Aries Monthly Stars January 2013

Aries Zodiac StampAries (21 March-19 April)

Happy New Year! It’s a positive start to the New Year with your planet Mars in Aquarius, the sign that rules friends, groups and looking ahead. If ever there was a month to be future-oriented and plan in advance, it’s this one, perfect timing for the start of a new year. Aquarius rules science, technology and the world beyond what’s seen. Expand your learning far and wide and be curious about all that life has to offer.

The first week of the year looks brilliant for schemes and dreams as Mars teams up with wild card Uranus in Aries on the 1st and the planet of opportunity, Jupiter in Gemini on the 4th.

This puts the emphasis on communication, expanding your social or professional network and taking impulsive action. It’s the start of a new year and a brilliant time to think big, be bold and start a new adventure. Life’s for living and being one of the fire signs, you prosper when you take action and start new initiatives.

If there’s any fear in your life, it’s most likely to concern money or financial matters as Mars squares Saturn on the 7th. Saturn is currently in Scorpio, the sign that rules joint finances and money you share with others. Saturn’s the taskmaster of the heavens and the Mars/Saturn square can put obstacles in your path. You may want to sign up for a new course, online or offline, or invest in training or new technology but finding a way to pay for what you want or need may seem difficult if not impossible.

Saturn is about building for the future, however, and Saturn is currently in a dynamic aspect in the heavens with the planet of transformation Pluto ruling your career. This combination suggests that you need to be brave and play big in order to transform your vocation and your finances. Ultimately it’s about taking responsibility for your life and stepping up a level, whether that means talking to your bank manager about a business loan, becoming a leader or taking on a more responsible role. How this fits in your own life depends on your current situation and at times it may feel scary or difficult building for the future but success can be achieved through working hard and trusting that what you’re working towards will improve your life.

For some, change may come via a loss or ending as Pluto sometimes negates what it touches and with three of the personal planets moving through Capricorn and your vocational sector this month, Pluto dominates on the 6th and 17th. These are key dates to be powerful and talk to someone in a position of influence or rebuild and start again if one particular door closes upon you.

The New Moon on the 11th is also in Capricorn and a powerful date to sow seeds that will grow and flourish further down the line. Keep your eyes firmly focused on the future and trust that whatever life sends your way, you will emerge stronger and wiser through experiencing the lows as well as the highs.

This is not a month to go it alone and working alongside others or lining up people who can support you helps you not only achieve your goals but enables you to enjoy yourself and have fun. It’s an excellent time to join a new group or club and mix with people of like minds who can help you and you them. The 19th and the following week look lively so expand your network and make new friends.

It’s through communication and sharing ideas that you widen your world and create new opportunities. Jupiter turns direct on the 30th and the following few months up until the end of June are wonderful for sharing your story, starting a blog, talking, chatting, debating and communicating in general. News, gossip and the flow of information not only stimulates you but inspires you as well.

If you want to invest in a new phone or technology, now’s your chance. The easier it is for you to communicate with others globally as well as locally, the more you’ll feel in tune with life and the world in general. You’re at the heart of what’s happening, so become a twitter king or queen, begin a career in the media, write your life story and share what you know.

The love planet Venus is in your work sector after the 9th and throughout 2013, your planet Mars and your partner planet Venus are in step. This suggests you can combine business with pleasure and work together with your partner or at least share a vision for the future. A Full Moon in Leo on the 27th highlights new romance and an introduction via a friend makes the first month of the New Year extra special for romance.

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