Astrology Talk Podcast: Pisces Season – Feb 19 to Mar 20, 2024

Astrology Talk Podcast, Pisces season, Christina Rodenbeck & Sally Kirkman

Astrology Talk Podcast 

An in-depth look at the astrology of the coming four weeks with top working astrologers Sally Kirkman and Christina Rodenbeck. What’s in store for each sign and more.

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Pisces Season

This month’s retrodiction was fizzing with synchronicities as Pluto moved into Aquarius on January 21st. There were so many showings around the world. It’s worth listening in to find out what Pluto’s twenty year visit to Aquarius looks like it’s going to bring. We talked about tech companies, a new take on Frankenstein, the Oscars, Taylor Swift, death, phoenix rising and more.

Pisces season brings some much-needed heart, compassion and empathy as we move from air sign Aquarius into water sign Pisces. One of the dangers of Pluto’s move into Aquarius is an overload of automation and new technologies and losing the importance of humanity and the physical touch.

Both the Virgo Full Moon on February 24th and the Pisces New Moon on March 10th bring stability and flow. The earth – Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn – and water signs – Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces – may be most in tune with this natural rhythm.

Aquarius remains a dominant star sign thanks to a passionate Venus-Mars conjunction here on February 22nd. And, as both planets are completing their journeys through the air sign Aquarius, they clash with expansive Jupiter and radical Uranus in earth sign Taurus. Wherever these two star signs fall in your horoscope, things are going to be lively.

Christina and I agreed that Pisces season is a month to look forward to. Whether you’re in need of some self-discipline or you’re letting things go in readiness for the Equinox on March 20th, lose yourself in Pisces’ artistic and spiritual realm.

Grab yourself a cuppa or glass of fizz, put your feet up and join us as we take a deep dive into the astrology of the month ahead.  

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3 thoughts on “Astrology Talk Podcast: Pisces Season – Feb 19 to Mar 20, 2024”

  1. Enrica Menapace-Millar

    Being a Pisces I particularly enjoyed this month’s podcast.
    Always very interesting and well explained, easy to understand for the less knowledgeable in astrology, like me!
    Thanks again x

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