Aries Monthly Stars February 2013

Aries Greek StampAries (21 March-19 April)

February’s stars bring a sea-change when thought replaces action and going with the flow may be the only option available to you. This could be a challenge, especially if you’re a typical Aries, who likes to be busy and enjoys the thrill of starting something new.

Change drops into place almost immediately as on the 2nd Mars, your ruling planet, enters Pisces where it remains until 12th March. This is a six week period when the planet of action is in the mystical and sensitive sign of Pisces. Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac and in your chart it represents a hidden sector and when planets move through this sector, it represents a time when you benefit from retreat and a slower pace to life.

You may find your desire to help others is awakened and it’s an excellent time to volunteer or become involved in some kind of charity work. This is the best way of using Pisces’ energy, to channel your inner ‘white knight’, the aspect to your sign of Aries that loves to fight for the underdog and defend other peoples’ rights.

If you’re on a spiritual path, you will feel the urge to be quiet, to retreat from life and practise stillness on a daily basis. Pisces transcends boundaries and this month is less about the ego and more about finding a deeper meaning to your life, wherever that takes you.

Neptune is Pisces’ planet and last year Neptune returned home, i.e. it’s currently moving through the sign of Pisces. This month, Neptune connects with your planet Mars on the 4th, Mercury, the mind planet, on the 6th, the Sun, giver of life, on the 21st and Venus, planet of love, on the 28th. See where this leads but you may find that a wish to be self-less and help or serve others in some way takes over.

Neptune also rules romance and the desire to merge with another grows stronger. It’s a soft, receptive energy rather than a go-getting activity. It represents craving and yearning and for some of you this may represent an unrequited love, perhaps falling for someone who’s unavailable or finding that your dreams of true love don’t fit with reality for whatever reason.

It’s about learning how to give as well as receive in a relationship and remembering that true love sometimes means putting your partner’s needs before your own. This depends on your current situation but experiment with different ways of loving and be conscious about how you show your love and your true feelings.

There is a downside to Neptune’s influence and to understand this more fully it helps to think of the symbolism of the sea. The sea is so vast and deep you lose yourself in it and there’s a boundless quality to the sea when it’s hard to know where the tide ends and begins. Water moves and flows and if you go with it, you don’t feel grounded or safe. This reminds me of a brilliant poem by Stevie Smith called “Not Waving But Drowning”. On the outside, you look like you’re having fun and enjoying yourself but on the inside you feel confused, you’ve lost your way and need to ask for help.

If you require help in any area of your life, reach out to others, family, friends or a second party and don’t get hooked in to thinking you have to appear strong if that’s not how you feel. The ability to be vulnerable is a great gift as it’s real and brings authenticity.

This month there’s also a Mercury retrograde period, also in Pisces so there are recurring themes this month. Mercury turns retrograde on the 23rd and remains on go slow until 17th March. When Mercury’s retrograde you’re wise to go with the flow and use this period to reflect and contemplate rather than take direct action. This is where wisdom can be found and how you gain insight. It’s a brilliant time to trust your intuition and do what feels right rather than what you think you should be doing.

Mid-month it’s also important to trust your instincts where work and money’s concerned when Mars makes harmonious aspects to Pluto in Capricorn and Saturn in Scorpio on the 15th and 16th respectively. This is about getting your ducks in a row and ensuring that you think of your future and view the work you do and the money you make as an investment. If you need time to think what next, try and create more space and freedom for yourself so you can consider your long-term work and financial goals.

To enjoy this month to the full, follow your beliefs, explore any activity that interests you or grabs your attention and use your imagination. Be patient and realise that you’re in a process that’s as much to do with endings as new beginnings. If you focus more on your inner life for now then you’ll be ready to leap back out into life refreshed and revitalised come next month.

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