Aries Monthly Stars October 2012

Aries MandalaIt’s a powerful start to the month with Mars, your ruling planet, focused and strong in the sign of Scorpio. Scorpio rules money in your horoscope but it’s complicated.

This is the 8th house of your astrology chart and the money concerned is other peoples’ money or the money that other people/institutions have control over or ownership of. So this is about debts, mortgages, investments or an inheritance and, for many people, what’s sometimes termed the dirty business of money.

If you already have plans to sort out a financial situation, then best crack on and do it early in the month. It’s worth mentioning that the 8th house rules taboo issues in general, so it’s about sex as well as money and it’s the house of death and rebirth.

On the 5th, the tough planet Saturn also enters Scorpio where it’s going to remain for a couple of years. It only finally leaves Scorpio on 18th September 2015. Saturn adds the ‘get real’ factor to astrology and it’s where in your life you’re being asked to work hard, knuckle down and get serious.

If you’re a typical Aries, you’re a tough cookie by nature and ruled by Mars, you know how to fight for what’s rightfully yours. You can expect to have some kind of fight on your hands over the next couple of years, whether this is a financial dispute of your own or you take up someone else’s cause and become the archetypal white knight of the zodiac defending the underdog.

One way or another, money is about to become a much more serious topic and that includes securing an income and creating a strong foundation for you and your family. You may decide marrying into money is the way forward or be on the look out for an investor or partner for a business idea. Money may come to you as an inheritance or even a bribe, possibly in a way that has strings attached. Having watched Downton Abbey last night on UK TV, this made me think of Matthew and his divided loyalties over the inheritance from the father of his ex-fiancee Lavinia. You too may find that you have a crisis of conscience over a large amount of money, especially if it’s complicated.

On a more day-to-day level, Mercury, the communication planet, joins Saturn in Scorpio on the 5th where it remains this month until the 29th. However, Mercury is slowing down in the heavens as it turns retrograde in November so again this signals the need to get a move on with money matters or any other partnership issues in which you’re involved, either personally or professionally. This may be a property deal, a family matter or a work contract. Do think things through carefully and be prepared to work steadily and conscientiously towards completion.

In other areas of life, you may find you want to rush and take action quickly as Mars, your ruler, enters your fellow fire sign of Sagittarius on the 7th. This puts the spotlight on travel, education and any area of life that expands your experience of life, philosophy and spirituality included.

If you’re involved in the media, publishing or Law, now’s the time to get ahead and create a buzz about what you’re doing. For some, this signals a last-minute holiday or a chance to travel or be in contact with friends who live abroad. The key date is Monday 15th, the day of the New Moon but also the day when Mars teams up with livewire Uranus in your own sign. Be impulsive, be hedonistic and actively seek out a new adventure.

It’s also an important month for love and an intimate relationship. Since 2009, Saturn’s been in your opposite sign of Libra and as Saturn is the taskmaster of the heavens, this may have been a tough couple of years for a marriage or long-term relationship. Saturn’s about making compromises, it’s where you learn about boundaries and what you can’t have, rather than what you can have.

Once Saturn leaves Libra on the 5th, this frees up the whole area of relationships for you. The 9th, 15th and 28th feel lighter, more joyful and bring new opportunity in. If love’s been a drought, expect to meet someone you connect with easily; if love’s been tough, expect to feel free, perhaps for the first time in a long while. If you know your love life would benefit from some TLC, start the process yourself and be more romantic, initiate more sex and talk about mutual plans. Your future feels brighter and full of hope.

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