champ at 31st.
    Eye-catching for me moreover was Midheaven conjunct Magnus Norman’s natal Jupiter, Stan’s coach.

    With regard to Djokovic ‘s striking aspects and his recent dominance a lot speaks for him. Regarding the ruling planets, the mysterious Jupiter/DC conjunction and to increase excitement, yet I want to bring in Wawrinka as the Champion who has excellent constellations as well and should feel comfortable at his birth place as Grand Slam hero.

    Kind regards,

    1. Hi Patrick

      Thank you for your reponse to my question.

      Roger( if he reaches the semis) plays on Thursday of next week. So, what are the transits on that day?

      You don’t think Roger will win AO?

      Thank you for your information.

      Kind Regards


      1. From my point of view, there is a possibility for Roger to win the tournament. The essential transit for Roger at Jan 28th will be Mars trine his natal Mars which is about 0,5 degrees exact then.

        A little more speaks for Nole and Wawrinka in my eyes. Moreover, Also Roger needs a fast court for his game and show courts at Melbourne are slower than at Flushing Meadows.

        Best Regards,

  27. Hi All,

    This is what menteperfecta said on

    If possible astrological Berdych would rival No. 1 for double transit of Jupiter and NN on the Sun – Mercury him. Having no birth time is difficult to know whether some of those promises RS caracterisiticas. The only thing you see is a Mars Solar strong in Leo , should govern any angle if given the surprise. Murray remains under the RS with Saturn tense at Sol . While it would make Jupiter trine the greatest star in the tournament, Neptune is doing Quadrature partile to MC radical in the final stages. As that snuggles noggin but will not reach him, no? I leave open a chance of getting into the top 4 to Kei Nishikori. Although the letter does not help much to debut stress Venus Jupiter, the most beneficial is having his Midheaven radical and current RS Jupiter is in trine to Mercury . It’s what I have to say for now …. .

    Kind Regards


  28. Hi All

    This is what FranzuaDubal said from the same websites:

    I watched the debuts letters rose JC. I like 4: Djokovic, Federer, Murray and Berdych. First, Federer I discard because in his Lunar revolution , he is Mercury in Quadrature partile Mars , it seems a difficult obstacle to overcome – Mercury rules the MC will Natal- Berdych … give me not out candidate, always something happens and does not give the big jump. I do not think that the final out of the 2 best-ranked. I put my fichitas to Murray to be the winner. I quite like his chart debut. The moon on the sun hometown, moving light of Jupiter to the Sun in the MC, almuten the ascending Aries. I think that can benefit enough from the position of Jupiter now in trine to his Sun bullfighting. I think Djokovic wins at Juan mentioned above: in RL is left Mars Moon opposite Venus hometown. It is risky because Mars is not evil when it comes to sports, rather the opposite … but I get the feeling of ultimate defeat.

    Kind Regards


      1. Hi Patrick,

        I know, it is not the best translation. Can you speak Spanish?

        I have given you the link where I got the information.

        Kind Regards


        1. hi Roger’s fan, thanks for sharing the translations of the spanish predictions. Quite funny reading them. My favourite sentence is definitely: ‘As that snuggles noggin but will not reach him, no?’ Not a clue… I can’t really make out who they’re gunning for or not. Nishikori seems to figure but he has to beat Djokovic next, although Djokovic only just survived a 5-setter I see today against Giles Simon. Should be an interesting match. Federer’s through and plays Berdych next who has got lucky stars with Jupiter conjunct his Sun so that could test him. best, Sally

          1. Thanks Sally, it is not the best translation. They are unsure who will win AO. I got a feeling it won’t be Djokovic. I might be Berdych or Federer or Wawrinka.

            The rounds are getting tougher. The scheduling for Roger match today was disgusting. He should have been put on first to give him more time to recover. It looks like Berdych will be lucky this time.

            We have to wait and see what the outcome will be on Tuesday.

            Kind Regards


  29. Dear Sally, have you checked out David Goffin? He’s going to play Federer next & as always being a am always concerned.However I see that Goffin has saturn making a trine to his jupiter.

  30. Hi All,

    Where is Juan? He normally comes on here to compares Sally prediction to his. It would be nice to have is input too.

    And where is everyone?

    Kind Regards

    1. Definitely quieter this time around. Will be interesting to see if it remains the same for the later slams. Thanks, Sally.

  31. Saw you asked who Luthi was. He has been Federer’s long term coach. Severin Luthi is also the Swiss Davis cup coach. Thanks for opening up the discussion again.

    1. Thanks, Lesley. Hope you’re enjoying Roger’s tennis. You may have caught the match today although the times aren’t good for us on the whole in the UK. best, Sally

      1. Yes have been enjoying Roger’s tennis – as always! Feel Berdych will be tough for him but he has the capacity to win it I think. Hope so.:)

  32. Hi Sally,

    Roger new coach is Ivan, he is a Pisces and Luthi is a Capricorn.

    Most people come on for the French and Wimbledon than AO. I think we had this before when it was quiet. I am sure it will pick up next week.

    Kind Regards


  33. It is getting more interesting. Novak has his hands full–his five-set match against Giles was an indicator (100 errors at Novak’s racquet). His next match against Kei will be a long one and quite interesting. Roger is doing well and so is Stan. What do you think?

    1. Interesting that Novak was off form. It was certainly intense for him out there and his playing is extreme. To be quite honest, I’m not sure whether it was a Full Moon blip or something’s going on and he’s going to crash and burn. Mercury (communication/mind) is turning direct conjunct his Ascendant today so this may be a mental test rather than a physical one. I’m hoping this will be the equivalent of a switch going on and he doesn’t make the same mistakes against Nishikori. Look forward to the next round. best, Sally

  34. Surprisingly tough matches for both Berdych and Djokovic yesterday.

    Sometimes a Full Moon can bring the jitters. What do you think, Sally?

    It will be interesting to see if these guys have difficulties in the quarterfinals or not, as there will no longer be a Full Moon then.

    1. Yes, and Mercury’s turning direct right now so possibly mental pressure (Mercury rules communication/mind) added to the Full Moon emotions. If that’s the case, things should begin to calm down from tomorrow (although Mercury is intense again next weekend during the final). We’ll soon find out. best, Sally

  35. I wonder what made Djokovic struggle today?

    Is it the accusations being involved in the betting scandal or is it astrological?
    If the stars blocked him I wonder if it was the full moon or far more the conjunction of Mercury and Pluto with his Ascendant (see Sally’s explanations in her prediction). But Mercury was already closer to Pluto and his Ascendant in 3rd round.

    As Sally predicted, Roger today had Saturn exactly trine his career planet Mercury, still very active against Berdych.

    1. Hi Patrick

      Roger, will be playing against Berdych on Tuesday, could you please tell us who will have the best Astrology on the day?

      Kind Regards


    2. I think it was Mercury turning which is when its most intense. It’s back to direct motion for the next round. I don’t sense it’s the accusations, more a mental test going on. Look forward to seeing how they get on tonight. best, Sally

  36. Patrick,
    I don’t think it’s betting accusations as hewitt and verdasco also were targeted and spoke to reporters about it …. It wasn’t just him.
    He said he just wasn’t seeing or feeling the ball but I don’t why.

  37. Hi Patrick,

    Stan is knocked out by Roanic. So, the astrology for Stan was wrong. Sally was right that Stan astrology did not stand out.

    I found this information on another website:

    In the top half everyone has champ alignments. Nishikori’s chart shines the brightest.

    In the bottom half these players have the worst charts for winning the tournament (not this year guys);

    Wawrinka (down-cycle)

    If the winner is to come from the bottom half it is likely to be;

    Tomic (maybe, birth time unknown)


    The Australian Open is the Capricorn/Aquarius slam. It starts with Sun in Cappy and ends with Sun in Aquarius. Thus, persons with these signs strong in their charts (Sun/Moon/Ascendant) will have an advantage here. These players are (all things being equal)…


    This is from Bertie B on Tennis warehouse Forum. He hasn’t been totally accurate. He thinks that Nadal will be back when his moon sign goes into Gemini.

    Kind Regards


  38. @ Roger’s fan: Those predictions from Bertie B just aren’t working out are they?! Both Isner and Tomic are out already and I think it’s unlikely that Ferrer will get past Murray.

  39. Seems very hard to figure out the moon positions with the due to 11 hrs.time difference and not knowing if there will be delays etc. If you Sally have the time ( surely you do) can you give an opinion re. Berdych vs.Federer tomorrow??

