Aries Monthly Stars July 2014

Happy ThumbAries (21 March-19 April)

Are you ready to do a little dance for joy in July, Aries? There’s every reason to be happy and you may want to have 24hoursofhappy playing in the background more times than not this month. Pharrell Williams song fits this month’s astrology perfectly and he’ll be joining you in jumping for joy as he’s also a Sun Aries (b. April 5 1973).

There are two main reasons for all of this. The first concerns your ruling planet Mars which finally stops kowtowing to others in it’s opposite sign of Libra (where it’s been since December 2013 for heavens sake!) and enters the focused and determined sign of Scorpio where it can be strong and powerful. This takes place on July 26th and Mars remains in Scorpio until September 13th 2014.

This shifts the energy from ‘whatever you say, ma’am’ to ‘rawr, let’s do it’ and you’re back in the driving seat. In some way or other, you’ve been tied to another person for the last 6 months, not literally, but you’ve either had to follow orders, take their lead or try your best to fit your own ideas and ways of doing things into theirs. It’s called compromise and it’s something that doesn’t come easily to you.

If you’ve felt squeezed, unappreciated or frustrated that you’ve not been in charge, here’s your opportunity to shift the dynamic in your relationship or partnership. For some, it means letting go, saying goodbye or moving on and for others, it means speaking up and ensuring that your own needs are met.

Once Mars enters Scorpio, trust your instincts as Scorpio is one of the water signs. Get out of your head (Mars has been in Libra one of the air signs) into your body and your natural flow. Scorpio’s the sign that rules sex so one way of recharging a relationship is to get physical and reconnect through love-making. Less talk, more action!

The big news this month however is the planet Jupiter on the move. Jupiter is the planet of joy, luck and good fortune and it’s where you find your happiness. It remains in each sign of the zodiac for one whole year and since June 2013 Jupiter has been in the protective sign of Cancer, ruling your home and family. You may have moved home or changed your living conditions over the last 12 months, family may have been your no. 1 focus and your protective instincts were high.

If you’re thinking that these areas of your life weren’t exactly a breeze last year, that’s because Jupiter in Cancer was pulled into the Uranus-Pluto T-square that’s dominated the heavens since 2012. Trying to find a healthy balance between work and home life and dealing with extra challenges or disappointment at work hasn’t been easy, either for you or your loved ones.

This month’s stars continue to urge you to let go of what’s old and outdated and to focus on what’s new and innovative. Being self-employed, running your own business or trying to make ends meet is a challenge when you also have to pay the bills but reinvention is the name of the game. The 4th-8th, the 20th-25th and the 28th bring new developments that help you see your sticking points and what needs to shift.

You do have to let go before you can move forward but Mars’ move into Scorpio, the sign that rules joint finances in your chart is a sign that you’re primed and ready to deal with money matters, whether that means debts, savings, insurances, mortgages, an investment or an inheritance. Ensure you’re back in control and doing what you can to transform your financial situation for the better.

The other date that’s important for your work and career is the 12th when the Full Moon falls in the sign of Capricorn at the peak of your chart. Full Moons often bring a completion, a sense of events coming full cycle and this is an excellent date to make an important decision about your work and what next.

On July 16th Jupiter leaves behind Cancer and enters your fellow fire sign of Leo where it remains until August 11th 2015. This is brilliant news for you and a breath of fresh air. Again the focus turns to you and what you want out of life rather than relying on others or having to think of others all the time. Leo rules your 5th house in your chart which is your creativity, love affairs, entertainment, fun and children. It’s the playful sector of your chart and it’s about doing what you love.

So if life has been a drag or you’ve been slowed down of late, you can turn your life around by embracing your passion and your desire. Plan some fun events with friends and family, make entertainment, laughter and socialising high priority and focus on the positives in your life.

If you’re looking for love or you simply want to have a good time, the following dates leap out in July: the 7th when Venus and Uranus kiss in the heavens; the 13th when Venus and Mars cosy up to each other, the 24th when the Sun and Jupiter shout good times and the 26th when a New Moon in Leo joins the party. Jupiter is the planet of luck in your lucky house so have a flutter, enter competitions or buy a raffle ticket when you’re out and about and use your luck.

There is a popular saying in the UK, ‘you have to be in to win’ and this can apply to life as well as the lottery, e.g. if you want to meet someone new, join a dating agency or let your friends know you’re keen for an introduction. This will serve you better than sitting at home alone waiting for the phone to ring.

Same goes if you’ve always wanted to write a book, paint a portrait or play a musical instrument. Whilst Jupiter’s in Leo, revisit your childhood dreams and take the first step in turning one of those dreams into reality. Jupiter’s move into Leo isn’t going to sort out all the nitty-gritty boring stuff of life but it is going to move play and pleasure higher up your life barometer and that’s got to be a good thing.

2 thoughts on “Aries Monthly Stars July 2014”

  1. Great reading for the month of July! So much of the reading hit right at home for me, things I am and have been going thru at this time 🙂 !

    Thank you!


  2. Great reading for the month of July! So much of the reading hit right at home for me, things I am and have been going thru at this time 🙂 !

    Thank you!


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