Astrology Talk Podcast: The Equinox and a Solar Eclipse make for a Dynamic Libra Season – Sept 23 to Oct 23, 2023

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Astrology Talk Podcast 

An in-depth look at the astrology of the coming four weeks with top working astrologers Sally Kirkman and Christina Rodenbeck. What’s in store for each sign and more.

Apologies, if the podcast link isn’t visible to you on this post. You can listen in here on the Astrology Talk Podcast page. It’s the podcast at the top of the list.

Libra Season

Libra is one of the cardinal signs, the movers and shakers of the zodiac. The Sun’s move into Libra heralds the Equinox, the start of a new season and a new three month astrology cycle. 

This month, the star signs Aries and Libra dominate thanks to the karmic nodes getting into their stride cutting across the axis of self (Aries) and other (Libra). 

Independence and relationships are opposite ends of the Aries-Libra axis. Will one dominate more than the other during Libra season or is collaboration required?  This is a good question to ask during the Full Moon in Aries on September 29th and during the Solar Eclipse in Libra on October 14th. 

Plus, Pluto’s last gasp in earth sign Capricorn is under the cosmic spotlight once again as the God of the Underworld and planet of power and transformation turns direct on October 11th. The following day, October 12th, Mars gets power crazy in Scorpio, Pluto’s star sign, an early start to Scorpio season.

As per usual, Christina and I talk through the major astrology coming up and what it means for you and each of the 12 star signs.

Grab yourself a cuppa or glass of fizz, put your feet up and join us as we take a deep dive into the astrology of the month ahead.  

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14 thoughts on “Astrology Talk Podcast: The Equinox and a Solar Eclipse make for a Dynamic Libra Season – Sept 23 to Oct 23, 2023”

  1. Hello Sally,
    Sadly I couldn’t access your podcast talk on Libra month. When I clicked the link I only got to another site with a small typed forecast. This shouldn’t happen now when Mercury goes direct again!
    Please advise,
    Thank you,

  2. Hi Sally…the link is working but the podcast isn’t available on the page that we are being directed to. It has all the info about the podcast but I’m guessing the podcast hasn’t been published to that page ye. Hope that helps to figure out why it’s not working. Hannah

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