    1. I think Berdych will be Roger’s biggest challenge. He’s got lucky Jupiter moving closer to his Sun Virgo and if they start after 2:30pm (Aus time), the Moon will also be in Virgo moving towards a stunning conjunction with Jupiter in the early hours of Thursday morning. A day later and I would definitely have fancied Berdych’ chances. As the match is Tuesday whilst the Moon is early degrees Virgo, the astrology is not so obvious. Astrologically though, his toughest opponent so far. p.s. check out the Moon/Jupiter conjunction in the pre-dawn sky Weds/Thurs morning. best, Sally

  40. Hi Trix,

    Raonic appears strong. My prediction for Stan was wrong, rather not the astrology.

    With Tomas Berdych, I am not sure of a decisive support of Jupiter with 1,7 degrees apart from his natal Sun noticing this aspect in past sport events. Additionally, Jupiter seems to be weakened as it’s currently retrograd. Needing 5 sets against Bautista Agut doesn’t necessarily show his Top form. Vice versa, there’s also Sun conjunct Berdych’s natal Jupiter – but also 2 degrees gap.

    As Sally describes, early Moon enters Virgo during the match. It will be in exact sextile to his natal Moon about 45 minutes after match start 2.30 P.M.. Can this influence his relationship to fans as his natal Moon is house 11?

    Federer should still have strong support of Saturn trine his career and ruling planet Mercury as this aspect was exact against Goffin. Moreover, Mars is in Opposition of the Pluto/Mercury conjunction in Capricorn. Mercury has a 1 degree gap, Pluto already 2 degrees apart from exact Opposition. Mars trine his Mars comes closer with 1,5 degrees gap.

    Ruler of the DC conjuncts the DC. Does this support the Non-favourite, yet?

    It’s getting exciting! ????

    Best regards,

    1. Hi Patrick

      Thank you. So, what does it mean for Roger against Berdych on Tuesday? Who do you think will win this match?

      Kind Regards


    1. Fantastic news. You may have good astrology but you that doesn’t mean you will beat a champ when he’s on form! To be fair, Jupiter is retrograde right now so not as strong for Berdych as it will be later this year. August is his best month. Sally

  41. Big thrill to wake up and hear the great news re. Federer! Now I’m nervously awaiting the Djoco. Match day after tomorrow. You were so exact about the time and the moon position Sally. Please canyoudo the same for thursday night?

  42. Hi Sally and Patrick R

    Roger and Novak are playing on Thursday night at 7.30pm (8.30pm UK). Who got the best Astrology on the day? I would love Roger to beat Novak. Novak fans are getting very rude.

    Kind Regards


  43. Another cracker of match awaits. Djovokovic vs federer. Mind games will be already on. Federer has a very good all-round play with improved service. Dkojovic is in his prime however. As a federer fan, I think Roger will overcome djovokovic hopefully

  44. Dear Sally,
    Your data for Novak are not correct.His ascendant is Leo, and that’s certain.I am astrologer and a big fan of astrology.I will give you the time of birth and you can make a new chart.As I am from Serbia and know personally some of close Novak’s relatives, this data are true.
    Novak Djokovic,22 May,1987,10:35am,Belgrade,Serbia.
    Best regards,

    1. Sophie, How wonderful that you have been in touch about Djokovic and his elusive birth time. I have been trying for the past year to sort out the truth about his time of birth and I thought I had found a contact in Serbia who could help me but he has vanished. Here is the link to Djokovic’ birth chart on which is a highly regarded site:,_Novak. It says that the Capricorn Ascendant time is correct because it’s from his birth certificate. A contact who works in the birth registry office in Belgrade confirms this. However, I have more than one person says this is not correct and I would love to have the Leo Ascendant time proven if this is correct. Is there any possible way we might see a copy of Novak’s birth certificate or have the time confirmed by a family member? It would mean a lot to me and to everyone who loves Djokovic and his superb tennis playing. If you want to contact me privately, my email address is Thank you. best, Sally

  45. Hi All,

    This is from RF.Com Astrology thread. Patrick R and Sally, what do you think of this and who got the best Astrology for the Semi Final.

    Here it is, the semifinal of the AO, Roger vs. Djoko! It seems that Djoko is favored by the media to win. Let’s take a look at some astrological factors in effect for both guys.

    Djoko has some excellent progressions in effect in the background. His progressed Ascendant, where he meets the world, is in good aspect to both prog. Jupiter and prog. Uranus. This could bring excitement and success. And it’s lit up further by his progressed Moon conjunct prog. Jupiter. More emphasis on good feelings and success. Venus opposite the Midheaven in the progressions may bring feelings of being underappreciated, however. Perhaps disappointment of some sort?

    Transits in effect for Djoko. Transiting Pluto is quite close to the exact conjunction to his Ascendant. It will be closer the day of the final, but it’s in strong effect now. The planet of power where one meets the world. This could bring a difficult test. The conjunction of Pluto to one’s Ascendant tends to be quite challenging. Transiting Mercury is also within range of the Ascendant, but not close to exact. Considering that it combines with transiting Pluto near Djoko’s Ascendant, I wonder if it could express in a negative way in nervousness.

    Transiting Chiron is within range of the square to Djoko’s Mercury and also his Saturn. Though not tightly close to exact, it will be interesting to see if there is a “wounding” where it comes to his concentration.

    The transiting Sun will be square Djoko’s Pluto. This is another indication of a difficult battle, along with the Pluto transit conjunct his Ascendant. If Djoko wins, I think it will be a hard-fought victory. And of course, we hope he won’t win!

    Transiting Mars will be within range of the conjunction to his Midheaven career point. It’s not close to exact, but it is an excellent factor for an athlete to have, bringing energy and putting his skills on display.

    Roger has a complex of progressions emphasizing his sports career and perhaps bringing him into the news. And the big progression in effect for him is the prog. Ascendant conjunction to his Saturn. This can express in either positive or negative ways. It can bring difficult challenges and delay success. Or it can reward hard work and mastery. Will the steady work Roger has done in this tournament take him steadily to the title? Or must more work be done to result in success in the future?

    In the transits, Venus will be within range of the square to Roger’s Saturn. This could bring feelings of depression. It won’t be close to exact, however, so hopefully it won’t be a strong factor.

    Transiting Mars will be within range of the trine to Roger’s Mars. This is an excellent factor for energy and sports performance. It won’t be very close to exact, but it could help Roger fight!

    Transiting Jupiter will be within strong range of the square to Roger’s Neptune, though not tightly exact. We hope it won’t express in “false optimism” ! But it’s also still close to exactly trine his Chiron, “a noticeable upsurge.”

    Transiting Saturn will still be within range of the trine to Roger’s Mercury, though it is separated from exact. Hopefully it will continue to bring good concentration.

    The transiting Sun will be within range of the trine to Roger’s Jupiter, though it will be separating from exact. “Optimism and buoyancy” says This “will help you to project energies into the environment that will help your affairs work out as you want.”

    Well, this is interesting. Both Roger and Djoko have some progressions that could bring good success, and a progression that could bring difficulties.

    They both have Mars transits that could bring energy and good sports performance. They both have Sun transits in effect, and these are often seen in working towards one’s goals. Roger has a supportive Sun transit, and Djoko has one that indicates a battle, though it could result in success.

    And will we see that Pluto transit conjunct Djoko’s Ascendant bring him an opponent too powerful to overcome, or will it bring a test that brings out his own power?

    This could be a wild match. If nothing else, I do expect a real battle. I will be very surprised if it’s an easy victory for whoever wins.

    I so hope that Saturn will take Roger steadily to victory, and the Sun and Mars transits can help power him past a very difficult opponent.

    Kind Regards


    PS. I really want Roger to beat Novak for once at GS.

    1. I agree that it’s almost too close to call. I looked at the chart for the match which is tantalisingly intriguing but neither party stood out as dominant. So… let’s wait and see and enjoy the tennis.

      Plus, I have a new contact who is calling into question the birth time for Djokovic which would mean the Mars transit of his Midheaven/the Pluto transit of his Ascendant is not relevant. I’m following this up right now and hoping that finally we get a clear answer about Djokovic true birth time. All feels very Mercury retrograde….

      If his Capricorn Ascendant/Scorpio Midheaven is correct, I would pick Djokovic to win as per my original prediction.

      best, Sally

      1. Hi Sally,

        Please let us know what is the Astrology for Novak? I really don’t want Novak to win. I am hoping that Roger will beat Novak for a change.

