Aries Monthly Stars June 2014

Aries Month of AprilAries (21 March-19 April)

Are you experiencing a severe case of deja-vu, Aries? Do you feel as if you’re stuck in your own personal version of Groundhog Day and the same people, same events keep popping up? It’s time for change and this month there’s a chance to move on, to break the cycle.

This can play out in different ways for you but start by considering your 1-to-1 relationships and in particular look at who or what’s been bugging you and what needs to change. Mars remains in your opposite sign of Libra where it’s been for what feels like forever (since December 2013). Your sign wants things to happen and fast and it’s frustrating when other people drag their feet or you find you can’t make effective decisions in the relationship arena.

This month there are two specific dates when you can either do battle and break the cycle or change the relationship dynamic in another way. Retreat is a third option, i.e. step away from the ongoing argument and refuse to get involved.

Your ruler Mars makes only two key aspects this month, the first is a square to Pluto on the 14th and the second is an opposition to Uranus on the 25th. This is a re-run of the same or a similar challenge that took place in your life at the end of last year, over Christmas and New Year 2013, and again over Easter and the following week, 22nd/23rd April 2014. This is the final battle cry, the last hoorah and it’s your opportunity to either leave a relationship or partnership that’s no longer working or knock your difficulties on the head and commit to doing things differently in the future.

Your ruler Mars will leave your opposite sign of Libra late July 2014 and I expect you’re more than ready to either quit or reinvent a significant 1-to-1. This can relate to a romantic relationship, a business partnership or any other key coupling where there’s the possibility of locking horns.

You have to learn to let go now and perhaps there are lessons that make you realise action and doing isn’t always the answer to life’s conundrums. Sometimes it’s best to surrender, give in and let things be. Turn inward and listen to your inner voice for guidance. You have two key planets in Pisces, the sign before yours in the zodiac circle and this is the place of retreat. Both planets turn retrograde in June; Neptune on the 9th and Chiron on the 20th. This suggests that healing has to happen on a deep level and rather than going all out to make things happen in June, perhaps slowing down and stopping to listen, to be mindful is the way forward.

Spiritual work or compassionate service can bring much-needed fulfilment now. One amazing Aries lady who passed away in May, Maya Angelou said, ‘Listen to yourself, and in that quietude, you might hear the voice of God’. Whether you believe in God or not, we all need our own source of sustenance and a place where we can rest and restore our faith. Journaling, dream work and letting your imagination run wild can all stir and activate your creative passions.

Mercury, the communication planet, is retrograde this month as well, another sign that it’s wise to turn inward, to reconsider your plans and to take life slowly. Mercury’s on go slow from June 7th-July 1st. Mercury turns retrograde in Cancer, the sign that rules your home and family so you may take a trip down memory lane and reconnect with your past in some way or other.

If you’re planning to move, you need to be patient and try again mid-July, although the New Moon in Cancer on the 27th is a date to note. As a New Moon coincides with new beginnings, it would be a brilliant day to find the right property or to catch up with family. There may also be happy family news on or around this date.

Venus, planet of relating, art and beauty is comfortably situated in Taurus until the 23rd. This suggests indulgence, treating yourself, booking a spa day with your girlfriends, going out to a favourite restaurant and again, taking life slowly. Venus in Taurus wants to savour every moment and indulge in sensual pleasures. Why the big rush? The universe is urging you to bide your time, reconnect with your past and heal on a deep level.

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