Aries Monthly Stars February 2015

heartsAries (21 March – 19 April)

As February begins, you may find yourself wondering what it’s all about as not only is your ruler Mars (action) in Pisces, going nowhere fast, but Mercury (communication) remains retrograde, taking you round in circles.

The astrology as the month begins feels like a vast cosmic soup and you’re floating around in the middle of it. Now this isn’t necessarily a bad thing as long as you don’t mind wasting time or drifting about with no set agenda.

This can be a fertile time for ideas, research, dreams and fantasies. Pisces is one of the most creative signs of the zodiac and your imagination is a rich source of inspiration and alternative thinking. Kick back, play music, enjoy poetry, art or films. Let yourself be transported away by romantic notions and creative stimulus. Jot down what inspires you, ready to use it when the stars are geared up for action.

Trying to voice what you discover or translate what you feel into a meaningful script is going to be tricky but that can come later as long as you see this period as a potent opportunity for brainwaves, musings and contemplation.

For some of you, feeling lost or confused won’t be a pleasant experience as you’re happiest when you’re starting something new or know exactly where you’re heading. Some of the ideas or conversations you have in the first half of February will literally go nowhere and have to be discarded either by yourself or others when things hot up in the second half of the month.

On some level, it may help to see this as an exercise in being more accepting or allowing life to guide you and go with the flow. This isn’t about the destination as much as enjoying the views and detours along the route.

Mars in Pisces finds some of you working behind the scenes, not in charge or control of other peoples’ decisions and may be indicative of you having to keep a secret or a confidence. A private project or work that needs to be kept under wraps.

The other planet in Pisces as the month begins is Venus, the love planet, and this is a romantic placing for the Goddess of love. Whereas your ruler Mars doesn’t fit right in Pisces and feels uncomfortable, Venus is at her best. She can float around to her heart’s content, be expansive with her love, lose herself in romance and share little drops of kindness, compassion and forgiveness wherever she goes.

If you’re married or in a relationship, this is perfect timing to look at what your partner does differently to you and how that can complement your relationship. It may be that your other half is happier at the moment whereas you’re forever questioning whether the relationship’s working or what next.

Plus for some, Venus in Pisces represents love that’s secret whether you’re in love with someone who’s unavailable or you’ve fallen into an affair which you can’t reveal. The Full Moon on February 3rd is especially romantic as it takes place in the sign of Leo ruling love affairs in your chart.

The pace begins to shift once Mercury turns direct on February 11th and this indicates new information coming to light, less chaos and more cohesion, misunderstandings can be resolved and you and a good friend are able to sort out your differences.

Mercury is in the air sign Aquarius all month, ruling friends, groups, social networks and wider society. Mercury’s change of direction in the heavens is the equivalent of you finding your voice and/or recognising that you do have fantastic friends in your life who are supportive, fun and there for you.

If you’ve been debating about joining a group or employing a coach, signing up for an online course or a similar scenario, the 11th is the turning point and you know instinctively which option to choose. Same goes if you’re considering booking a holiday with a friend or you want someone to join you as you begin a new activity, hobby or interest.

Aquarius is the humanitarian sign so this may be a social, political or ideological fresh start. See what occurs on or around the New Moon in Aquarius on February 18th and look out for a friend with a stunning collaborative idea or opportunity.

The big news however races in on February 20th when not only Mars, your ruler, but Venus, your partner planet, both enter your sign of Aries. This is hot stuff especially as two days later on February 22nd the lovers of the heavens conjoin in the early degrees of your sign. This is an indication to bypass Valentines Day this month and instead go for it all guns blazing the following weekend.

Whether this is new love, love that’s rekindled or an exciting new partnership, it’s got to be one of the best dates of the year for you. Don’t miss out but ensure you do something special on the weekend of the 20th-22nd February and ensure you’re where the action’s at.

Aries is the sign that rules your personal goals, your physical body, your image and appearance and all these areas are highlighted. Anything you begin late February has success embroidered into it and after a slow-ish start to 2015, you’re back on a roll, both personally and professionally.

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