        Otherwise we will get another boring Murray VS Novak final.

        Kind Regards


        1. The astrology of the match isn’t conclusive. If Novak’s chart is correct (Capricorn Ascendant), then he will win because of Mars strong in Scorpio closing in on his Midheaven. Until I get proof of Novak’s birth time, I am not won over by the Leo Ascendant chart. I will do my best to follow up the birth time question over the next few weeks and hopefully get some clear answers before the French Open. best, Sally

      1. John,

        I have agree with you. It is getting boring seeing Novak in every final in every slam. It would be nice to see new faces and good quality finals.

        I am hoping that the final is going be between Roger VS Milos

        Kind Regards


      2. I agree that it’s more interesting when different players share the Grand Slam titles but still exciting if one player can do the Calendar Grand Slam. Thanks for your comment. best, Sally

  46. It is strange and funny some people think Roger is a new face in the final. I think Djokovic will win the semifinals and plays against Milos Raonic.

  47. as much as I love Federer and his game, I don’t think Federer can defeat Djokovic in best of 5 sets match. Issues is, with age, you have more frequent and longer lasting lapses and you can’t afford that against Djoker.

    I feel astrology should be looked at after multiplication by a constant dependent on age and overall skill level. I can’t imagine Sharapova defeating Serena even with best of astrology.

    1. Thanks for your comment and yes, I agree with you. Astrology has be to used in context with the reality of life. If Djokovic is on form, then no, I don’t think Federer can beat him, especially if it goes to 5 sets. But if Djokovic stutters again and doesn’t play at his top level, which happened earlier in the tournament, then yes, Federer could take advantage. It depends so much on how they turn up on the day. The astrology favours Djokovic but it’s up to him to seize the day. best, Sally

  48. Regarding the upcoming Dream-Semi Federer against Djokovic, I have checked transits for both players.

    Roger has great support tomorrow night as Saturn trine Mercury, obviously helping him in last matches, is still very active with only 0,2 degrees apart. Now, two more transits are adding, Athlete’s planet Mars trine natal Mars should give him additional energy (0,5 degrees exact). I don’t know if Mars square his Career Planet Mercury, 0,2 degrees, could also play out tricky, possibly bringing too much tension?

    Djoker has Mars conjunct his Midheaven, exactly 1 degree gap. Anyway very good transit I guess. Tonight, Sally’s discussed Pluto/Mercury conjunction with Djokovic ‘s Ascendant (16,03 Capricorn) comes into play (see Sally’s prediction for Djokovic at the very top). Mercury will be the first time of this tournament within 1 degree to his Ascendent (15,17) and Mercury is the ruler of his star sign. Pluto at 15,58 Capricorn tomorrow.

    I wonder why Djoker didn’t reach his best in the last round as well? Sally, you said Mercury turning direct while his 5-Setter against Simon might have been the reason for his shaky game with 100 unforced errors. Against Nishikori, he still didn’t impress at me all. The clear score was mainly due to Kai’s extremely poor game at that day.

    Focussing the axis, ruler of the Descendant (Non-Favourite), Saturn, is in fire sign Sagittarius (closed to Nole’s natal Saturn) and the Moon, ruler of the Ascendant in Cancer, is in Virgo (closed to Jupiter). Just watching the signs, this might choose Federer, who is clearly not the favourite, doesn’t it? But what about the ruler’s near planets referring to support Nole? What do you think, Sally?

    To make a statement for the winner, it’s too tough to call in my eyes. If not his nemesis Djokovic stood on the other side I would go for Roger. But we know what Nole is capable to. And he’s got good transits, too. Moreover, also at New York Roger was playing brilliantly until the final – and then he was somehow (mentally?) blocked against Djokovic not using his many breack points.

    But for Roger, if not tomorrow, when then with obviously great star support?

    Maybe a thrilling 5-Setter? ????

    Kind regards,

    1. Hi Patrick,

      Have you read Sally comment about Novak birth time? Sally, has now got new birth time for Novak from her contact. That might change few things from the prediction that she has made.

      I think we are all waiting for the right information.

      So, who do you think will be the outright winner from this Semi final?

      I hope it will be Roger, he deserves a big break.

      Kind Regards


      1. I have noted my thoughts on the ‘new’ birth time in a previous comment. Too soon to tell whether it’s genuine or not. Therefore my prediction has to be based on Novak’s Capricorn Ascendant chart and a win for Novak because of Mars strong and moving close to his Midheaven. I know you want Roger to win, Trix, and I do feel that it will be a close match. best, Sally

    2. I do think it’s too close to call. Not entirely sure which chart you’re working on? The chart for the semi-final match? If Cancer is the Ascendant, then I would back Djokovic because the Moon is next to lucky Jupiter in Virgo. However, the Moon is void-of-course in the match, i.e. separating from Jupiter which suggests he won’t win. Will the match start later when the Moon is in Libra? Too many variables to make a clear prediction this time around in my opinion. I’m hoping it will be thrilling and gutted I won’t be watching it live. Thanks for your input, Patrick. best, Sally

      1. Hi Sally,

        What do you mean of the moon in Djokovic chart? Do you mean it is less active? The final actually starts at 7.30am Australian time.

        I really don’t want Novak to win, sorry.

        Kind Regards


        1. I wasn’t talking about Djokovic’ chart, Trix. I was considering the chart which is drawn up as the semi-final match begins. That’s what I meant when I was discussing the movement of the Moon. I know you really want Roger to win. That’s fine. I’m going for Novak because I believe his astrology is better, not from a personal judgement. best, Sally

          1. Hi Sally,

            Thank you for your reply. I totally understand. I was confused about what you said about the moon.

            Can the moon change during the match by the way?

            Kind Regards


          2. Yes, the Moon is the fastest moving planetary body so it can change signs and move between different planets. It can tell you a lot by the planets it’s applying to and separating from. best, Sally

      2. Thank you Sally for commenting my observations to the upcoming thriller and your evaluation to the rulers of DC/AC.

        What you and Juan say about the moon seems no good news for fans of Roger. But we’ll see.

        It’s great fun to speculate in your blog before the big match!


  49. Another prediction from Lana Wooster. I asked her assessment:

    First to recap, I wrote:

    Roger Federer:

    Australian Open 2016
    January 18th-31st
    At the beginning of the Australian Open, the strongest transits are Jupiter squaring his Neptune and Saturn trine his Mercury. Jupiter squaring his Neptune may overinflate his hopes, but Saturn trine his Mercury will help his concentration.
    Though he still has Jupiter square his Neptune at the end, if he gets to the final he has a good chance of succeeding as Jupiter will also by then be trine his natal Chiron, which is very healing and restorative for him. That factor may help him feel that he is back on track, where he wants to be.

    Novak Djokovic
    Australian Open 2016
    Novak has mixed influences at the beginning of this tournament: Chiron square his natal Saturn, Mars conjunct his natal Pluto, and Neptune trine his natal Pluto. By the end, he has lost the Mars transit, and kept the other two. Neptune trine his Pluto may give him staying power to the end, and an addition of Uranus sextile his natal Mercury could bring him success.

    Australian Open 2016
    At the beginning of this tournament, the North Node trines Andy’s Sun, a good karmic moment for him. Neptune trines his natal Pluto, giving him some staying power, too. But Mars transits by conjunction his natal Pluto, so a little danger there. The end could be tough, with Chiron squaring his natal Saturn (he is born a week before Djokovic) and Saturn squaring his Ascendant, but Uranus on his natal Jupiter could swing it for him.

    So you see, all three are fairly balanced to win.

    (playing Murray)
    Chiron currently (27th January) sextile his natal Venus
    Mars square his natal Jupiter
    Chiron trine his natal Pluto
    At the end of the tournament, Mars squares his Neptune
    So he may beat Murray, but if he did, would not be likely to beat Djokovic or Federer

    Federer, Djokovic and Murray currently:
    I do not know the exact date, time and place of the next matches.
    Looking at the time you sent your enquiry:

    Federer has Saturn trine his Mercury
    He also has Jupiter square his natal Neptune

    Novak Djokovic has Uranus sextile his natal Mercury
    He also has Chiron square his natal Saturn
    Neptune sextile his natal Neptune
    and Neptune trine his natal Pluto

    Andy Murray, born a week apart from Djokovic has:
    Chiron square his natal Saturn
    North Node trine his natal Sun
    Uranus conjunct his natal Jupiter
    Neptune trine his natal Pluto
    Saturn square his Ascendant

    Overall, it is very close to call. Federer could win, but I think Djokovic may have slightly better transits. Djokovic also has slightly better transits than Murray.

