Aries Monthly Stars March 2014

Aries JaipurAries (21 March-19 April)

The big news for you this month is the fact that your ruling planet Mars turns retrograde on the 1st and remains on go slow until May 20th 2014. For you this is about relationships, whether personal or professional, as Mars is in your opposite sign of Libra.

The first thing to say about this combination, whether retrograde or not, is that Mars isn’t happy in the sign of Libra. Libra wants to compromise and see both sides of the coin; Libra’s the diplomat and peacemaker. On the other hand, Mars’ interests are focused primarily on self; this is the competitive planet who likes to win, move fast and go directly from A to B.

There’s too much shilly-shallying in Libra, whether it means waiting for other people or you need to work as a team instead of being able to take the lead and make the decisions yourself. Certainly, there’s a lot you can learn about yourself when Mars is in your opposite sign but it does mean having to learn the rules of the game and doing things differently. Your normal mode of attack won’t work whilst Mars is in Libra.

Mars is also anger and healthy assertiveness but in Libra and especially when retrograde, Mars is on a charm offensive and passive aggressive tendencies may be rife. Notice whether you find yourself smiling and nodding whilst inside you’re seething with rage or at least feeling more than a little irritated.

Somewhere in life, you may have to back off now and the first weekend of March in particular is all about retreat and slowing down. It’s as if you’ve gone to war and now you have to pull back, reassess your situation and work out your next line of strategy, your next campaign. Libra is one of the air signs so you need to work things out in your head before you take action.

Where love and relationships are concerned, you may need to let things be for now and devise a new strategy. Less stress and arguments, more chilled and relaxed vibe. Venus and Mars clash in the heavens on the 2nd suggesting a fall out or disagreement and this is a repeat of a planetary aspect that first took place on January 16th 2014. If you’re in a relationship or married, it’s most likely that work is the major issue between the two of you.

What takes place early in March may be the catalyst that makes you realise you need to change tactics and try a new approach. Whilst Mars is on go slow, this new strategy has to be less is more. Is it a good time to make key decisions about a relationship or professional partnership? Not really but it is worth your while being a bit more laid back and seeing where life and love takes you.

It’s also important to know what you want internally so this is a good period to check out your relationship mind-set or to work on love. A self-help book or a relationship course can be extra useful for you now.

It’s also important to focus on your own life and what makes you happy. Two of the personal planets, Mercury and Venus spend part of the month in Aquarius, the sign that rules friendships and group activities. These are both sociable planet so extending your social circle, networking or making new friends, any of these activities will be beneficial for you. Turn to your friends for advice and remind yourself that there’s a world beyond a 1-to-1 relationship and a world outside of your own private space.

Home and family are important too as Jupiter, planet of opportunity, turns direct in this sector of your chart on the 6th. So go and visit relatives, look into moving somewhere new, redecorate, spring clean or spend more time with your closest family. It’s through being more social and engaging with life that you can actually reconnect with yourself and your own wants and needs.

Things speed up for you big-time on the 20th when the Sun enters your sign of Aries heralding the spring equinox. This is when your confidence returns and you’re ready to focus more on the things that matter to you and your own personal goals. The New Moon on the 30th falls in your sign too and this is a brilliant date to launch a project and forge new beginnings. Plus, Venus and Mars make a trine aspect in the heavens on the 29th so perhaps trying a new way in love can help you find a way to reconnect romantically too. This is also a brilliant weekend if you’re looking for love.

Work seems to be taking a back seat for now whether you need to get your head down to pay off debts or to build up savings. Once your energy returns, after the 20th, then you’ll feel fired up again and motivated and ready to do more.

Expect the Full Moon on the 16th to highlight issues around work, service and your health. If life’s asking you to take it easy in the first half of March, then be accepting of your limitations and learn that sometimes ‘giving in’ is more beneficial than soldiering on and trying to do battle.

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