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Find your song that involves ‘work’ and sing it dutifully throughout September. Your ruler, Mars, is in earth sign, Virgo, all month, which requires a hard-work ethic, a ‘head down, bum up’ stance.

As soon as September begins, this is the ideal time to tweak your routine, add some healthy habits to your lifestyle and focus on getting things done.

Order & Efficiency

Virgo is the sign of order so it’s an excellent month for tidying and sorting and bringing form and structure to your life. If you’re a list-maker, crack on. If you like spreadsheets to know how you’re doing, create a new one. 

This is the ideal time to analyse and strategise and ensure you’re getting the results you want. As a fire sign, Aries, you’re great at leaping into something new. You’re not always as efficient at seeing things through to completion or checking out what’s working and what’s not.

Your ruler, Mars, teams up with Saturn on the 9th and Pluto on the 19th. Both planets are in Capricorn and your career and vocation sector. Another indication that this is a month to get on with the job at hand, to aim high and work diligently. In fact, you could impress someone in a position of authority if you keep showing up and you’re willing to go that extra mile.

Also, if you’re true to your star sign, Aries, you fare best when you’re physically strong and this is an excellent month to hone your fitness and boost your health. It would be a good time to train for a physical challenge or incorporate regular exercise in to your routine. Think about your eating habits too and whether you want to try something new.

Teamwork & Partnership

In the first half of September, it’s a good idea to find your allies and team up with other people. A flurry of planets are in Virgo up until mid-September. This includes social Mercury and the planet of relating, Venus. Working alongside other people will be more enjoyable than going it alone. You’re an independent soul by nature but teamwork is not only fun but more effective too.

The theme of partnership increases at the Full Moon on the 14th. This is because, on the same day, Mercury and Venus change star sign and enter Libra, your opposite sign. Plus, the 23rd is the Equinox, the day when the Sun moves into Libra, heralding a new season.

Libra represents all forms of partnership in your life, both personal and professional. It’s about your 1-to1’s whether you decide to take on a personal trainer, employ a cleaner or VA or find a buddy to team up with so you can be accountable to another person.

This month’s New Moon also falls in Libra on the 28th. This could turn out to be a stand-out date for love and relationships as the two best planets, Venus and Jupiter, also unite. Make the most of this harmonious planetary vibe and create good connections in your life.

When planets are in Libra, it’s important to compromise, listen to both sides of the coin and weigh things up carefully. It’s a very different planetary energy from your direct and forthright star sign, Aries. You can learn from your opposite sign. Life often becomes easier when you take on some of the opposite sign’s traits.

Hopes & Dreams

This could turn out to be a big month for other reasons too. Firstly, the planets Jupiter and Neptune are strong all month, peaking on the 21st. This is the third and final time this year that these two Gods make a square aspect between Sagittarius (Jupiter) and Pisces (Neptune).

Think back to January and June to get a feeling of what this means for you. It’s about dreams on the one hand, allowing yourself to have hope and faith, follow a calling. It opens up the bigger picture in life, inspiring in you a need to see the world or save the world. 

These planets are especially strong on the 12th and 14th, as this is when your ruler Mars teams up first with Jupiter, then with Neptune. This all happens around the Full Moon on the 14th when your emotions may feel overwhelming.

You might feel sensitive to what’s happening out in the world or find yourself facing some kind of existential angst. The Jupiter-Neptune theme is helpful when it’s channelled into big dreams but not so helpful if it means you’re questioning everything. If you find it hard to ground yourself this month, be out in nature, walk, be physical, move. 

It would be an ideal month to go on a pilgrimage or take time out away from the hustle and bustle of life. Admittedly, this depends on your current situation and whether work is a necessity right now. Even if you are busy in your daily routine, find time for solitude and quiet, rest and repose. A spiritual path could be another way that this boundless planetary energy plays out for you.

Unblocking Roadblocks

Finally, Saturn, the taskmaster of the heavens, turns direct on the 18th. Saturn has been retrograde, i.e. on go slow since April 30th. Plus, Saturn has been retreating through the zodiac next to the karmic South Node. These two entities are close until the 28th but then Saturn starts to move away. 

Think about this as a release, a letting go. What are you ready to say No to, to turn away from. If life’s proved challenging since April, either with regard to your work or a boss, your parents or a family situation, now’s the time to move on. 

Some big astrology taking place this month requiring bold action. Put any difficulties behind you, let go of negative energy and redirect your compass towards a better world, a better future moving forwards.

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