    I think Murray will beat Raonic, and I think the winner will be Federer or Djokovic. That is probably predictable outside astrology.

    Roger could win, but I think it will be a close run thing if he does.

    1. Thanks for posting. Nothing definite that’s calling any one player forward to dominate the rest. I think Lana uses the Leo Ascendant chart for Djokovic not the Capricorn Ascendant chart which I favour. I’ve had another email from someone based in Serbia who insists that the Capricorn Ascendant chart is correct so the debate carries on. I hope to get to the bottom of it all soon! best, Sally

    1. The links don’t work, Trix, i.e. they don’t take you to Novak’s chart. Still no definite answer re. birth times. best, Sally

    1. To be honest, I didn’t watch when Roger was dominating as my favourite tennis player retired back in 2003 and I had to take a break from tennis. Roger brought me back to the game when I saw his game for the first time, and I thought wow what a player.

      What I am seeing now after Roger leave the game, I will definitely leave. The sport is becoming too expensive and I don’t have the time.

      Kind Regards

  50. @RogerFan – I hear what you are saying. Roger’s game hooked me to tennis too. Having lived through heartbreaks when he lost close matches to Rafa and 2 matches against Djikovic (when he had match points), my heart has hardened.

    I think he has achieved a lot, although I agree 18th slam will be awesome. I just hope he keeps his spirits up.

    There is always a chance that he may pull off he upset!!!

  51. @Khar: I have to disagree with your comment when you say ‘Murray is not very good against big servers…’Murray is well-known for his brilliant returns and is extremely good against big-servers! He beat Sam Groth recently, who is arguably the biggest server in the game! I like Raonic and he may beat Murray – but only if he has more to bring than a big serve…..

    1. @Lucy, I completely agree with you and I like Murray but he his 3-3 H2H against Raonic and Raonic is playing better than he ever played.

  52. Hola!

    La semifinal Federer-Djokovic empezará a las 19:45 hora Australia, la Luna estará VOC :((( Vacia de curso. Esto en astrología significa que “nada nuevo pasa” y la última vez que se enfrentaron ganó Djokovic. También la última vez que se enfrentaron en Australia (2008) ganó Djokovic.

    Creo que esa Luna VOC indica que Djokovic ganará. Lamentablemente :(((


    Tengo fe que la buena RS de Federer. sus buenas direcciones simbolicas y primarias. Le permitan ganar algo grande en 2016. Esa es mi predicción para el Maestro Suizo.


    1. hi Juan, nice to hear from you and thanks for your comment. You were quite right with the VOC (void of course) Moon. Traditionally the VOC Moon in a horary chart means ‘nothing will come of it’, i.e. ‘nothing new will happen’. It was right this time as Djokovic beat Federer, again. best, Sally

  53. Hi Everyone.

    Welcome back Juan! Nice to see you here!

    Juan, what is Roger Solar Return be for 2016 to 2017.

    Looks like Sally will be right woth her prediction that Novak will win.

    Here what Juan said:

    The Federer-Djokovic semifinal will begin at 19:45 time Australia, the moon will be VOC :(((empty of course. This in Astrology means “nothing new happens” and the last time they faced won Djokovic. Also the last time they clashed in Australia (2008) won Djokovic.

    I think that this moon VOC indicates that Djokovic will win. Unfortunately :(((


    I have faith that the good RS of Federer. their good symbolic addresses and primary. Enable you to earn something big in 2016. That is my prediction for the Swiss master.

    Best regards


  54. Hi Everyone,

    I have took the time to check the MC/AC conjunctions with natal planets of both players in the course of the upcoming thriller match. Planets/axis within a conjunction gap of 1 degree and setting 12 Minutes for walk on court and warm up. I wonder if both will gain momentum over the opponent in the following match phases:


    -MC conjunct natal Sun from playing time 1h 02 Min – 1h 10 Min play time/8:44-8:52 P.M.

    -MC conjunct natal Mercury: 2 h 14 Min – 2h 22 Min play time/9:56-10:04 P.M. -> another tie-break/end of set decision?

    -MC conjunct natal Mars: 3h 10 Min – 3h 19 Min play time/10:52-11:01 P.M.


    -AC conjunct natal Mercury/Sun: 1h 05-1h 17 Min play time/8:47-8:59 P.M.

    -MC conjunct natal Mars: 4h 05 Min – 4h 10 Min Min play time/ 11:47-11:56 P.M.

    Interesting is a support for both players around 1 hour of the match with Djoker 3 Minutes earlier. I wonder if this indicates a first set tie-breaker?

    Djoker has “Power-Minutes” at the beginning of each of the first three match hours and Roger at the beginning of hour 1 + 2. Supposed every set took about one hour these transits could decide each set. Again, a lot of theorization but influencing data.

    Let’s see how it will play out.

    Kind regards,

    1. Correction: Djoker support at the beginning of match hour 2-4 and Roger support at beginning of match hours 2 + 5.

  55. Hi Trix,

    as Sally and Juan point out, the moon, representing the favourite and also ruler of the ascendant in Cancer (again symbol for the favourite) seems to be for Nole.

    Focussing on the transits and the performances of both in the last rounds I see Roger in front. But we know that astrology is only one part and Roger played hugely also before the final of New York. The mental side between the two speaks for Nole.

    I guess the favourite will win with great chances for Roger, yet.

    Best regards,

      1. Just replied to Anand. I haven’t looked ahead in particular, Trix. For me, Roger’s best chance was last year with some of his progressions taking place, hence my prediction for him to do well in the US Open 2015. Otherwise I’ll keep predicting each Grand Slam at a time. best, Sally

        1. Sally,

          Well done for getting the semi final prediction right.

          As I said Astrology does change as the year goes on. Roger has got some good astrology this year. I am sure that he will win something this year. He has done well to reach the semis at his age.

          We have to see who will be in the final. I got a feeling it won’t be Murray.

          I will be looking forward to your predictions for RG. May it be interesting.

          Kind Regards


    1. I don’t tend to look too far ahead, Anand, in my predictions. I prefer to go with the mood of the moment so consider the astrology before each Grand Slam. I know other astrologers, i.e. Juan, seem convinced Roger will do well due to some of the wider astrology taking place. best, Sally

  56. Sadly, Federer lost. Novak is in the final and will probably win, again. This makes me lose interest in tennis. If there is a chance for a new player to win the AO, it would be nice. The same goes for the women. It is getting boring and redundant.

    1. hi John, that’s one way of looking at it! It’s often the case in tennis though that you get a ‘champ’, someone who wins year in, year out for a while and then a new ‘champ’ takes over. I think it’s been more interesting since I started doing predictions in 2012 that we were never quite sure which of the Big Four, Novak, Roger, Rafael, Andy, would take the title and there were a couple of others who sneaked in two, Wawrinka (twice) and Dimitrov. So we’re used to a different type of tennis, more open. However, I do have a sneaky suspicion that Novak is currently on a role and kudos to him if that’s the case. best, Sally

      1. Novak is definitely on a roll, unfortunately, and I am losing interest in tennis as a result. He is not a player I admire, which I will keep to myself. I do miss Del Potro, an amazing player.

        1. hi John, you didn’t do very well keeping it to yourself that you don’t enjoy watching Novak. Now we all know! I do understand though when you don’t warm to a sports-person. I didn’t used to enjoy watching Djokovic or particularly like his personality but it’s all changed for me over the last few years. I find him an exciting player to watch. Del Potro’s still recovering isn’t he? A problem with his wrist I think which could prove tricky to come back from depending which hand. best, Sally

    2. Federer is not a new face for tennis. Is bad for a sport if a 34 tennis player is winning big tournaments like this. Fed fans have to understand than his days of winning majors are gone for good.
      Players who are still in his prime like Djokovic, Murray and even Nadal who is not so old like the swiss should be the favorites. Of course, Raonic is relatively a “new” face and can cuse a big upset. Neverless, when the serb reach 30s his days of dominate big tournaments would be gone aswell.

      1. Hi Tano, I’m not sure if it’s bad for sport if a 34 year old tennis player is winning! I think that would be quite amazing but I do agree it’s a big ask. Thanks for your comment. best, Sally

    3. In many ways I agree. Seems to be power over beauty now and that doesn’t appeal to me. Have been watching tennis since 1967 and have now decided to stop after this match. Am just not interestes in this type of play. It’s brutal.

