Aries Monthly Stars June 2013

Aries Kitschensyngk 2Aries (21 March-19 April)

Your ruling planet Mars changed signs on 31st May entering the air sign Gemini. This is where it remains throughout the month of June and as Gemini rules your communication sector, you can expect a busy and lively month ahead.

It’s a fantastic month to get your voice heard, spread the word, gather information and talk to people so ditch your ‘lone ranger’ approach to life and make new friends. You benefit more when you share ideas, ask for advice and team up with others to pursue your goals and have your needs catered for.

Communication rules phones, transport, social media and all ways of keeping connected and mobile. This is a great month to update your technology, learn something new and ensure that you can get from A to B quickly and with ease.

The New Moon on Saturday 8th falls in Gemini and as new moons are brilliant for new beginnings, this would be a top day to launch a project, especially if it’s linked to making new friends or sharing your ideas. If you want to meet new people, perhaps someone influential or someone who can help you or give you advice, this is a great day to attend an event, whether a workshop, a party or any other big day out.

Mid-month too looks brilliant for making connections so circle the week beginning Monday 17th in your diary. On the 17th, Mars connects with lively Uranus in your own sign of Aries, a great day to be spontaneous and make things happen. Bear in mind the six degrees of separation and the fact that with new technology, making contact with anyone is only six steps away. A friend of a friend of a friend knows someone who can fulfil your needs and make a difference in your own life.

Jupiter, the planet of opportunity, has been in Gemini and this same sector of your chart since last summer so you may already understand why communication and connections are currently so important to you. Whether this is the year you’ve launched a website, discovered social media, learnt a new skill or become involved in teaching others, this is the culmination of all that’s been happening.

Another key date for you is the 19th when the Sun and Jupiter connect in Gemini bringing luck, good news or opportunity your way. This sector of your chart also rules your siblings, neighbours and your local community so it may be one of these areas that have impacted your life in a big way. This is the month to give your own personal project a final big push and to ensure your voice is heard in the area of your life that matters to you the most. June’s a big month for key conversations that make the difference.

If you’re looking for love, join a dating agency, go speed dating, ask friends for an introduction and in general get out and about and meet people. Mars in Gemini can be a lot of fun so smile at people more and start conversations anywhere at any time. The more you put into life, the more you receive in return.

In addition this month there’s a big shift in energy as Jupiter enters the sign of Cancer on the 26th where it remains for 12 months. Cancer is down at the base of your chart so this puts the spotlight on your home, your family, your roots and where you come from. Cancer is one of the emotional water signs and both this month and next the water signs dominate the heavens. In fact, there’s a powerful triangle of planets connecting the three water signs of Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. This is due to Saturn in Scorpio trine Neptune in Pisces, a combination that helps you turn dreams into reality and use your imagination to good effect.

As the personal planets move through Cancer this month they create a ‘grand trine’ and whether you’re being pulled back towards your past via a reunion, family get-together or another sentimental reason, memories are powerful. Money may be linked to this dynamic through an inheritance, family money or a property investment. On the whole it feels positive. However, there’s no need to rush things this month, plus it’s important to trust your intuition and do what feels right rather than what you think is right.

At times this month, you may feel confused or disoriented by changes at home or within the family and not know which way to turn. You may also be feeling rebellious or left out of significant changes or events. This energy is strongest on or around the 7th.

Once your ruler Mars moves into Cancer next month on 13th July, things will start to fall into place whether you’re planning a home move or reconnecting with family. For now take things slowly, go with the flow and don’t be forced into making any decision that you’re not yet ready to commit to.

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