Astrology of the French Open Tennis Final 2013

Tennis Weathervane
Tennis Weathervane

There is a type of astrology called ‘retrodiction’ (looking back) which is the opposite of ‘prediction’ (looking ahead).

Retrodiction means using present knowledge to explain past events and today we know that yesterday Rafael Nadal won his 8th French Open tennis title, becoming the first man to win 8 singles titles at the same grand slam tour.

If you’ve been reading any of the comments posted over the last couple of weeks, you’ll know that Nadal was my favourite to win although I didn’t bet this year as the odds weren’t great and I was extra busy so never got round to writing a blog post before the event.

Understanding the astrology and why it worked can help us predict what next and what’s next is Wimbledon, my favourite tennis grand slam event of the year and last year I correctly predicted that Roger Federer would lift the trophy.

Rafael Nadal’s French Open Win

The astrology for this year’s final was blindingly obvious. Rafael Nadal is a Sun Gemini but more importantly his success planet (ruler of the 10th) is Mercury in Gemini. Mercury is fleet-footed and in Gemini, nimble and dexterous and Mercury rules the hands, perfect for a speedy tennis player. In Nadal’s chart Mercury is at 26 Gemini 24 and on the day of the final lucky Jupiter, the planet of opportunity, was at 26 Gemini 12, almost exactly applying conjunct Nadal’s Mercury. I’ve posted the chart of the final below and you can see that the Moon/Jupiter conjunction in Gemini sits on the Midheaven or success point bringing Nadal’s Mercury to the apex of a chart that spells success, glory and a new winning record.

Jupiter in Gemini

The top four players of men’s tennis share numerous similarities in their charts and the sign that’s dominant for all of them is Gemini. Both Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic are Sun Geminis and Andy Murray and Roger Federer have Gemini Midheavens, the success point of a chart. Jupiter, the winning planet, has been in Gemini since June 11 2012 and it was Jupiter conjunct Roger Federer’s Midheaven on the day of last year’s Wimbledon final that was the basis of my prediction for his epic win.

Jupiter is now coming to the end of it’s yearly journey through the sign of Gemini and on June 26 2013 it enters the sign of Cancer, two days after this year’s Wimbledon tournament begins. Will this mean a sea-change for the men at the top or will they continue to dominate? I shall be posting more on the astrology for the Wimbledon final this week or next.

Andy Murray KO French Open

Andy Murray was especially unlucky to be injured before this year’s French Open as astrologically his Mars, the action planet, is at 26 Gemini 22 in his 10th house of success, at almost the exact same place in the heavens as Nadal’s Mercury in Gemini. If he’d been fit, he would have been a strong contender for the title.

Nadal, Murray and a Lunar Eclipse

What’s interesting in Murray’s chart is the fact that on May 25 2013 there was a lunar eclipse at 4 Sagittarius 08. Like Nadal, Murray also has his Mercury in Gemini but at the earlier degree of 3 Gemini 49 conjunct his Gemini Midheaven The lunar or Full Moon eclipse that dominated the skies the weekend before the start of the French Open fell on Murray’s Mercury.

Eclipses often signal a triangle situation where one person wins and another person loses and it put Murray out of the competition. What was particularly interesting for me was the fact that this eclipse also connected with Nadal’s chart as he has Saturn in the 1st house at 5 Sagittarius 55, close to the eclipse degree.

I was worried that Nadal’s knee injury (Saturn rules bones & joints) would flare up again during the French Open and deprive him of Jupiter’s prize when it applied to the conjunction with his Mercury on the day of the final. On this occasion, Nadal won and Murray was knocked out before the event started.

What Next?

Wimbledon starts two weeks today and no doubt the same top four will be vying for the esteemed trophy although you can’t count out the Sun Aries fighters of the tennis world, David Ferrer and Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, both of whom played well at the French Open. I will be looking at their charts as well for their Wimbledon chances, but I don’t have a birth time for David Ferrer. (If any of you do know his time of birth, I’d be grateful if you’d let me know).

Below is the chart for the French Open final 2013 and below that the birth data for the big four. Here’s to a brilliant Wimbledon tournament 2013.

Astrology Chart of French Open Final 2013
French Open Tennis Final, June 9 2013, 2:00 pm, Roland Garros, Paris, France

Birth Data

Rafael Nadal, b. June 3 1986, 7:15 pm, Manacor, Spain

Novak Djokovic, b. May 22 1987, 11:00 am, Belgrade, Yugoslavia (n.b. new birth time for Djokovic!)