      1. It’s a different type of tennis for sure, Lesley. Sometimes it’s not exciting to watch when it’s all about power but then there’s the odd match that’s unmissable. Thanks for your comment. best, Sally

        1. Don’t know if this is part of my saturn return but tennis has finished for me after yesterday’s match. Suddenly the interest has gone after 49 years and part of that is accepting the reality that it’s a different game. Roger continued the elegance which was part of the original form. But that can’t compete with the power of the baseline power game so it’s game set and match for me!

  57. Sally, your prediction seems to be spot on. Congratulations !!!
    In case you have time, it would be good to have predictions for the rest of the year for Novak, Nadal, Roger, Murray Stan and any other player who could stand out.

    1. hi Shrini, thank you! I only predict before each Grand Slam. It would be far too much work for free otherwise 🙂 best, Sally

  58. Hi Sally,

    Could you please have a look at Rafa’s chart and check if he can win another grand slam in his remainder of the career. I am really frustrated now to see him losing early in the grand slams.
    Also, how long, do you see, Novak playing at this level? He has been such a dominant force over the course of last 5 years or so.

    Could you please check if rafa can win at Roland garros this year? More importantly will he be able to beat Novak in future now? Desperately want your analysis on this.

    1. hi Rafa fan, I do understand but I only offer my predictions before each Grand Slam. I enjoy answering the comments but I like the drama and context of each Grand Slam which brings the astrology alive. Sorry to disappoint. Some other astrologers may be willing to look further ahead? best, Sally

  59. Hi Sally,
    Congrats on another accurate prediction. I feel so deflated that Roger lost. I think it is better he has a bad match (5 sets) in the early rounds rather than sailing through as his form tends to desert him when he needs it the most i.e. in the latter stages. Perhaps he would have beaten Murray or Raonic in SF?

    Here are the dates and start times for the remaining GS

    French Open – 22nd May @ 11.00 French time

    Wimbledon – 27th June @ 11.30 GMT

    US Open – 29th August @ 11.00 EST


    1. I know it’s always disappointing when your favourite loses but I’m sure he’ll be happier he got through to the semi-final rather than being knocked out in the early rounds. It’s got to be good for his morale to play so well. best, Sally

  60. Just a small point/observation: Sally mentioned the Pluto aspect on the day of the final and there has been discussion about the moon being ‘void of course’ meaning ‘no change.’ Having checked this I note that the moon moves out of void of course just before the final (I think) and then moves into Scorpio, which I believe, is governed by Pluto? Might both these things represent some kind of bigger challenge for Djokovic in the final perhaps, irrespective of the opponent?

    1. …the moon running directly towards Djoker’s Midheaven and natal Pluto both in Scorpio ☺

      In the final, Lucy, supporting aspects for Djoker are just getting real severe:

      Mars, maybe athlete’s most important planet, will exactly hit his Midheaven then (1 degree gap vs Roger) and Pluto/Mercury (ruling planet of his star sign/ 0,85′ gap at Semis) will exactly conjunct his Ascendent. This is massively more support than in the Semis. and stunning astrology. Looks like divination.

      Sally talked about Pluto being able to be tricky conjuncting AC. So far, he didn’t show these signs in the Semis with Pluto 0,5 degrees closed to his AC .

      Again, Pluto is ruling planet of his midheaven and closed to his natal MC in Scorpio. Nole will have no mercy with his opponent I guess.

    2. hi Lucy, yes the Moon changes signs every couple of days and it will be in Scorpio as the final begins. Personally I think this favours Djokovic with his Scorpio Midheaven. He’s a very Plutonic type, an obsessive player and when he’s on form, he’s relentless. I love watching his game. best, Sally

  61. Djokovic has only won semifinals, he can still lose to Murray or Raonic. Murray is playing great and Raonic is playing well as well.

  62. Any chart for Raonic ???

    My mind says he is going to lift the trophy…coz he has a rocketed serve along with a thunderous Forehand…

    1. I don’t have a birth time for Raonic. He’s a Capricorn so maybe his challenge is to bring more variety to his game rather than sticking to the same set approach. I didn’t watch the match but my other half didn’t warm to his tennis playing. best, Sally

  63. Djokovic will wil all 4 slams this year. I am no astrologist but don’t see any opposition to him..he is B+ game appears to be good enough for people outside top 4.

    1. You may be right. He’s not always played well so far in this tournament and he’s still in the final! Awesome. best, Sally

  64. Hi Sally,

    I do hope that Roger will win something this year. Credit to Novak, but I am getting rather bored of Novak game now and tennis is becoming too predictable with Novak and Serena. It would be a nice change if someone else wins this tournament.

    Juan, what is Roger Solar Return for August 2016 to 2017?

    Roger has done well to reach the Semis at his age. I am sure that Roger will stay in the top 3 by the year end if he is focus to do it.

    Roger, said that he will be back next year and I believe it might be Roger’s last year on tour.

    Kind Regards


    1. hi Trix, I disagree – I love watching Djokovic play tennis and Murray too – should be a great final. They’ve had some cracking matches before and no reason why it won’t happen again. I think it’s more about the fact that you love Roger and I do understand what that’s like. He is a majestic tennis player, one of the best. Sally

  65. -hi sally you do not need to have any doubt about novaks birth time. the one you are using now is absolutely correct. his marriage his child and his career is definitely shown in the 23.25 birth time. i think he will dominate this year also.

    1. Thanks James. I agree that the personal events in Novak’s life are shown beautifully by the Capricorn Ascendant chart. I’m still chasing after proof and have a new contact I’m talking to. Will report back. best, Sally

      1. Hi Sally,

        It is hard to determine which birth time is correct for Novak. it is so so difficult.

        Murray and Federer are the easiest lol.

        I hope you are keeping well.

        Kind Regards


  66. If it is going to be all Novak this year, I will tune out. It is not a sport if one person wins it all the time. If I have to watch Novak rip his shirt one more time, I will absolutely scream–enough. Good luck Milos. An excellent effort Federer. Good riddance Novak–wake me up when multiple players are winners.

    1. Bye John. I’m sure we’ve all been there getting bored when one player dominates the show but personally I’m looking forward to see whether Novak can dominate this year. I’d love it if he did. best, Sally

  67. Sally,

    Referring to your comment above where you think it’s been interesting since 2012: The last 1.5 years since after US Open 2014 have been perhaps the most boring years of the sport that I’ve ever witnessed. And it’s not because the dominance is unprecedented. I’ve watched Federer go on a tear during the mid 2000s and Nadal absolutely wreck the competition in mid 2008, mid-late 2010, and most of 2013.

    The difference is quite simple. Federer had an artistic flair and elegance, and there was an offensive burst to his game. Nadal had explosiveness off the ground and a forehand that was mesmerizing to watch, unlike any other. What does Djokovic have? Nothing more than a mechanical game almost akin to watching a ball machine. It’s great for him, of course, and it works, but it’s quite naive to say that the game has become interesting.

    And no, it’s not a sneaky suspicion. It’s the truth, and you know it: Djokovic is on a roll. And if it continues at this rate, the TRPs will only go lower and lower. The only reason the last 7-8 months at grand slams have been somewhat interesting is because Federer is consistently challenging at the grand slams and people want to watch him win #18. If you watched all the other tournaments throughout the year like I do, you’d know exactly why people have decreased their viewing of the game.

    I appreciate your astrological predictions, but please don’t say things like “the game has gotten more interesting” or “the game is more open”. It’s as closed as it could ever be and as dull as I have ever seen. If you want proof, just take a look at Rod Laver’s face after Djokovic won the match today. He absolutely HATES the direction the game is going, and he’s perhaps one of the best judges of that.

    Just wanted to clarify all these things, because I don’t want to see a great astrologer like you sounding somewhat naive to the happenings of tennis recently.

