Aries Monthly Stars September 2012

Aries Ukraine StampThe month of September is synonymous with many people in the UK as the month that kids go back to school. Things wind down in August, people are on holiday and it’s renowned as a month to chill and take things easy. September coincides with key planets in the earth sign Virgo, studious and methodical, and for you, Aries, Virgo rules work, health and your routine.

Here’s your cue to pack your metaphorical pencil case, colour code your office files and start a more sensible and healthy lifestyle. Whether you want to rethink your diet, begin a new exercise class or create more structure and routine that benefits you, this is your chance.

With Mercury (communication) in Virgo until the 16th, start by writing things down. Make lists and create a schedule for the coming months or even go for a 5 or 10 year plan. Lists help you be accountable to yourself and are a great guide for checking out what you have achieved.

One area of your life that definitely needs attention is money and joint finances. Mars, your ruling planet, is currently in Scorpio, a sign where it’s strong and invincible. Whatever your current financial situation, Mars in Scorpio urges you to get tough around money, to set yourself some key goals and make them happen. If you need to pay off debts, confront your demons or get sound advice, do it. Take the first step towards making things happen and start the month of September as you mean to go on.

Mars’ energy is at its peak early in the month and Monday 3rd-Wednesday 5th are sparky and decisive days. These are excellent dates if you’re looking for work or have new plans for your current career. The New Moon on the 16th falls in the sign of Virgo and is another excellent date for work-related matters. New Moons are brilliant for creating intentions, making a wish and starting on a new project.

This is the perfect month to examine your finances in detail. Check out insurances, mortgages, savings and investments and ensure that you have the best possible deals. Be a tough negotiator, become cash savvy and remember that a lot of companies are fighting for your business and don’t want to lose you. Get the best rates you can.

Mars in Scorpio takes you into deeper water as Scorpio rules a hidden sector of your chart so you can explore metaphysical subjects or anything that hints of the taboo. Scorpio rules death and rebirth as well as sex and money so grapple with transformational issues and deepen your own experience of life. You’re the one in charge of an intimate relationship too especially if you’re yearning for a soul mate connection. Mars in Scorpio is sexy and mysterious so don’t sit around and wait for good times to come to you. Instead, be the one to spice up your sex life and create the level of intimacy you desire.

Saturn has been in Libra and your relationship zone for the last couple of years. Saturn does rule commitment but you’re an adventurous Aries and Saturn’s rules and limitations are boring and difficult to take. For some, love’s been a no-go area and endings have been as likely as a steady monogamous relationship. The good news is that Saturn leaves Libra early October and you may already be aware that a chapter in your personal life is coming to a close and you feel ready to move on. On the 6th, Venus, the love planet, moves into fiery Leo and your romance sector, another suggestion that love’s hotting up, your libido’s back and you’re ready to flirt and have some fun.

Venus in Leo is romantic and playful so if you’re looking for love, get out and about on the 13th, 21st and 26th. Ask a friend for an introduction or smile and start a conversation with someone you meet on your daily commute or close to home. New love is closer than you imagine.

The biggest challenge for an ongoing relationship or marriage comes at month’s end when Venus clashes with Mars on the 27th and there’s a testing Full Moon on the 30th that cuts across the Aries/Libra axis. Any differences will come out into the open and it’s your chance to confront what’s not working. You can expect an emotional few days and a significant turn-around of events. Remember that you deserve to be loved well but that the best way to change someone else’s behaviour is to change your own behaviour first.

Finally, the second Uranus/Pluto square takes place on the 19th. Look back to the events of late June when the first Uranus/Pluto square was exact to get a better idea of what to expect. Uranus is in your sign of Aries and Pluto’s in Capricorn ruling your career, your vocation and where you’re heading in life. This is a potentially explosive combination represented by the image of the protester; picture the rebel standing up against corruption or bureaucracy. It’s especially challenging if your birthday falls on 26th-28th March.

You are the sign who loves to fight for other peoples’ rights and if you’re a typical Aries, you’re not afraid to go out on your own. Whatever your individual battle, it won’t be easy but you may already understand that for you it’s about following your heart and doing what you know is right.

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