Astrology Talk Podcast: End of an Era; Friends & Alliances – Sept 23 to Oct 22,2022

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Astrology Talk Podcast 

An in-depth look at the astrology of the coming four weeks with top working astrologers Sally Kirkman & Christina Rodenbeck. What’s in store for each sign and more.

End of An Era: Friends & Alliances

Whether it was because of Mercury retrograde or the fact that we’re knee-deep in the 10-day preparations for the Queen’s funeral, there was a lot to talk about in this month’s podcast.

We touch on the astrology for the passing of the Queen and the end of an era. Astrology is in sync with this major chapter of endings & new beginnings as Pluto prepares to depart Capricorn & enter Aquarius next year.

The Equinox horoscope was revealing and lead us back to the symbolism of the Solstice horoscope three months ago helping us make sense of the key astrology.

This is Libra season, the star sign of balance & the scales of justice. Yet, until talk planet Mercury turns direct on October 2nd & returns to Libra on October 10th, there may be more debate, cogitating & wrong decisions made, rather than a clear path ahead. 

The charts of the New Moon in Libra on September 25th & the Full Moon in Aries on October 9th can act as guiding lights.

Use them to help you leap from stone to stone gracefully & mindfully as we try to find our way forwards in these weird and wonderful times.

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