    1. Point taken. However I was talking about the game since I started doing predictions mid 2012 and you’re referring to the last 18 months only. I’ve enjoyed these predictions and the tennis because it’s not been cut and dried who was going to win and the astrology has proved to be an accurate guide in many of the Grand Slam predictions. I seem to be in a minority now on this blog of people who enjoy watching Djokovic play tennis but I do. I agree that tennis has become more boring with the arrival of the big hitters, the power players, the huge serves. I can’t bear watching tennis when one game takes 5 minutes or less because there are no rallies. Yet I still find the big matches thrilling sometimes, not always, but that’s no different than previous years either. Personal opinion I suppose and as with any sport, people will watch it partly because of the sport and partly because of the personalities. Roger Federer has always attracted a huge crowd of fans because of his graceful tennis, me being one of them. I do agree with you that tennis is less open now because Djokovic is dominating and if people don’t like his game or the power tennis that’s now prevalent, then yes, tennis will lose spectators. best, Sally

      1. I think there is a huge amount of truth in what CBK says here. It echoes my own thoughts exactly. I am sad that after following the sport for so long it has lost the elegance and artistry which drew me in so long ago. Federer has challenged fhat so well but no match for the machine like power game which djoko has developed. Hence my hanging up my spectator’s racquet for good 🙁 end of an era on many fronts I feel.

    2. CBK or whatever your name is,

      thank you very much for clarifying all these things up ????
      Thank God you join us with your comment!

      I ask myself how you come to call Sandy “somewhat naive” offering her opinion on her own blog. Who are you?

      Moreover, as Sally speaks of recent years since 2012, your comment is too subjective and empty to take it serious. So to speak, I could also see Nadal’s play as monotonous, boring to watch because of his long exchanges which I do not.

      Did you talk to Rod Laver????? If you open yourself to tennis experts’ remarks about Djokovic of these times, as from Mats Wilander and many more, you altogether here them adoring Novak Djokovic’s flawless tecnique, his elegant movement on the court, his intelligent play and strategy on the court, his mental abilities and much more. These factors altogether creating fantastic ball exchanges one after another. All this performing with an unimaginable consistency earns great respect and not derogative and stupid remarks.

      Your aggressiv words simply show personal frustration. That gives nothing to this public, usually very interesting and astrology based blog. Better go out and yell at the trees.

      Best regards,

    1. Hi All

      It is going to be another boring final. Murray vs Novak. Fifth year on the trot. What a boring match it is going to be. We need new faces, not the same ones.

      Kind Regards

  68. Novak and Myrray–what an unfortunate snore. I have already tuned out and won’t be watching final. Thank you Sally for your continued effort to appease fans of your site.

  69. Just out of curiosity, if Murray wins will some of you quit the whinging about the same faces or not?

    If Djokovic plays anything near his best, Murray won’t have too much of a chance. Then again, Murray can play like Simon (long rallies while giving Djokovic no angles) and with a more potent serve. The question is of his mentality.

    Murray had a massive role in GBR winning the Davis Cup so his confidence will be there. Plus, he has said repeatedly, he would pull out of the tournament if his wife went into early labour and with the incident regarding his father-in-law, it would make a great story for him to be Champion!

    I’m gonna be bold ( could be wrong 🙂 ) and say Murray will WIN down under!

    1. Good for you! I have to say I’m looking forward to it. Murray-Djokovic matches can be epic when they both play at their best. It could be a cracker! best, Sally

  70. @ Roger’s fan + John: Just because your favourite player didn’t get through, no need for such mean-spirited comments. Murray has earned his chance at the title – after all, this is the 5th time of asking and you could at least be happy that he’s done that.
    With all the domestic issues he’s had to deal with as well, this is a remarkable achievement and I for one don’t view the final as a ‘bore’ or a ‘snore’ because the best players have earned their right to be there.

    1. Lucy,

      Granted–but my comments are not mean-spirited so don’t be a bully and call me names. It is my opinion and please respect that. I have nothing against Murray and Novak–but as past matches prove, their games don’t match well against each other and I find it incredibly boring. You might differ and that’s your opinion and I respect that. Have a good day. Like I said, I won’t be watching the final but I hope you enjoy it.

      1. John, I think you’re mistaken that Lucy called your names. I didn’t read that at all in her comment. She simply said the opposite to you, i.e. that she doesn’t feel the final will be boring. That’s all – an opposite opinion. best, Sally

    2. Lucy,

      I know Murray has worked hard to get where he is but 4 years of the same person in the final, Novak. It is getting rather boring. It would be nice to see Murray win it but not when Novak is around.

      I find their games boring to watch as they got similar styles. If Murray got a different style of tennis, yes I would watch it and enjoy. But I don’t enjoy their matches.

      We all are entitled to our opinions and styles.

      Kind Regards

    3. Well said, Lucy. I’m delighted Murray’s through. He deserves it and if he plays as well as he can play, he’ll challenge Djokovic for sure. best, Sally

  71. @ John: If you re-read my comment I have not been a ‘bully’ or called you any names. I have simply observed that several of your comments about the two top players in the final are indeed ‘mean-spirited.’ Anyone reading them would probably draw the same conclusion – so in fact it is you who are calling me a bully unfairly when all I did was make an observation. We are all entitled to our opinions but your earlier comments are scathing about the players in the final, which is not pleasant.

    1. I don’t think it’s illegal so I’m sure anyone could use it if they choose. I imagine all the players have the top expert advice about health, fitness, psychology, well-being, etc. best, Sally

      1. It is illegal in some of the other sports. Cycling has banned it. But what gets me how quickly Novak recovered. It is abit disadvantage to the other players who don’t use it. Personally I think it is wrong.

  72. With all these match allegations, gluten – free diet and Egg Pod use, this AO slam will be memorable if he wins on Sunday and tie with Roy Emerson…Nevertheless, it is really due for Murray to turn it around this time..

  73. Hi Sally, been away for awhile but have been catching up with the comments. I know you are planning to but I agree that you should stick with the Capricorn ascendant until it is proven otherwise. You have done well with your predictions for the most part so far using the birth time you have. It’s very sad to read all the negative comments about Novak. It got a bit boring when federer and nadal were winning everything but that’s what made them interesting and great champions. Nadal won 9 French open titles and this is what has made him great. Novak has turned himself into a great champion using his own style. No he doesn’t have the elegance of Federer but nobody has. The way Novak played in the semis was impressive, he did not let Federer play his own game for two sets. If he plays like this against Murray, Andy will have no chance. If Novak wins on Sunday I think it will be great for the game. We are in an era of super champs, first federer then nadal now Novak. If Andy can get his act together and win more slams he will be added to this. I don’t see why that’s a problem for the game. I hope the Australian open gods are with Novak once more for the final. His 11th grand slam will tie him with Bjorn Borg. And as for Serena how exciting for tennis that she may tie Stefi Graf. I mean let’s be honest once Novak, federer, nadal Murray go the excitement of the game will probably hit a low but for now we are in the golden years.

    1. hi Shelley, good to hear from you. Yes, definitely sticking with the Capricorn ASC for Novak. I see Serena got beaten in the final again. I wonder whether she will win another Grand Slam this year? Her astrology is shifting in a new direction. I will be watching the mens’ final tomorrow. best, Sally

  74. I hope Murray win this after last year when, if you remember well, Djokovic’s “tactics” in the third set confuse the scot and he lost the match pretty easily since there.
    But my brain said that the serb is winning in 4 and will tie Emerson record in AO. Hope Nadal can recover on clay to fight for his last major and denied Djokovic career grand slam.

  75. Well said shelley!

    I feel really sad and frustrated when I read several comments above.

    Some of you guys really need to show some respect to other players besides Federer. Novak is a great champion, he practiced so hard and sacrificed a lot to earn his position right now. I enjoyed watching his matches against different players and I love his playing style. Tennis is a sport including so many players with so many different playing styles. If you think only Federer plays beautuful tennis, then just let ATP and WTA ban everyone else.

    By the way, I don’t want to be rude. To Roger’s fan, please stop accusing Novak if you don’t have any real proof. ATP would ban him long time ago if he took something illegal.

    Anyway thank you Sally for the great prediction as always, me and lots of Novak fans are looking forward to watching Sunday’s final.

    1. I agree with you. Novak admitted using the Egg Pod. Read the article properly. Novak is a good player but using other means to gain advantage is not on. I respect all players. I just wish there are new faces start challenging Novak and make the game more even.

      I just don’t like cheating that all. I believe in fair play.

    2. Bravo Joyadmire and Shelley!!

      That’s just how it is. Nothing to add.

      Some people’s argument “Djokovic’s tennis is boring” is a bottomless pit as it is for men’s tennis in general. There’s no need to explain that Djokovic plays breathtaking tennis and – putting down the Fedex glasses – everybody who likes tennis should enjoy his play in the first two sets against Federer.

