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Update: June 12th 2014. Rafael Nadal did indeed win the French Open 2014 making him the first man to win a major title 9 times and his tennis was awesome.

Novak Djokovic was unlucky and I suspect on the day of the final this showed astrologically with Mercury turning retrograde on his career planet Mars. He won the first set but then there was an about-turn, a change in fortune, so typical of Mercury retrograde and Mercury is the planet I associate most closely with tennis.

Mercury rules Gemini and two Geminis were contending the title in the final match. Plus Djokovic served a d0uble fault to gift  Nadal the title which is a disappointing end of any tennis final. Again that seems symbolic of Mercury’s mischief.

My heart is no longer in my Grand Slam tennis predictions so for those of you who have been following me consistently since 2012, I shall put up a prediction for Wimbledon 2014 and then it will be ‘sayonara’.

It’s been a good run so far and I’ve really enjoyed looking at the top four players in particular and seeing how astrology can guide you in predicting top sports events. If the astrology fascinates me post-tournament, then I shall blog about it but otherwise Wimbledon 2014 will be my swan song.

I suspect also that the four who have dominated the Grand Slam tennis for the last ten years may begin to change from now on in and there will be some new kids on the block. Maybe there will also be a new astrologer to take on the predictions…

Having said that, here I am back with predictions for the French Open 2014 which begins on Sunday 25th May 2014. Some of the astrology is fascinating and some of the astrology is plain dull but that’s the way it goes. Here are my predictions for the top four plus the best of the rest, plus a quick comment on the charts of the start of the tournament and the final:

Roger Federer, b. August 8 1981, 8:40 am, Basel, Switzerland

Last year Roger Federer played in all four Grand Slam tennis events notching up his best result as a semi-finalist in the Australian Open 2013, a result which he repeated at the Australian Open 2014 earlier this year. He will be 33 in August 2014 and many people are debating whether he can win his 18th Grand Slam event.

If you’ve kept up with my tennis blogs then you’ll know that Roger has stunning astrology this year with two noteworthy progressions. Progressions are slow-moving symbolic timing measures which colour the year rather than the date they’re exact. The first of these was progressed Jupiter, the success planet, sextile Roger’s natal Mercury, his career planet, exact on March 31st 2014. The second is progressed Sun conjunct his natal Venus which is exact on October 29th 2014. His 1st house Venus rules the money sector of his chart and the Sun acts as an illuminator, lighting up the planet it connects with.

Last year having seen this astrology, I thought there was a real chance that Roger could extend his Grand Slam wins in 2014. The only fly in the ointment astrologically is Saturn in Scorpio going back and forth over his Moon, the emotional indicator in the chart. When this first happened earlier this year in January, it coincided with him playing a tennis match where he seemed to have lost his confidence. However, this was short-lived and he’s played well in 2014 so far beating some big names.

Saturn was again conjunct his Moon on May 1st 2014 and of course he had to pull out of the Madrid Masters as his wife gave birth on May 6th 2014. This is what’s really interesting astrologically because Mercury rules Roger’s Midheaven and the Jupiter/Mercury progression is majestic, awesome. His Gemini Midheaven shows his tennis prowess but it also symbolizes ‘twins’ as this is Gemini’s zodiac symbol. Part of his vocation is the fact that he and Mirka, his wife, now not only have 1 set of twins (their twin girls were born in 2009) but 2 sets of twins as Mirka gave birth to twin boys, Leo and Lenny.

In an interview he said ‘this was the best time of his life’ which fits the Jupiter/Mercury symbolism beautifully. He’s flying high with the birth of his second set of twins. If anything, this will make him a more popular superstar too and I’m sure that financially he will go from strength to strength in 2014 regardless of his results in tennis.

Will he win another Grand  Slam in 2014? Yes, it’s possible with his stars and he does have success planet Jupiter conjunct his Leo Sun and Mercury, his career planet, in September 2014 but the timing doesn’t look quite right for him at this year’s French Open.

Novak Djokovic, b. May 22 1987, 11:25 pm, Belgrade, Yugoslavia

Novak hasn’t won a Grand Slam title since the Australian Open 2013 although he came runner-up twice at Wimbledon and the US Open. He’s going to be ready to fight for his next title but are the stars in alignment? Jupiter, the success planet, was trine (easy aspect) his Midheaven and success point on April 25th 2014 but a little early for this tournament.

