Astrology Podcast: February 19 to March 19 2020

Please note: If you download the Radio Public app and listen to the astrology podcast from the app, Christina & I will make back our expenses for the podcast. Entirely up to you how you choose to listen, of course, and our first choice would be that you join us. 

The monthly podcast includes astrological insights for every star sign. Our aim is to bridge the gap between star signs & the language of astrology.

We’re diving in to Pisces’ world of dreams & the imagination in a big way this month. Mercury, the planet ruling the mind & communication, is retrograde for most of the time taking us all on a magical mystery tour.

Will it be wonderful, will it be weird? Probably a bit of both but with strong earth sign energy, including Mars in Capricorn, there’ll be opportunities to make the month memorable.

Join Christina & I to hear our chat about the Pisces’ we love (including birthday girl, Christina). Plus, our astrological wisdom to guide you as the Sun completes its journey around the zodiac one more time.

Next month, a fresh start as the Sun enters Aries and the first sign of the zodiac.

6 thoughts on “Astrology Podcast: February 19 to March 19 2020”

    1. Hi Clare, yes, there seems to be a problem at the moment – Mercury retrograde?! – I’ve contacted Radio Public to find out what the issue is but our podcast doesn’t appear when you put in the title of our podcast or search under astrology! You can listen in from the page and hopefully the issue with Radio Public will get sorted soon. Thank you for letting me know.

  1. Through a chance comment made about a video, noticed by someone who doesn’t usually read them, I’m back in touch with an old friend I’d lost contact with a number of years ago. Such an unexpected delight!

  2. Frustating to say but I struggled to hear Christina throughout. Speakers on 100% and house otherwise quiet.

    My midheaven has progressed into Pisces since New Year. When it moved into Aqua thirty years ago, I left school and got a job in IT. That career ended a decade or so ago at my nodal return and nothing solid has replaced it since. I’ve sometimes been referred to as a guru in jobs due to my in-depth knowledge so wondering if I have a TonyRobbins-esque life ahead !!

    1. Sorry you couldn’t hear Christina well. I’ve just listened in again and I’m definitely the louder of the two! I may have to sit further back… Yes, Sun progressed in to Pisces, definitely the time to go all cosmic – enjoy 🙂

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