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Aries Ukraine StampAries (21 March-19 April)

You’re ruled by Mars, God of war, and the planet associated with action and energy. Mars has been dragging his heels since November 2011 in the earth sign Virgo, ruling your everyday work and your health. This is helpful for being productive and industrious and getting a job done. It’s good for training or slogging away at a keep fit routine.

The issue is that Virgo is one of the earth signs and the earth signs proceed slowly so if you’ve felt frustrated or slowed down, this is the reason why. Mars moves on from Virgo early July and I know many Ariens who will breathe a sigh of relief.

On the whole, however, June is anything but dull with some immense astrology taking place creating change and causing shake-ups in the world. There’s another eclipse this month on the 4th, coinciding with the Diamond Jubilee celebrations in the UK, and eclipses have often been associated with royalty. This eclipse is special as Venus is involved and it’s the much talked about Venus transit of the Sun that takes place on the 5th/6th of June. I’ll be blogging about this and there’ll be lots of information in the media about its significance for our world.

For you personally, Venus is in Gemini and the lunar eclipse falls across the Gemini/Sagittarius axis so the spotlight is on communication and learning. It may be a time when you’re questioning what it’s all about, where you’re heading in life and seeking a deeper purpose. Travel is highlighted and some of you may be thinking of emigrating or want to travel to gain a fresh perspective on your current situation. The eclipse is never a promising time to start anything new but take note of what happens on or around this date and realise that the decisions you make over the Diamond Jubilee weekend will reverberate in your life for months and even years to come.

On a smaller note, take care of gossip over the Jubilee weekend and stay away from petty-minded behaviour. Your planet Mars squares up to Venus on the 5th and the Sun on the 8th and small talk could become unpleasant. Best to keep out of things and concentrate on keeping your own conscience clear.

Big news this month is Jupiter, planet of opportunity, moving in to Gemini, the sign of the moment. This takes place on the 11th, so it’s time to consider investing in new transport or new technology, anything that helps you communicate more swiftly and get around quickly. Think movement and freedom. It’s good news for those of you who are involved in any shape or form with communication, whether that’s teaching, sales, website design, PR or media/advertising.

Gemini’s one of the air signs and loves the buzz of the new, sharing ideas, coming up with a new angle or a different way of looking at things. Gemini rules your siblings and your neighbours, so either celebrate together wildly or let go of any relationship that’s not working in your favour.

More big news this month is the first of seven Uranus/Pluto squares, which takes place on 24th June. Uranus is currently at 8 Aries, so if your birthday is in March, you’ve probably already experienced the Uranus effect. This is the planet of spontaneity, sudden decisions, the unexpected. The Uranus/Pluto square is another major phenomenon that I’ll be blogging about. In brief, Pluto in Capricorn = corporations/govt versus Uranus in Aries – revolution/individual rights. We’re already witness to major change in many countries of the world.

Personally, what does this mean for you? It’s a key aspect which plays out between now and 2015. You may find that you’re inspired to help create a better world and many Ariens have a calling to defend the weak and fight for peoples’ rights. You may want to stand up for what you believe in and leave a job or position that doesn’t fit with your principles. If work comes to an end outside of your control, it’s the perfect time to reinvent yourself and decide where you want to channel your energies.

Uranus in Aries is the rebel with a cause and Uranus rules technology, so use the internet to get your message across. See what happens on or around the 11th/12th June and the 29th of June when Mercury and the Sun in Cancer challenge the Uranus/Pluto square. Family may be involved in your decisions and may not be in agreement with what you want to do. Plus there’s a sense that you need to leave the past behind in order to create a new future.

Your love life may feel out of kilter at times but resist making any big love decisions. Venus is your love planet and is retrograde until the 27th June. If you want to have a heart-to-heart or meet someone new, the best dates are the 6th, 21st and 27th. In love as in all relationships now, communicate from the heart and be honest about your feelings. Being an Aries, you thrive on the thrill of the new so rise to this month’s challenges and get ready for an exciting roller-coaster ride, even if you’re unsure where it’s going to lead.

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