Aries Monthly Stars September 2014

Aries.Zeeshan A KhanAries (21 March-19 April)

Crack on, Aries! As the month begins, the Sun is in the hard-working sign of Virgo lighting up the sector of your chart that rules work, your routine and lifestyle and your body and health.

These themes have been more prominent in your life since the UK Bank Holiday weekend (23-25 August) when there was a New Moon in Virgo. Add to this the fact that Mercury, the planet of communication, was also in Virgo for the last two weeks of August and this is the equivalent of getting ready to go back to school. Virgo thrives best via list-making, organised filing, planning and scheduling and buying sensible shoes to see you through into the winter.

This is not about fun and frivolity but rather adopting a ‘waste not want not’ attitude, valuing thrift and budgeting and leading a healthy and virtuous lifestyle. It all may sound rather dull but at least it gets you ready for the winter (in the northern hemisphere) or your personal equivalent of a new school term. Preparation is the key to your success.

This diligent organised vibe continues throughout September and you are well-advised to be super-efficient, set up new work routines, create healthy habits, tweak your fitness and basically ‘crack on’. The Sun remains in Virgo until September 23rd and Lady Venus also enters Virgo on September 5th where she remains until the 29th.

This is good news if you’re looking for work or hiring employees as Venus is the planet of relating and whilst Venus is in Virgo, this is an excellent opportunity to get people on your side, use your contacts and work as a team. You could even fall in love with your work and routine and enjoy being busy.

Two key dates for work are the 3rd and the 14th when first the Sun and then Venus in Virgo connect in a positive way with Pluto in Capricorn and your career sector. Apply for a job on these dates if you’re looking for work or use Pluto’s positive energy to focus and be a powerful player. This isn’t about winging it however as the earth signs, Virgo and Capricorn, are best utilised by working hard and seeing matters through to completion. A ‘head down, bum up’ work mode.

Working hard is beneficial for another reason as this is a positive month to make progress with your finances in some shape or form. Tough Saturn has been in Scorpio and your joint finance sector since late 2012 and at the end of this year Saturn moves on. As Saturn often represents lack rather than abundance, for some this may represent dealing with debt or the authorities or sorting out wills or an inheritance.

If you need to make progress with any kind of financial matter pencil in the 11th and 21st when first the Sun and then Venus in Virgo team up with Saturn in Scorpio in a helpful aspect. Again this isn’t light and breezy but you can take charge and get things done. Plus next month’s stars are more volatile where money or joint finances are concerned so it’s worth taking the time this month to ensure you’re in the best possible situation you can be with regard to money and finances.

When it comes to love or your 1-to-1’s you’re still in a period of flux and with Mercury, the communication planet, in Libra and your relationship sector from the 2nd-27th September, there’s a lot of talking or negotiating to be done. Mercury in Libra is a reminder to listen to the other person’s point of view and to try and find a compromise or middle ground if you and someone close are out of kilter.

The trickiest period is from the 9th-13th when emotions run high and a recurring issue or bugbear rears its head. This will press your buttons and if you’re fed up of the same old, same old, it will be all too easy to think that life’s short and you want to be having fun. If you’re a parent, you may be surprised to find a child coming to the rescue or for some it’s a new face who cheers you up and helps you to see your situation more clearly.

Jupiter is currently in Leo and the fun sector of your chart so your urge to play is strong. This is also the part of your horoscope that rules new love, so don’t rule out a love affair. The 10th is especially helpful/positive if you want to keep the peace or meet someone new when Mercury and Jupiter cosy up.

What takes place mid-month also brings out your inner warrior as Mars your ruler enters your fellow fire sign of Sagittarius on the 13th. Mars in Sagittarius is a trail-blazer and wants and needs freedom and space to roam wide. Feeling trapped doesn’t do it for you so in whatever way feels appropriate, be bold and seek out adventure. You may experience a wobble on or around the 22nd when you worry that you can’t follow your dreams but keep the faith and remind yourself this is temporary.

It’s the last week of the month that’s super exciting and the New Moon on the 24th which falls in the sign of Libra is a perfect date to put any troubles with another person behind you and make a fresh start. There’s also a brilliant Jupiter-Uranus aspect in fire signs, Jupiter in Leo and Uranus in your sign of Aries on the 25th. Watch out for a new opportunity on or around this date and it’s a wonderful time to be spontaneous and prioritise fun, laughter and good times.

Jupiter and Uranus together are extremely creative, entrepreneurial and a lively vibe. This may be about an event that’s linked to 2015 as there’s powerful fire sign energy next year. Follow your passion and some of you are more than ready to embrace a new and fun-filled chapter in your life.

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