Jupiter is the planet that’s prominent in his chart this year and it’s closely connected to his natal Mercury in Gemini, which is the ‘tennis’ planet/sign combination. Again there’s a major progression, Mars progressed square his natal Jupiter, exact on December 9th 2014, plus Jupiter in the heavens is square his natal Jupiter on May 24th 2014. As Jupiter is also conjunct his Descendant in May 2014, again this is promising for love but hopefully his tennis playing too. The big news for Novak comes in 2015 when Uranus in Aries triggers his natal Jupiter promising success.

Novak’s natal chart interlinks with the charts of the tournament and his Jupiter at 18 Aries is close to the Midheaven, success point, of the chart that starts the French Open. The really tricky astrology is the day of the final when a retrograde Mercury is conjunct Novak’s Mars in Cancer, his career planet. Mercury retrograde is forgetful and can indicate communication breakdown in some form or other. If he gets to the final, let’s hope he’s not late!

Andy Murray, b. May 15 1987, 2:10 pm, Glasgow, UK

Andy Murray is officially a legend in Britain as the country finally broke it’s 77 year old duck and one of our boys won Wimbledon in 2013. Can it get any better for the plucky Scot? When he won Wimbledon, it was a less obvious astrological factor that showed his success: lucky Jupiter in the heavens was conjunct his progressed Midheaven, the success point of the chart.

This year he has another planet that’s progressed into the tennis sign, Gemini, Venus (exact Jan 14th 2014) plus he has Mars progressed sextile (easy aspect) his Ascendant and Mars is the fighting planet. He’ll need to find his competitive edge to move forward after last year’s success and he now has two Grand Slam titles under his belt.

Jupiter connects with his career planet, Mercury, early August 2014 which is a way off for boosting his chances in the French Open. Other than that he has a lot of lesser synastry with the chart for the start of the competition. It’s his Venus return often a happy time, the Sun is conjunct his career planet Mercury in Gemini, and Mercury is conjunct his natal Mars in Gemini. So the stars are picking him out, as a potential contender? We shall see.

Rafael Nadal, b. June 3 1986, 6:20 pm, Manacor, Spain

The French Open is Rafa’s victory ground notching up 8 titles in the past 9 years and he is the current holder. He’s always got to be a hot favourite at the French Open and this year he has some stunning astrology. The highlight comes in October when Jupiter, the success planet, conjuncts his Leo Midheaven, the success point of the chart.

This coincides with a major progression of the progressed Sun trine his natal Ascendant and as the Sun rules his career in his natal chart, this has got to be big news. It’s exact on October 4th 2014 and it’s already active in his chart as you feel major progressions six months before and six months after the event.

The rest of the astrology focuses on Venus, planet of love so I wonder whether there are also major developments in his love life in June. Venus does oppose his powerful Mars in Capricorn (the gladiator) in his chart however and as it’s Jupiter that’s making connections, again this looks promising for his career ambitions. His birthday is June 3rd so mid-way through the tournament and you have to think he’s going to be there or thereabouts knocking on the title trophy.

The Best of the Rest

There are quite a few of the up-and-coming players who have interesting astrology during the tournament and can’t be discounted. I haven’t checked whether they’re all fit and playing but here’s a selection:

Stanislas Wawrinka, b. March 28 1985, 11:05am, Lausanne, Switzerland

Won his first Grand Slam title earlier this year at the Australian Open. Uranus is moving ever closer to his Mercury/Venus conjunction in Aries although it’s not there quite yet but his confidence will be high.

Juan Martin del Potro, b. September 23 1988, time unknown, Tandil, Argentina

The North Node is conjunct his natal Mercury during the tournament, often a ‘moment of destiny’.

Bernie Tomic, b. October 21 1992, time unknown, Stuttgart, Germany

Jupiter is almost exactly conjunct his competitive Mars as the tournament begins which is very lucky. He does also have Saturn conjunct his natal Mercury, the ‘tennis’ planet, so together this feels a stop-start combination.

Richard Gasquet, b. June 18 1986, 9:00am, Serignan du Comte, France

As there’s a time of birth for Gasquet, this shows that Uranus, the planet of surprises, is moving ever closer to his Midheaven, success point, at 17 Aries. Plus he has lucky Jupiter conjunct his natal Mercury during the tournament. Both pick him out as a potential contender, although the Uranus will be exact in 2015 and Uranus is a planet that often plays out to the day.

David Ferrer, b. April 2 1982, time unknown, Javea, Spain

Lucky Jupiter is conjunct Ferrer’s North Node as the tournament begins. His natal Mars is 9 Libra, the degree at which Mars has just turned direct. He’s in tune with the Zeitgeist, so will this be his moment to win big?

