Aries Monthly Stars April 2013

Aries Rankin MissAries (21 March-19 April)

It’s a jumping jack start to April with four planets in your sign of Aries as your birthday month leaps into action. This is the time to focus single-mindedly on your own wants and needs and your personal goals. Yours is the first sign of the zodiac and Aries is the sign of individuality and if ever there was a time to do things your way, it’s now.

Uranus, the planet of change, has been in Aries for three years and if you have a March birthday, you have already experienced the wake-up call of Uranus travelling over your Aries Sun. It can feel like the equivalent of a mid-life crisis and events either begin quickly or end quickly. This is after all, the planet most closely associated with splits, fresh starts and spontaneity. You don’t tend to hang around when Uranus is in action but rather leap first and look second.

This can be a dangerous philosophy on life and there’s not much consideration for the consequences but it does mean that life is rarely boring and if you’re a typical Aries, you love to be stimulated and try out new experiences.

With a strong emphasis on your 1st house, this puts the spotlight not only on your image but also your physical body. You may want to look unique or outrageous, although you don’t have to go so far as Aries Jessie J who shaved her head for Comic Relief just over a week ago. You may be geared up for a radical make-over or fancy being in tip top peak condition and some of you may even be joining Aries Mo Farah in the London marathon on Sunday 21st April.

One way or another, this is a month when the onus is on you which, let’s face it, can be daunting at times. It’s all very well having a reputation as the most fearless sign of the zodiac but this feels like nervous energy, an adrenalin rush and a super-huge dose of “feel the fear and do it anyway”, to quote the popular book by Susan Jeffers. So you may feel scared about new change but stake your claim to life, breathe deeply and take that jump into the unknown. Uranus is the rule-breaker and doesn’t like being tied down or hemmed in. Wherever you need to break free in life, here’s your chance.

Key dates are the 10th when there’s a New Moon in Aries, brilliant for creating new intentions and resolutions for your personal year ahead and the 18th when the Sun and Mars come together. This is dynamic energy and strength of will can get you a long way on or around this date.

This is also a wonderful month to get your voice heard with Jupiter, planet of opportunity, in your 3rd house of communication. Circle the 1st when the Sun links favourably to Jupiter and the 24th when Mercury, the communication planet, teams up with Jupiter. This feels lucky and the more you share your message, the wider you spread the word.

It’s helpful for any form of social media, blogging, writing in to your local newspaper, teaching, speaking to a group, sharing your piece. Get on the phone or talk with a sibling, neighbour or your local community. It’s through networking and getting out and about that you create opportunities to broaden your horizons and live life to the full.

This is also a sizzling month for one-to-one relationships as on the 7th, Venus and Mars come together in the sign of Aries. This is a relatively rare occurrence and it’s a definitive moment for love and relationships. Mars is the stronger of the two, your ruling planet, proud in your sign of Aries and Venus is your partner planet but weaker in the first sign of the zodiac. Lust dominates rather than love, however, it does symbolise a fresh start for love and new beginnings. It’s a great date to take the initiative and lead the way in love.

If the first half of the month is about breaking rules and doing things your way, the second half of the month hints at the opposite. When it comes to money in particular, it’s important to bide by the rules which includes spending within your budget and paying attention to your responsibilities.

The three personal planets, the Sun, Mars and Venus all leave Aries and enter Taurus and your money sector mid-month and on the 25th there’s a powerful Lunar Eclipse which cuts across the financial axis of your chart. Think back to what took place on or around November 13th 2012 when the first of a series of eclipses took place focusing on money and possessions and in particular money owed or money ‘shared’ with others, e.g. debts, investments, alimony money or inheritances.

Saturn is currently in Scorpio and this same sector of your chart so this is where your lessons lie. To work with Saturn, it’s important to do things properly, plan for the long-term and be cautious rather than a risk-taker. Hope and faith are key factors in your financial situation, especially on the 19th, 24th and 27th when the personal planets team up with Neptune, ruling the dream world.

Subconscious work on your money mindset is as important a part of your financial success as is your ability to earn and safeguard your money. Put your Aries energy to good use this month and create new ways to ensure your financial security and don’t expect everyone, financial institutions included, to have your best interests at heart. Your success depends on you.

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