Andy Murray, b. May 15 1987, 2:10 pm, Glasgow, UK

Roger Federer, b. August 8 1981, 8:40 am, Basel, Switzerland

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26 thoughts on “Astrology of the French Open Tennis Final 2013”

  1. Excellent post Sally. I enjoy these tennis posts you are writing. Glad to see you have rectified Novak’s birthtime which gives him a Leo Ascendant. I think this is more fitting than the Capricorn ascendant many people want to use for him. He is known as the Djoker after all and enjoys performing and doing skits on the court. For Novak, who is my favourite, he will be receiving a conjunction of Jupiter to his Mars at 0 Cancer. I’m not sure if this is enough to carry him to the Wimbledon title but he will be competitive. For Nadal, transiting Saturn retrograding over his natal Pluto is a bit ominous. Saturn/pluto always shows hard work and or loss. Maybe the positive Jupiter transit will give Nadal some protection from this. I would also like to see Del Petro start to get into the mix. He’s got great talent when he isn’t being lazy.

    1. hi Shelley, thanks for your kind words and your predictions. Spot on. Djokovic does have Jupiter going over his Mars in Cancer close to the Wimbledon final and he’s got to be a contender. My best astrological predictions are simple but effective astrology, nothing fancy, and it seems to work. I can’t see Nadal performing at his best for the rest of the year due to the Saturn transit but so pleased he won the French Open for the 8th time. He deserved it after his injury problems. His astrology was stunning on the day of the final, lucky Jupiter, lucky Rafa. I have had a quick look at Del Potro’s chart but nothing stands out for Wimbledon. However, I don’t have a time of birth and if anyone does I’d be grateful for the information. It’s limiting doing predictions when you only have the day of the birth as you don’t know where the Midheaven/success point is in the chart. Looking forward to Wimbledon – blog post coming soon… best, Sally

  2. Hi Sally. That time of year again when my nerves are on edge for Federer. I am driven to hoping that he can do something even more incredible this year but sense tells me that this may be hard for him, but, for me, there is no light like Federer’s! I will be really interested to see your take on his chances this year.

    1. hi Lesley, lovely to hear from u and you and the rest of the Federer fan club will no doubt be waiting for Wimbledon with great anticipation. I shall do my best to please but as always I will tell it straight. Wimbledon post coming shortly… best wishes, Sally

    1. hey Val, you have the Sun/Jupiter conjunction on your birthday – happy days! Hope to post Wimbledon blog today or tomorrow…

  3. HI Sally,

    I am waiting for your predictions for Wimbledon 2013. I am very very concerned about Roger. Will Roger win anymore Slams this year. I am sick and tired of people writing him off.

    I am positive that Roger will come back stronger.

    Federer fan

    1. hi Federer fan, you may not like my predictions for Roger this year but he is always awesome at Wimbledon. Let’s hope he pulls something special out of his tennis bag… Blog live very shortly.

  4. Looking forward to reading your wimbledon astrology as always. Think it will be a fascinating tournament this year. What’s making you so nervous? I know why I am – RF as always!! Am a hopeless case. I end up walking round the flat outside if things get too tight for him. Wonder if he realises what we all go through?!

    1. hi Lesley, my predictions are coming anytime soon. Just finished them and will be posting them in the next half hour or so. I’m sorry to say that Federer doesn’t have the best astrology of the big four for Wimbledon but never say never. I may shock you with my prediction however!
      I always get nervous around Wimbledon. I love it and often get attached to one or other of the main players. Last year obviously I wanted Federer to win as per my prediction and I do so love his game. This year who knows… I can’t wait. best, Sally

  5. HI Sally,

    I am checking your blog many times a day. So eager to read your post on Wimbledon. I am very excited to see how things are gonna be for Nole as well as Andy.

    I hope you get the best 🙂

      1. hi Sally,I dunno but my gut feeling is that there is an over hype for Murray at Wimbledon this time around,I wonder if he is a real contender according to your astrological expertise.I think British media is very active or do you really think there is something revolving around him 4 Wimbledon.thanks Sally

  6. Dear Sally,

    Thank you for your reply. Still waiting for your predictions. I can’t believe that Roger chart is not helping him. Totally unfair while Nadal gets all the luck in the world.

    Will Roger win anymore Slams this year or next?

    I just want Roger to win one or two more slam

    Federer fan

    1. hi Richard Krajicek! Predictions are up. Roger doesn’t have the best astrology for Wimbledon. I may be wrong but I suspect this year and next are going to be a major turning point for him. New beginnings…

  7. Hi Sally,sorry I need to ask you one more thing plz if u allow me,as a diehard Rafa fan what does his astrology say for Wimbledon in your expert opinion.I’ll await your reply.thanks Sally

    1. hi Tahir, the predictions are up for Wimbledon. You can see what I see for Murray and Rafa. Thanks for your comments. best, Sally

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