Ask The Astrologer: Sun Sign Or Ascendant?

You Are My SunshineQ. When I’m reading my horoscope, do I read my Sun sign or the sign on my Ascendant?

A. I prefer to read my Sun sign but if you know your Ascendant (the sign that’s rising on the horizon when you were born), then you can look at that too. To find out your Ascendant sign, you need to know the time you were born*.

I work both as a media astrologer writing horoscopes and as a consultant astrologer reading client’s charts. A good media astrologer will write the horoscopes targeted to each specific Sun sign and the horoscopes are based on solar houses.

If you’re a Scorpio, for example, planets in Scorpio are going to be in the 1st house ruling self, image and profile whilst planets in Sagittarius are going to be in the 2nd house which rules money and what you value in life.

When you’re reading your horoscope for your Ascendant sign, this is where the planets are located in your natal or birth chart using whole sign houses. For example, if you have an Aries Ascendant, planets in Aries are in your 1st house, planets in Taurus in your 2nd house and so on.

Both interpretations are valid but for me personally I like to read my Sun sign horoscope first, my Ascendant sign second.

* If you know your time, date & place of birth and would like to know your Ascendant sign, drop me an email and I’ll happily check it out for you.

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