Aries November 2021

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Mars Power

Your ruling planet Mars is strong throughout November in its other sign of rulership, Scorpio. Scorpio rules joint finances and shared resources in your horoscope, so this is an excellent time of year for a financial review.

Sometimes, extra money comes your way via a third party when you have Mars in this sector of your horoscope. Ideally, you want to ensure you’re earning as much as possible and minimise your expenses. Be money-conscious and be savvy around spending and investment.

Scorpio rules taboo issues in your horoscope, so it’s about sex and power as well as money, the cycle of death and rebirth. Turn the wheel of fortune as 2021 comes to a close and release what’s no longer needed. When key planets are in Scorpio, it’s a time to step into your power and take charge of your life.

Planets in Scorpio:

  • Mars (action/drive) – all month
  • Sun (illumination) – until the 22nd
  • Mercury (communication) – 5th to 24th

Scorpio is the star sign of the month and there’s some intense planetary activity here. On the 10th, Mercury and Mars align in Scorpio. Normally, this is a key time to walk (Mars) your talk (Mercury), to do (Mars) what you say (Mercury). However, both planets are squared by Saturn in Aquarius on the same day, holding you back or limiting what’s possible.

You may feel frustrated by events or have your work cut out trying to reach an agreement or finalise a contract. The other key planet pulled into the picture is Uranus representing change and the unexpected. Uranus opposes Mercury on the 13th and your ruling planet Mars on the 17th.

This is volatile and inflammatory and tensions could rise. You may want to take risks but you’re wise to rein in your impulsive nature. The Mars-Uranus clash on the 17th is accident prone so this is not only about money but physical risk too. Caution is recommended.

Eclipse Season

Uranus is active during the New Moon in Scorpio on the 4th. New beginnings could take place unexpectedly and your independent streak could kick in. You might be out to cause trouble or choose to break the rules. Alternatively, you could come across other people who embody this rebellious planetary energy.

The New Moon isn’t an eclipse but it may feel like one, thanks to Uranus’ involvement bringing change and the unexpected. Uranus can act like a lighting bolt, the planet linked to electricity & new technologies. You may be one step ahead of the game this month, buying crypto-currencies or experimenting with all things new & modern.

The new eclipse cycle begins officially on the 19th when there’s a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus. This eclipse cycle cuts across the Taurus/Scorpio axis of your horoscope. This is the sector ruling joint finances and money that’s shared with others, invested or owed. 

Things can emerge during an eclipse that have been hidden. This could be an important eclipse for love & partnership as the planet of relating Venus rules the Taurus eclipse and is trine Uranus on the same day.

This is the classic eclipse symbolism of winners & losers. Ideally, you want to end up on the winning team. Or, be with the person, either personal or professional, who’s making great strides either financially or at work, so you can take advantage of the wheel of destiny turning.

This eclipse cycle is the time to re-evaluate money and what it means to you, whether you need to earn more, pay off debt or decide what to do with your money. It’s not easy astrology but it could show where your priorities lie. And, it could help reveal your options moving forwards. This eclipse cycle continues until October 2023.

The Taurus/Scorpio axis is about sex & fertility, regeneration & transformation, the eternal cycle of life, death & rebirth. How are you going to be caught up in this new chapter? You may have your hands in the earth or be a key player in the fight against climate change. You could recognise what your self-worth is attached to and where you’re ready to transform on a personal level.

Rest of the Month’s Astrology

The planet of relating Venus is in Capricorn and your career and vocational sector from the 5th onwards. Use your networks and connections, especially influential women. Create a strong team around you and outsource your work.

The Sun enters fire sign Sagittarius on the 22nd followed two days later on the 24th by talk planet Mercury. Sagittarius rules your future sector, linked to travel and education. Line up some new goals, take advantage of any positive financial changes and invest your money well. Holidays and study courses could be top of your list. Your sense of adventure will kick in once again.

Eclipse Do’s & Don’ts

Eclipse season is here and a new Taurus/Scorpio eclipse cycle is underway. Here are some eclipse tips:

  • Try not to fear an eclipse – they are a reminder that we’re not always in control.
  • Don’t choose an eclipse date to launch a project or start something new.
  • Wait a few days after an eclipse before taking action. Eclipse symbolism is shadowy and hidden.
  • Once the eclipse shadow lifts, then you can try to take advantage of any changes that have occurred.
  • Know that the eclipses are closely linked to the karmic nodes & wheel of destiny – they offer a turning point.

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