Aries Monthly Stars August 2013

Aries SyrylynAries (21 March-19 April)

As the month of August begins there are three planets in the sign of Cancer including your ruling planet Mars. Mars is the planet of action and prefers single-minded focus and purpose. It’s not strong in the sign of Cancer as Mars in the sign symbolised by the crab tends to move sideways and also in the sign ruled by the Moon fluctuates and ebbs and flows. Trying to get from A to B may take you on a circuitous journey rather than a direct route.

The beginning of the month may be especially testing as on the 1st Mars clashes with Uranus, a volatile combination that can signal accidents or fights. If you’re feeling at all ‘crabby’ with Mars in Cancer, rein in your urge to react fast and dive in quickly or sparks may fly.

The rest of the month feels as if you’re on calmer waters and with Mars progressing unimpeded in the sign that rules home and family matters in your chart, you may be able to get a lot done in these areas. It’s a good place to channel your focus and determination, whether you’re getting together with family or organising a special event, you’re looking to move home or you have the builders in.

Home could be a noisier place with Mars in Cancer until the 28th and Mercury, planet of communication, in Cancer up until the 8th, whether you have visitors or there’s lots going on. Cancer also connects you with your past, your traditions and where you come from. Never forget, however, that Mars represents anger so there may be specific issues to deal with at home, whether you have an ongoing dispute with a neighbour or renovations are taking longer than usual. At least you can let a lot down now.

The other planet in Cancer is Jupiter, the planet of expansion and opportunity, and the main reason why you may be considering a move or extending your family. Jupiter entered Cancer on June 26th 2013 and remains in this part of your chart until July 16th 2014. This is where you find new opportunities as Jupiter’s thought of as the luckiest planet in the heavens. It’s a good time to take risks and be expansive and positive with regard to home and family affairs.

Last month there may have been stops and starts going on or mishaps at home as Mercury was retrograde in Cancer. On the 4th of this month, Mercury is out of its Shadow phase, which means that it’s back at the same place in the heavens as it was on June 26th, the day it turned retrograde. You may notice that this was the same day that Jupiter entered Cancer so even though you’ve had Jupiter’s blessings on your side, Mercury retrograde may have brought hiccups in the form of delays or misunderstandings. This month your plans get the green light, the go ahead so start to think about what you want from this area of your life – home, family and the past – and allow your ideas to grow.

Jupiter in Cancer does clash with the Uranus-Pluto square this month, first with a Jupiter-Pluto opposition on the 7th and second with a Jupiter-Uranus square on the 21st. This is a lively energy but Jupiter’s strong in Cancer as it’s the protective planet in the sign of nurturing. You may feel inspired to defend someone in your family and on the world stage this will no doubt be a big month for people around the world who want to defend their countries and their clans.

Changes may take place this month that you weren’t expecting but with Jupiter involved, there’s the prospect of positive change as Jupiter rules hope and faith. Being an Aries, you excel at being a rebel with a cause and with the radical planet Uranus currently in your own sign this side of your character comes to the fore. Where in life do you want to make a radical move? Do you want to break away from your past or do you want to protect and defend the ones you love?

What takes place this month links your past with your future and for some there’ll be new developments with regard to your work and career that may take you abroad or inspire you to begin a course of study or learning. Get Jupiter on your side and you can break free from a job that’s ‘killing you’ or a role in life that brings you more negativity than happiness.

Happiness is a key theme for you this month as the Sun is shining bright in the sign of Leo. Leo is a fellow fire sign that rules all the good things in life in your chart. It’s about creativity, children, entertainment, fun and romance. You want to live life to the full when planets are in this part of your chart and on the 8th Mercury (communication) joins the Sun in Leo followed by Mars, your ruling planet, on the 28th. The New Moon on the 6th is also in Leo so start something new on this date that boosts your creativity or is simply fun to do.

This is potentially a positive month for your relationships as Leo rules love affairs and new romance and Venus, goddess of love, enters your opposite sign of Libra on the 16th. However, this is another area of change and if things aren’t right between you and a loved one, the period from the 24th-27th brings new rules and unexpected developments. With Jupiter in the mix, freedom is a big issue for love and one or both of you may decide to instigate changes that offer more space and independence. Embrace positive change and be willing to be flexible both in life and in love.

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