Aries Monthly Stars July 2013

Aries MandalaAries (21 March-19 April)

It’s a month of two halves for a couple of reasons. Firstly, your ruling planet Mars remains in Gemini until the 13th when it moves into the sign of the moment Cancer. Cancer is the sign down at the base of your horoscope ruling your home, family, tradition and where you come from.

At the end of last month, Jupiter, planet of opportunity, entered Cancer beginning its annual tour of this part of your chart. Think back to the last time when Jupiter was in Cancer to see what took place back then (July 2001-July 2002).

Jupiter rules expansion, freedom and celebration. Whether you moved home, extended your family or celebrated a special family event, you can expect more of the same with Jupiter blessing this part of your chart.

This month is particularly powerful for domestic and family matters because it’s the month of the Grand Water Trine that’s been much talked about by astrologers. Three of the major planets in the heavens form a triangle in water signs, ruling emotion, nostalgia and deep connections. Jupiter in Cancer trines Saturn in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces and the dates to note are 17th-19th July. This may bring in an inheritance, good news about investments, the ideal home or other possibilities that turn your dreams into reality.

What’s especially interesting for you, Aries, is the fact that Mars is at almost exactly the same place in the heavens as Jupiter and on the 20th Mars trines Saturn and Neptune and on the 22nd Mars and Jupiter come together. This feels particularly energetic and if you want to move things forward with regard to a home, family or property matter, it’s a brilliant time to do so.

You may also have the opportunity to deal with a difficult family issue and even though Mars can represent anger, the positive backing from the other planets suggests that clearing the air will be a positive move and bring benefits. Water signs are psychic and healing so use this energy productively and wisely.

The 20th in particular is a key date this month because it’s also the day that Mercury, the planet of communication, turns direct in the sign of Cancer. Mercury direct often brings new information to light or news you were waiting for arrives. There may be significant developments in the home and family areas of your life on or around the 8th and 9th of July when there’s a New Moon in Cancer (8th) and the Sun and Mercury connect in this part of the heavens (9th). Both these events suggest new information and the chance to make a fresh start of things but ideally wait until the 20th before any major transaction or initiative.

As is often the case in astrology, challenges often accompany easier events and the planets in Cancer also clash with the Uranus/Pluto square. The Sun in Cancer is first on the 2nd and 4th of July and your ruler Mars follows on the 27th July and 1st August. This volatile square plays out over a few years and ultimately is changing the way you do business, your career path or it’s igniting your desire to make a difference in the world.

Uranus in your sign brings out your rebel tendencies and your need to go it alone. Put these qualities to good use and you can become a social activist or a leader of change. Fighting your own corner or defending the rights of others calls out your warrior spirit, the white knight who’s never happier than when backing a good cause.

Admittedly that’s the glory side of the Uranus/Pluto square but for some of you it may feel far more unsettling or destabilising as life changes quickly shaking your foundations and major events in your life turn the wheel of destiny. The astrology that’s taking place over a 7 year period links your past and your present and ultimately changes the direction of your future.

New romance is a definite possibility this month too as is the birth of a child or the announcement of a pregnancy. If you’re looking for love, pencil in the 8th and the 22nd as potential hot dates. If you’re in a relationship or married and feel as if you’re on different paths, this can change as the month draws to a close and early next month you will start to feel as if you’re back on track.

Emotions are going to run high this July with so much emphasis on the water signs and you’ll make the best decisions when you listen to your intuition.

Read both your Sun sign and your Ascendant sign for a full prediction. If you don’t know your Ascendant but know your time of birth, send me your birth data (date, time, place of birth) and I’ll let you know your Ascendant (the sign that was rising on the horizon when you were born). If you’re born on the cusp and you’re unsure of your Sun sign, send me your birth data and I’ll confirm it for you. I’m here to help.

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