Astrology Podcast: June 21st to July 21st 2018

Cancer, canal, boat

Cancer Month Ahead: June 21st to July 21st 2018

Please note: If you download the Radio Public app and listen to the podcast from the app, Christina & I will make back our expenses for the podcast. Entirely up to you how you choose to listen, of course, and our first option would be that you do listen in 🙂

The monthly podcast includes astrological insights for every star sign, not only the sign of the month.

Christina and I record the latest podcast on a narrow boat rocking gently back and forth on the canal sipping cups of tea, a fitting tribute to the Sun’s move into Cancer, one of the water signs and lover of all things cosy and traditional.

In our talk about Cancerians, we discuss their sensitivity, their talent at mimicry and how the reflective nature of their ruler, the Moon, draws them towards the artistic realm. They are the keepers of the past.

The month ahead isn’t geared up for push and shove or rushing in any direction. In fact, the astrological climate necessitates a change in pace. Slow down or life may step in to halt you in your tracks.

That’s not to say the next few weeks won’t be without drama, thanks to a frustrated Mars and a new eclipse cycle. The influence of the past is a key theme in Cancer’s birthday month.

As always, we talk about what the big events over the next month mean for your individual star sign. There’s something for everyone.

Next month, we’re donning our best hats as we head to Windsor to talk about the regal sign, as the Sun enters Leo. We do hope you’ll join us.

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  1. Laura Goldberg

    Love your Podcasts Sally and Christina! You two work so well together and really soften the hard edges of life. Thanks so much! Blessings to you both. Just downloaded the app!

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