Nicolas Almagro, b. August 21 1985, time unknown, Murcia, Spain

One to watch in 2014. He has Jupiter close to his natal Venus in Cancer on the day of the final plus he will have Jupiter conjunct his natal Mercury/Mars conjunction later this year.

Grigor Dimitrov, b. May 16 1991, time unknown, Haskovo, Bulgaria

Another young contender with key planets in Cancer and Leo. Jupiter is conjunct his Mars in Cancer on June 19th 2014 plus he has Jupiter Return mid-August 2014. Maybe not enough to win the title at Roland Garros but should be a positive year for him.

Tournament Charts

Start: May 25th 2014, 11:00am, Roland Garros, Paris, France

Final: June 8th 2014, 3:00pm, Roland Garros, Paris, France

The charts are intriguing for the tournament as the chart of the start has a Moon/Venus conjunction close to the Aries Midheaven. These are the female planets in the zodiac so why they should dominate, it’s hard to say. Aries is the sign of the ‘new’ so perhaps we’ll start to see some new contenders for the Grand Slam titles with a qualifier doing well.

The chart of the final has Mercury retrograde conjunct the Cancer Midheaven. Will there be a technological hiccup on the day of the final? Or does it suggest that this is a repeat of the past and Rafael Nadal has got it sewn up once again?

My prediction:

I’m not 100% confident but I know you like to have a prediction so I’m going for Rafa once again.







73 thoughts on “Astrology Of The French Tennis Open 2014”

  1. Hi Sally.

    Sorry there are spelling mistakes.

    This is correct one. Oh I am sorry to hear that you will not be continuing to post the predictions after Wimbledon. I will certainly miss your posts

    Will Roger Astrology be good next year? Will he win more GS next year?

    I am bored of Nadal winning RG every year. It would be nice to have someone different than Nadal. I am hoping that Roger win RG.

    Thank u

    1. Thanks for your comment. My article says it all to be fair. I think it’s going to be a tough ask for Roger Federer to win another Grand Slam but it’s not impossible. I haven’t looked at his stars for next year. This year’s astrology is stunning for him and the birth of his twins is obviously a huge pleasure in his life. Will that translate into tennis success? I don’t know is the honest answer. best, Sally

  2. Hi Sally,

    Being one of your true fan , it’s disheartening to know that you will be saying “Sayonara” after Wimbledon …..Wish you could have done that after Roger winning another Slam …..

    Bangalore, India

  3. Hello,

    Thank you for the prediction. Good to know Rafa has a good chance at the French Open. Oct 4, 2014 is a good time for him? By the time, Wimbledon and US Open would be over. So, I don’t know what he’d win. Maybe some of the Masters 1000 titles. They also help the ranking. I will miss your predictions if you retire post Wimbledon. 🙁


  4. Dear Sally.

    Thank u for your reply. I respect your article and you are fair. I would love to.know if Rpger will win GS next year?

    Thank u

  5. Hi Sally,

    Thanks for the prediction. What are the chances of a rafa-novak final this year?
    Are you sure rafa will have edge over Novak, Wawrinka and Ferrer? I don’t see rest of the field pose any challenge to him. Hope to have a rafa-novak final and rafa emerges victorious.

    1. hi Rafa fan, the problem is that none of the top four have an extra-ordinary horoscope during the French Open. They all have something interesting going on which makes it harder to predict specifics. Sorry. best, Sally

  6. Hi Sally.

    Roger won his first round match in straight sets.

    If you got time Sally, could u please tell me if Roger astrology for next year is good as this year? Will the Saturn transit from Roger chart be gone by then? Will he win more next year?

    Thank u for your time.

  7. Your prediction is awesome im sure novak wont make in quarter final he has some threat in pre quarter final match itself,Even if he cross roger is there in semi final and im sure novak could trap prior to quarter final or bundled in semi final ……….and novak does not have proven record against roger in clay.its not a 1000 series it’s a grand slam novak needs to play 5 sets that’s the reason he does not have good statistics in grandslam finals.stan losses in first round is good sign for rafa to win French open 2014.
    Thanks and warm regards,

  8. dear sally for the start of the french open chart the ascendent rising is in the 10th from nadals ascendent. does this mean success for nadal.