      Nobody talks about Tennis was boring at reigning times of Federer or Nadal at Paris. Nobody. Somebody could also say, it would be so boring if Roger won a 18th title.

      The real reason for these judgements seems to be people disliking Novak as a person. If you talk to people who know him personally you hear them talking of a wonderful and symphatic personality. I think Nole regularly shows great respect to his opponents, fairness on and off the court. Times when he took medical time outs as the odds run against him already had been past before his climb to the top.

      In fact, he’s trying so hard to get into people’s hearts since years, for example by giving warm speeches at ceremonies as in Paris last year.
      Roger is lucky to be born with qualities to be loved by everyone.
      Nole, yet, earns greatest respect for handling 20.000 people cheering for his opponent and partly rudely against him still playing fair by himself and even winning under those circumstances. He’s a champion in every sense.

      This is still a blog about tennis astrology and not a dumping place for personal frustration as it arised in the last days. For some of you, please respect Sally’s for free work.

      1. Hi Sally and Patrick R

        First of all I would like to say to Sally. Thank you for giving us this wonderful site with interesting discussions about people opinions on certain players. Sally, please keep it up the good work. Sorry about my bias opinions on this site!

        Patrick, I love your analysis and comparig it with Sally. Not many will do it. Please carry on. I love your views.

        Would lkke to say thank you to both of you!

        Kind regards Trix

  76. Serena with Mercury/Pluto conjunct her natal Midheaven at the final’s start and the Moon, twice symbol for the favourite – also as ruler of AC in Cancer – perfectly snuggles in her natal Stellium in Libra.

  77. What a match, there is your new face guys! 😉

    The moon in Serena’s star sign seemed to be outflanked by Opposition of Kerber’s natal Jupiter throughout the match and Mercury/Pluto conjunct Kerber’s natal Moon.

    Bravo Angie!!!!!!!!!!!! ????????????

    1. Yep, great prediction. Kerber is a Sun Capricorn, no time of birth for her. Mars Scorpio going over her Pluto Scorpio during the tournament – seems to be a theme this year with Mars/Pluto strong for Djokovic too. best, Sally

  78. Hi Patrick and Sally

    I would love Murray to win. Why? It would be a nice present for his new family.

    Anyway who got the best chart for the final for the men?

    I am glad that Keiber beat Serena. It is time for new faces. Good for her. Well done.

    Sally, sorry for that article I posted about Novak,but I wish he would be honest about this.

    Let the best man win.


  79. Oxygen therapy is available to everyone
    I read on another blog that Michael Phelps uses it Christina McHale Bethany Mattek sands mike Bryan etc
    Murray tried it and was not helped or impressed.
    Roger fan, please. If you feel like USA should ban chambers then call your senator.
    The USA Olympic committee liked the chamber very much when Phelps used it.
    Have a nice day.

  80. Hi Faith

    I don’t care anymore. Let them carry on using it but I still think it is pure cheating.

    Now let talk about the final please. I said I respect all players. I still don’t like Novak game, it is too robotic. I do hope Murray wins as it would make the game interesting!

    Let the best man win

  81. Patrick R,

    Just to clarify, I’m not a fan of one individual. I’m a fan of the game. And while I think it’s fantastic that you enjoy Djokovic’s game, your views on his game aren’t popular opinion. If you surf through tennis threads on,,, which I happen to do, at least 70-80% of the posters called Djokovic one thing: Ultron. Why do they do that? I’m leaving that for you figure out on your own.

    It doesn’t mean your views are necessarily wrong, but it’s just your own opinion. Everyone has their own opinion. But when 70-80% of hardcore tennis fans concur on the fact that Djokovic has a mechanical and boring game, that is a cause for worry. Those fans won’t be able to handle the fact that the game is going in this direction and that just means that the tennis fanbase will decrease over time unless a flashy player like Kyrgios has a major breakthrough. As a fan of the game, I don’t want to see this happen. You have to realize that the game is bigger than any one person.

    To Sally’s point, the big servers of the 90s were boring to me as well. There’s a reason somebody like Andre Agassi was unanimously well-liked compared to Sampras, don’t you think? Though he wasn’t as successful as Sampras, his game was truly unique and interesting, compared to Sampras’s serving and volleying exhibition. Interest in the 90s was mainly because of players like Agassi and Chang challenging at the top, as opposed to players like Becker and Sampras. When Agassi was out of the game in 1997, that was perhaps the time of lowest interest in the game that I’ve seen until now.

    Keep in mind, I have immense respect for Sally and I was only calling her naive because she said “I have a sneaky suspicion that Djokovic is on a roll”. She knows that he’s been on a roll for a 1.5 years now, so a passive statement like that was not called for. It just made her LOOK naive, when in fact she really isn’t that naive at all.

    Anyway, I just wanted to clarify all these points. I’m not someone who rants, I’m just trying to express the views of the majority of the tennis world in a very calculated manner. I could be far more aggressive in doing so like some of the other posters here, but I know that fighting over it is not the solution to this. It’s probably in your best interest to not use demeaning phrases like “go bark at the trees” in the future.


    1. Dear CBK,

      I don’t need to figure out anything. All those judgements calling Djokovic’s game boring is mostly a simple projection of disliking Novak personally. New York’s final has perfectly shown this.

      You just give another example: Pete Sampras PLAYING boring? Same thing he appeared boring in his calm appearence – his way of being. First time reading something like that. Just click some of his rallies at youtube and follow the crowds reactions to his play.

      Your measures are again subjective, give me official rates. Who are the posters? Probably frustrated Roger – and other fans. Real experts and Ex-Pros are fascinated by Novak’s game. Re-watch his demonstration against Federer.

      It was you bringing up a tone against this blog’s owner which you are not entitled to and which disturbs the relaxed atmosphere people are used to on this blog. Just respect what you say yourself, it’s personal opinion to accept and we know yours now. No need to convert someone with yours In this way.

      I guess, with those mentioned tennis threads you have a platform to express your dislike. Your comment is nothing about astrology.

      Best regards,

  82. Hi Trix,

    thank you very much for your kind words. It’s great that you like my comments.

    Regarding tomorrow’s final you can see Djokovic’s astonishing planetary conjunctions with AC-/MC axis in Sally’s pre-tournament prediction. 

    In contrast to Djokovic, I haven’t found outstanding planetary transits with Andy Murray. The Midheaven will be in Taurus at the start of the final, his star sign. Jupiter, weakened as retrograd, squares Andy’s natal Moon, with 0,8 degrees, a larger gap than against Raonic. Lasting transit Uranus conjunct his natal Jupiter still nearly exact.

    Neptune sextile natal Neptune is still active with 0,85 degrees apart. There’s the sun sextile his natal north node, nearly exact. I don’t know if these transits can affect him positively on the court. Maybe you have an idea, Sally?

    AC and DC are in same signs as in semifinals when both the favourite won. The difference now: AC’s ruler, symbol for the favourite, the moon in Cancer, runs into Djokovic’s Midheaven and natal Pluto in Scorpio – the latter natal combination Sally connects with Nole’s enduring successful run. Moreover, notice that Pluto nearly exactly conjuncts Djoker’s Midheaven in the final. 

    Ruler of the DC (the Non-favourite), Saturn, again in Sagittarius – near natal Saturn/Uranus and Moon of Murray.

    As fast-moving conjunctions of the MC/AC with natal planets have shown significant in recent matches I have tried to check out when certain crunch points could occur tomorrow. This seems especially interesting as Andy is born only one week before Novak. Thus, natal planets Sun/Mars/Mercury are placed in a similar area – and additionally interesting: all of them most important for athletes. This should make the influence of the following aspects even more effective, I can imagine. I calculated with a 1 degree gap and 10 minutes warm up time. 

    Obviously, Andy has an advantage in this astrological part, due to his earlier birth and Midheaven in Gemini he could profit in the first sets:


    – MC conjunct natal Sun: about 8:04-8:12 P.M. > 24-32 minutes play time (pt)

    – MC conjunct natal Mercury: 8:43-8:51P.M. > 1h 03-1h 11 pt

    -MC conjunct natal Midheaven: 9:00-9:08 P.M. > 1h 20-1h 28 Min

    -MC conjunct natal Mars 10:20-10:28 P.M. > 2h 40 – 2h 48 Min pt


    -MC conjunct natal Sun: 8:32-8:40 P.M. > 52 Min – 60 Min pt

    -MC conjunct natal Mercury: 9:44-9:52 P.M. > 2h 04-2h12 Min 

    -MC conjunct natal Mars: 10.41-10.49 P.M. > 3h 01-3h 09 Min pt

    Exciting, all these conjunctions are not overlapping which could create a varied exchange of blows – as long as Novak won’t be too tough to handle for Andy.

