Aries Monthly Stars July 2012

Aries Maldives StampAt long last Mars, your ruling planet, inches its way out of Virgo, the sign of work, routine and health. Mars has been in Virgo for an incredibly long six months, since November 2011. The plus side of Mars in Virgo is industriousness, steady work, being diligent with health and fitness.

Virgo is one of the earth signs and your nature is impulsive fire. The reality is that many of you Aries have felt as if you’ve been wading through mud, bored with mundane tasks or projects, feeling stuck and finding it hard to get motivated.

Mars leaves Virgo on the 3rd and enters Libra, the sign of relationships. It turns the spotlight towards love and significant others in your life from now until the end of August. This is the time to concentrate on one-to-one relationships, turn to others for advice and, most importantly, learn to compromise and negotiate well. Being an Aries you like life when it’s simple, direct and you can call the shots. This is possible for you now as Libra is a cardinal sign, a leader of the zodiac, the same as you.

However, Libra is your opposite sign and when Mars is in Libra, other people have the upper hand. You can’t do everything the way you want to and you have to take other peoples’ opinions into account in order to reach an agreement. So become a diplomat for the next two months in order to work things out with the people in your life. It’s wise to do so with the focus now on your love life.

Enjoying yourself is the ticket as the planet that dominates this month is Uranus. Uranus is in your sign of Aries, and is the planet of spontaneity and brilliant brainwaves. If your birthday falls on or before the 28th March, you’ve already experienced the Uranus effect. It makes life exciting but also brings shocks and surprises, and it’s an electric energy. This month, you find it hard to stand still and crave excitement. Uranus is in action on the 4th, 5th, 13th, 22nd, 25th and 31st. Phew, most of the month then.

On the whole, this is a time to live your life how you choose. If you’re looking for love, go for it; if you want to change anything in your life, do it. Uranus suits your Aries energy in that it’s spontaneous and great for starting something new. Say ‘yes’ to invitations that come your way however unlikely they may sound as it’s by breaking the mould and doing things differently that you open yourself up to the wealth and breadth of life’s experience.

There’s an entrepreneurial feel to July’s stars as Jupiter, planet of opportunity, is in Gemini, the learning sign and on the 22nd, Jupiter’s in a helpful aspect with Uranus. This is wonderful if you’re involved in sales, PR, online media and it’s a great day to take a risk and to be a self-starter. Communication is where success lies so expand your reach and use your contacts.

The toughest challenge occurs mid-month when your planet Mars clashes with the Uranus/Pluto square on the 17th and 19th. Take care on these dates and rein in your inner rebel. These are key aspects for you; Pluto’s in your career house, Uranus is stirring up your passion and Mars, your planet, is in the sign of the other.

Whether this is a time of big career decisions, power games with a key individual or other significant changes, do be aware that whatever event occurs, it’s likely to be final, so be cautious what you agree to. If you’re saying goodbye to a situation or position or find that fighting for what you want isn’t working, then let go gracefully. It may be that your energy can be put to better use elsewhere.

Finally, Mercury turns retrograde this month on the 15th in Leo, so whether this is to do with the kids, a new romance or a creative project, slow things down from mid-month onwards. Mercury picks up speed again on August 8th, your green light to get things moving. Enjoy this month. It’s not without its challenges but there’s no reason why you can’t make the most of life as long as you’re aware that the order of the day is change.

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