    1. hi James, I haven’t used that astrology technique before and it’s not what I’m basing my prediction on. Useful to know though. best, Sally

  9. Hi Sally

    I will miss your prediction too. Do you prepare a prediction for the world cup in Brazil? I’d be interested to read what do you think about my home team, Switzerland.

    1. I will be writing a World Cup prediction, Philippe, but not for my website. I’ll post a link to it if I can from my website next week. best, Sally

  10. Hi sally,
    All the players having ups and down but if nadal faces continues failure then he got much criticism from media then any other player,does astrology plays any role on this.Even if djoker or federer fails continuously also they don’t face much criticism as like nadal,Im sure nadal will win French open 2014,but he has a threat in second round and his rival Nicolas was chucked out,then one more threat is from David ferrer………on a whole nadal will come over to clinch the title.

  11. Hi Sally,

    Federer is out of the tournament now, a man who could have taken out Djokovic. With Rafa showing the signs of fatigue with his back, do you still say Rafa has better astrology than Djokovic?

    Do you see, by any means, Djokovic can complete his career slam this year?

    1. Djokovic doesn’t have convincing astrology in 2014 for a Grand Slam win. Having said that, his chart is most closely aligned with the charts for the French Open but in a tricky way. Let’s wait and see how it plays out… best, Sally

      1. Thanks Sally!!

        So do you say Nadal has more convincing astrology for French Open? Can Rafa overcome his dodgy back before finals? if at all its a Nadal-Djokovic final, can you say advantage Rafa? May be 60-40 in Rafa’s favor??

        1. Neither have stunning astrology for the French Open. That’s why it’s hard to predict. My gut instinct is with Nadal. best, Sally

  12. Hi Sally,
    If Roanic wont give pressure for novak in quarter final he will defently reach final without any pressure,Again Novak is oddman for grand slam final.But why you are not giving 100 % confident in your prediction as like last year us open final prediction.So far nadal showing is good show in france and I hope it will continue until this Sunday finals.Is Federar clashed out is benifitted for navak in semi final or he has any threat in semi finals or quarter finals.
    Thanks and warm regards,

    1. Hello. I’m not 100% confident as the astrology doesn’t show clearly. That’s why. So my prediction is based on small astrological symbols rather than on a very clear astrological symbol. Therefore my final prediction is who edges it plus my gut instinct. This is partly why I’m not continuing to predict for the tennis each Grand Slam. Plus I don’t look at each individual match. That would be way too much work unless someone wants to pay me to do it! It’s lovely when the astrology is glaringly obvious and the winner proves the astrology but otherwise I don’t think it’s helpful enough. best, Sally

  13. Hi Sally,
    No Much follower on this prediction because u have not pic the djoker or fedrer as a French open 2014 winner,But regarding noel the final day of French open ie on 08 th of june is not a good day based on his astrology,His good day will closed on 7 th of june.
    God know the best.The best player will clinch the title.
    Thanks and warm regards,
    G Saravanan.

  14. Hello Sally,

    Roland Garros has come to more interesting mode now. With Nadal to play Murray in semis and Djokovic to play Gulbis, one would hardly have any doubt that it would be a Nadal-Djokovic final now.
    Just for the curiosity though, can you check if this year’s surprised package Gulbis, who took out both Federer and Berdych, has any chance taking out Djokovic as well?
    For the last time now, please check Nadal’s and Djokovic’s astrology for tomorrow, 6th June and 8th June when the semi finals and finals are to be played.
    You may find something clear this time!!!!


  15. Don’t you think Sally has done enough ? I have difficulty when I see what all responders request from Sally. “Check this horoscope Sally? Can you see XY?” If we would be grateful for all the “free” information and would not take it for granted Sally would continue her work. But like this it is just a thankless task.

    The jug goes to the well until it breaks.

    1. I totally agree, Philippe! I’m glad Sally will stop posting predictions as it has made people on here become rude and greedy. Can we please treat Sally with respect.
      Thank you for your awesome work, Sally.

    2. Philippe – hero! Thank you for your defence and your appreciation of the amount of work that goes into making my tennis predictions. I do what I can but sometimes it does feel as if I receive a barrage of questions with people wanting more. It is as it is and thank you, your words are appreciated. best, Sally

    1. If he plays against Djokovic like he played against Murray, it’s a no-brainer. Let’s see what happens today. I’m still wondering what the Mercury retrograde might be about in Djokovic’s chart. I hope he’s fit and well for the final. best, Sally

    1. His time of birth is 11:25pm as quoted at from his birth certificate. They are who I use for the most correct birth data and the Capricorn Ascendant fits Djokovic for me. I know there are different birth times on the internet but that’s the time I use from a trusted source. best, Sally

      1. Sathya (Sathiamoorthy)

        Dear Sally, Congratulations for being on the spot this time too ! though you were bit uncomfortable to predict, your calculations were right and thanks for your predction. Congrats to Nadal, what a man !

