Astrology Talk Podcast: Leaping Into 2023 While Dodging The Retrogrades! Dec 21, 2022 to Jan 20, 2023

Astrology Talk Podcast 

An in-depth look at the astrology of the coming four weeks with top working astrologers Sally Kirkman & Christina Rodenbeck. What’s in store for each sign and more.

Capricorn Season

Ooh, it’s exciting astrology as we leave 2022 and embark on a new year 2023. The Solstice on December 21st is closely followed by a lively New Moon on December 23rd that’s raring to go. Note where Jupiter in Aries falls in your horoscope because this is where opportunities lie.

Yet, Mars remains retrograde & Mercury turns retrograde on December 29th. This means that, up until January 12th, the planet of action (Mars) is on go slow &, up until January 18th, the planet of communication (Mercury) is on go slow – go figure!  Slow it down, rein it in and avoid those New Year scams.

Moving into 2023, there’s a Full Moon in Cancer on January 6th that could prove revelatory and there are green lights galore on January 12th (Mars turns direct) and January 18th (Mercury turns direct). What may be exposed & brought to light?

Yes, we should probably be joining the animals and nature hibernating during Capricorn season but, with so much going on behind the scenes, it’s worth digging deep to find out more. 

Life will leap into action once again when there’s a run of forward-moving planetary energy from mid-January onwards. Ooh, exciting times – do we expect anything less? 

Happy New Year – may it bring you peace and calm, happiness and joy.

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