Astrology Podcast: February 18 to March 19 2019


Please note: If you download the Radio Public app and listen to the astrology podcast from the app, Christina & I will make back our expenses for the podcast. Entirely up to you how you choose to listen, of course, and our first choice would be that you do listen in ?.

The monthly podcast includes astrological insights for every star sign, not only the sign of the month.

It’s all a bit emotional and watery as we enter Pisces’ season on February 18th. Neptune, planet of dreams & the imagination, is in full flow influencing both the Full Moon on February 19th and the New Moon on March 6th.

As Mercury also turns retrograde in Pisces on March 5th, will you experience confusion, inspiration or something inbetween? It feels like a month when it’s ok to not know where you’re heading or why. Make time to meander gently through life.

We also talk about the major astrological shift of Uranus into earth sign, Taurus, on March 6th. Come join us and listen in.

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