Astrology Podcast: June 21 to July 22 2019

Please note: If you download the Radio Public app and listen to the astrology podcast from the app, Christina & I will make back our expenses for the podcast. Entirely up to you how you choose to listen, of course, and our first choice would be that you join us. ?

The monthly podcast includes astrological insights for every star sign. Our aim is to bridge the gap between star signs & the language of astrology.

We end up at my house recording the latest podcast for Cancer month. Previously, we tried to meet in London and record outside as we are at the peak of summer but, in the UK, heat-wave weather it was not. In fact, we got rained on.

What we did discover was a new ‘home’ for our latest venture together – astrology workshops. Our first astrology event will take place on Saturday 7th December, 2019 in Covent Garden (book the date in your diary). 

We will be looking ahead to 2020, helping you to envision your next steps and navigate your way through some big astrology. Do come join us (more details will be on the way soon). 

Back to this month and it’s a longer than usual podcast – 43 minutes. Primarily, because this is a month with some… big astrology. Cue a punchy Solstice chart, two eclipses and Mercury retrograde – phew!

Grab a cuppa, join us and listen in. Find out whether this coming month is the time for you to retreat, revise your plans or go full steam ahead.

Happy Solstice!

2 thoughts on “Astrology Podcast: June 21 to July 22 2019”

  1. Hi Sally,

    Thank you for the podcast. You two are very intuitive people.

    I am eagerly waiting for solar eclipse as it falls on my twin girls birthday . 2 July 2010. Conceiving a twin, giving birth, leaving the job to care for them, finding a part time job so that I can still be with them etc. It revolve around them. Now I am applying for bigger jobs as I feel it is time to focus on career. I have my North Node 23 Capricorn, partial lunar eclipse conjunct this.
    Twins have sun conjunct South Node in the eclipse degree. I am waiting to see what is unfolding. Thanks again

    1. Sally Kirkman

      Thank you for your kind comment. Your twins are eclipse babies, so yes, the eclipses are likely to signify important stages in their own development. It’s a good time for you to be considering your next steps. Be open to destiny stepping in with the nodes involved. See what occurs and ideally take action in August as Mercury is retrograde until the end of July. Sending best wishes.

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