  16. your prediction is great. I respect your for your choice of words in your prediction because you give room for ‘X’ factor. We will miss you.

  17. Again bang on target. I think you should not stop your predictions as it is as important as the tournament itself.Although I really appreciate the effort you put into it. I think apart from last years Wimbledon(but again u were close – there is always margin of error) all ur prediction are so far more or less bang on target. As soon as wawrinka reached australin open final I knew he has great shot at winning because you had written that he had lovely astrology.

    Are you offering any discount for this summer as you usually do during wimbeldon?

    Thanks a lot Sally.

    1. He’s been runner-up so many times recently, hasn’t he. I think it’s probably hard to keep coming back after that but he’s still young and a tremendous tennis player. best, Sally

  18. hi sally as per sidereal zodiac mercury is the 10th lord in djokovics horoscope. 10th house is the house of career and so mercury turning retrogade led to his per nadals basic chart his astology for french open was not outstanding.but his sidereal solar return chart for his 29th year which commenced on 3rd june 2014 clearly showed his success as mars and moon were transiting his 10th house on the day of the final. regards

    1. Interesting. Thanks for your comments, James. Nadal’s such a fighter too – the gladiator of tennis! best, Sally

  19. @Phani: I don’t think Novak’s career is ending anytime soon! Rafa was better than him on the Finale day. I don’t want to take away anything from Rafa, but as per reports Nole was not feeling well a couple of days before and during the Finals.

    @Sally: Kudos to you! I love your predictions, they are amazing. I also follow you on Twitter. All respect to you….I agree if your heart is not in something you should not continue doing it 🙂

    1. Thanks for your kind words, tennis buff. That’s interesting to hear that Novak wasn’t feeling well. He still played incredibly well and a shame for him. best, Sally

  20. Hi Sally,
    We respect you and your prediction which is awesome and you predict the winner without any personal taught,I underwent many predictions provided by tennis legends and Astrologers almost all say 80 percent of people predict that djoker and halep could win,But your prediction is accurate and don’t give your retirement after Wimbledon,do continue your work so that we can identify the fraud astrologers.
    Thanks and warm regards,

    1. hi Anish, thanks for posting the other predictions. I never know what Planet X is but the correct prediction for the French Open. I think I can predict that Federer’s kids will excel in tennis… it’s in the genes! best, Sally

  21. Hi Sally,

    Congrats for yet another correct prediction. You have been bang on target since last few predictions. Your efforts are much appreciated by all tennis fans!!!

  22. Planet X, Y and Z are 3 astrological planets he’s located by means of years of research, apparently. He follows some really different kind of astrology. But seems to be working for him. 🙂

    Anyway, i am looking forward to your Wimbledon prediction, especially after Nadal’s early exit at Gerry Weber Open, warm up event for Wimbledon.

    1. Thanks Anish. You’re right the astrology seems to be working. Very odd, X, Y & Z. New to me…
      Yes, Wimbledon. My prediction may be late coming, i.e. close to the start date but there will be one.
      best, Sally

  23. Hi,
    Please wait she will give her prediction for Wimbledon 2014……………………..Halep is womens singles finalists 2014 french open.Nadal,murray or stan has a chances to win Wimbledon 2014…….This point djoker and fedex fan should wait for their turn around.
    Thanks and warm regards,
    G Saravanan

    1. Thanks. I did realise who Halep was once I’d posted my comment. The women’s players seem to change much more frequently than the men’s. Interesting what you say about who’s going to do well at Wimbledon. I will post my predictions close to the event. best, Sally

  24. Thanks Sally for all the time you’ve taken to bring us these predictions. I love Wimbledon and can hardly wait for it to start .

    All the best!

    1. Very interesting. On first glance, he’s going to be my pick too! Will explain more in my prediction. best, Sally

  25. Hmmm….Evert and JMac taking Djokovic, Cahill and PMac Roger, and only Fernandez taking Nadal,

    Not sure who thinks Murray will win?

    1. Thanks Deidre. Interesting that Djokovic and Federer come out on top from the pros. I’d say that’s what the astrology suggests too. Article will be posted this morning. best, Sally

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