Aries Monthly Stars May 2013

Aries KitschensyngkAries (21 March-19 April)

Your ruler Mars begins the month in Taurus and your money sector. In fact, Mars remains in this part of your chart until the 31st so money is where the action’s at from now until the end of the month.

Mars isn’t especially happy in the sign of Taurus as Taurus is a slow moving earth sign whereas your ruler Mars likes to make things happen and fast. This can feel like the equivalent of wading through mud and may feel as if you’re plodding along rather than racing at swift speed.

However Taurus is a sign that likes to get things done so this is a good month to get your head down and work hard or the time to balance the books and create a sensible budget that works, i.e. one where you have more money coming in than going out. There may be other financial concerns which you need to address and your money sector also rules your possessions, your values and what you have or own. It’s not just the ready stuff.

For some, other people and financial institutions are creating problems and this is due to the planet Saturn, the taskmaster of the heavens, in Scorpio, the sign that rules joint finances in your chart. This includes all monies that are ‘shared’ or tied up with others, i.e. mortgage, insurance, tax, debts, savings, alimony, investments, business deals. With Saturn in Scorpio since autumn 2012, you may have a few of your own to add to the list.

On the 1st Saturn opposes Mars across the financial sectors of your chart and this pits the desire to get things done and do what you want with your own money against a second party, fear or a very real obstacle. Saturn lays down the law and tends to say No rather than Yes. This is your cue to get real where money’s concerned or a difficult situation that’s outside of your control.

Certainly the first 10 days of the month are not the best time to be excessively extravagant. Instead play by the rules and stick to what you know is possible and what can be achieved. Mars links up with transformative Pluto in your career sector on the 5th so look for work possibilities that can help you sort out a financial issue. Create a little magic and experiment with not taking ‘No’ for an answer.

In addition there’s another showing of the volatile Uranus-Pluto square active on the 20th and it’s not wise to play the rebellious card unless you are ready to move on from your place of work or current situation. Uranus is in your sign of Aries willing you on to experiment with what’s new and create more freedom and space in your life whereas Pluto is challenging you to show your mettle at work and prove you can start afresh and be innovative if the going gets tough.

There’s also an eclipse in Taurus and your money sector on the 10th, a sign to hold tight to your money as eclipses can spring surprises but to seek out unexpected opportunities. The shadowy symbolism of an eclipse brings what’s hidden to light and they’re not considered the best dates to start something new. Keep a close eye on what happens on or around this date as you may find you can take advantage of another person’s loss or downfall. This may sound harsh but eclipses often present triangle situations when one person wins and another person loses. If money’s become a survival issue for you, ensure you’re on the winning team.

Another key area of your life this month is communication and this is where the excitement lies. Jupiter, the planet of opportunity, is in Gemini and your communication sector so it’s through talking to others, gathering information, spreading the news or learning something new that miracles can happen. In others words, you hear good news (key dates: 21st & 27th), you meet someone new who makes a big impact on your life (key dates: 18th & 28th) or armed with better information you make serious headway with the bigger issues.

Don’t go it alone but seek out advice, use social media to good effect or find the answer to any question on the internet. If you want to upgrade your phone or PC or update your mode of transport, this is a great time to check out what’s new. Siblings and neighbours are there if you want a chin wag and a glass of wine and there’s more going on in your local community than you currently know about. So get out and about and make the most of your time.

If you’re married or in a good relationship, turn to your partner to support you emotionally or financially. Talking about any issue brings the two of you closer and you even benefit from hearing a completely different perspective to your own. There’s a real chance that your other half is going to be celebrating their own good news which will have a knock on effect in life for both of you.

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