    Remember, Novak has special astrology tomorrow and besides that Andy might have a mental block against his youth friend, same as Roger. Andy lost 0-6 at Melbourne and Miami 2015.

    Puh, hope you enjoy these facts.

    Let’s enjoy the final!

    Kind regards,


  83. I am not commenting on whether chambers are bad but it is interesting that Hyperbaric chambers and banned drug, erythropoietin have same effect on in creasing RBC count.

  84. Then why was it OK for Michael Phelps to use one every night during training for a year to prepare for Olympics? Obviously, everyone can use one if they choose to. The US had ZERO problems with it.
    Anyhow, goodnight.

  85. Think it’s great that Sally opens this up for tennis fans and manages to say something positive to all even when emotions are high. The ATP site covered the media comment post djokovic and federer match. There are some insightful comments and in terms of all our thoughts about different champions’ styles I liked Navratilova’s – the best inspires the best. Encouraging and thoughtful words. And thanks again Sally.

    1. Thanks, Lesley. Sorry to hear your tennis spectator days are over but I understand where you’re coming from. Yes I like that too – the best inspires the best. Sally

  86. I think Andy is to the Australian Open what the man who the presented the runner up trophy to him – Ken Rosewall ( aka ‘Muscles’) was to Wimbledon. I think it is symbolic as they both got close but never won the trophy.

    1. It must be tough for him coming close but not winning. I hope he takes solace from the fact that he’s the UK’s best tennis player – in the Tim Henman days we were happy when he reached the semi-finals! best, Sally

  87. Well done Sally another correct prediction on all fronts. It looks like the Capricorn ascendant is a good fit for Novak after all. I was sad to see Serena lose yesterday and maybe she is now recognising it is time to move on. I’m sure she will equal Steffi before she goes.. She has 3 more chances before the year is out. Well done to Kerber though. She’s been around for many years but has finally broken through. And this is what makes tennis so interesting. The gods of Australia were with Novak once again.! I’m happy for him he deserved to win and maybe the transit of Pluto on his ascendant will allow him to be respected and considered one of the greats of the game. I heard he is close to equalling 100 million dollars which is equal to Federer. As for popularity I believe Federer has a Venus trine to his ascendant. Novak is ruled by Saturn which by nature is cold. I’m sure he will never get the respect Federer and nadal get but what he has achieved cannot be denied. I’m also happy for Jamie Murray. It must be hard always being in the shadow of andy and hopefully he can now win more grandslams in the doubles. See you all at the French open. Thanks to everyone for contributing. We all don’t have to agree. And a big thank you to you Sally.xx

    1. Thanks for your kind words, Shelley. I agree with most of what you have to say but I’m not sure about transiting Pluto cnj the Ascendant for Novak. It’s got to be difficult for him at some level and I think he’s going to battle with a lot of enmity this year, especially if he wins everything. Look at peoples’ responses in this blog for starters. You’re right that he’s had to work hard at popularity and he will never be able to compete on that front with the easy charm of players like Federer. I loved Jamie Murray winning too – great news for him. best, Sally

  88. Dear Sally and Patrick R,

    Well done to you both for predicting Novak to win this. I am not surprised with this win. I feel sorry for Murray as it would be a nice present for him and his wife. Now, Murray can go home and look forward to the birth of his first child, that would cheer him up.

    We all got different opinions about Novak game, whether we like it or not. I hope that we will see different winners at each GS than Novak.

    Kind Regards


  89. Congratulations! Sally for a great prediction, Novak is a great champion and a magnificent athlete and I really enjoy watching him. Hope Novak and Sally keep winning Grand slams!!

  90. Congratulation Sally!
    Thank you for all your work and patience with all the inappropriate comments on your website.
    You have a knowledge to explain a lot more about a person( tennis player), yet many of “fans” were aggressive to explain their version of a game, players’ mentality, and even ex players thoughts?!
    You’re a great professional!
    All the best!

  91. Congratulations, Sally! Superb analysis and prediction!

    I had thought the exact Pluto transit to Djokovic’s Ascendant would bring him problems, since this transit can often express that way. But as I reread your analysis, I was reminded of his natal Mars-Pluto trine and also his Scorpio Midheaven. I had forgotten a basic tenet of prediction, one must never forget the natal chart!

    Thank you so much for offering your grand slam analyses! I know that it takes a lot of time and effort.

    I feel that I am learning more with every tennis tournament you cover. You do a real service to both fans of tennis and the astrological community!!!

    Thanks also to those who have offered their versions of astrological analysis of the tournament and players.

    1. Thank you! Yes, the outer planets can push people in different ways, especially if they are born with that planet/energy strong. I will be interested to see how the Pluto transit plays out for Novak this year. It’s got to challenge him on a personal level and he may do battle with inner demons. We may not hear about how it plays out for him personally if it is internal. I do have another theory which I shall write up in the comments. best, Sally

  92. Thank you Sally for another exciting astrologic blog and prediction. Thanks for your comments and answering questions.

    And of course, Congratulations for predicting Novak Djokovic as Champion!!

    It’s great fun everytime!! ????

    Kind regards,

  93. hi sally congratulations for getting the winner prediction correct once again. i had also predicted that noles astrology looks the best but i thought nadal will be the runner up which went totally wrong.i use sidreal astrology by which nole has got saggitarius asc and his ruling planet is jupiter. his mc is 20 degrees libra which is the exact point mars was transiting on the day of the final. his asc point is 23 degree saggitarius where mercury his 10th lord turned direct 4 to 5 days before the final.his major period lord venus was also transiting close to his point asc. in the chart for the final cast for19.43 hrs when the final started cancer was rising and the lord of mc mars was transiting the ms of novak. his astrology was so good that he could not have lost even if he wanted to. once again congatulations.

    1. Thanks James. You can’t deny Mars conjunct the Midheaven – it only happens once every 2 years and has to be good news in a competitive situation. best, Sally

  94. Interesting that the Sidreal astrology came to the same conclusion. Just goes to show that different techniques can work side by side.

  95. I’m wrapping up the comments for the Australian Open. Thank you to everyone who commented. We did enjoy some lively banter this time around which I’m fine with as long as it doesn’t get out of hand. A reminder that I do moderate comments; I don’t approve comments written in capitals (that’s basically shouting) and if someone gets on a roll and repeats the same statement over and over, I will cull some of their comments. Otherwise I try to let things go as there’s no harm with a healthy debate but do try to play fair and not dirty. See you all at the French Open. best, Sally

    1. Thank you Sally for your analysis. I always read it but don’t often comment. I have read other astrologers, but You have been the most acurate and make the slams something to look forward to. As you have stated , the planets may favor certain players but it is up to them to execute in the end. Happy tennis watching to all , there is much to get excited about and hopefully you will keep making your spot on predictions.

  96. Hi Sally, Thanks for the prediction and discussion. Very interesting to follow. Just a note, you mentioned few posts above that you will publish another theory in comments section on how Pluto Transit plays out for Novak this year. Please share the same in comments if possible.

    1. hi Sathia, I added my theory in brief to the Update on the page. To expand, Pluto transits are difficult, dark – Pluto is God of the Underworld. One way Pluto conjunct the Ascendant (self) can play out is an internal struggle when you’re dealing with strong emotions, an inner conflict. It’s often a time when you need to shed a skin metaphorically, let go of the past in some way. However, Pluto is not only conjunct the Ascendant but opposite the Descendant – it challenges both sides of the axis. So my theory is that if Novak keeps on winning, this will arouse difficult emotions in other people/the public, i.e. people who ‘hate’ him for doing so well. This may be the challenge he faces during his Pluto transit. Having said that, we, the public, may not discover much about this transit as it’s often hidden or private. Hope that helps. best, Sally

  97. Hi Sally,

    congrats! Good prediction on the Djoker (I had him as winner predicted, too). It was not so surprisingly…

    But I had another prediction in my analysis from 18th January. Andy Murray will be father on 8th February and it will be a daughter.

    See also my post here from 18th January 2:17am: “Talking about Andy Murray, I think baby could come on 8 February. This day Jupiter is exactly 90° to his moon (Radix House 4 (a girl?)) and Uranus (radix House 4) is exactly on Jupiter…”


    Greetings, Jannis

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