Aries Monthly Horoscope September 2015

pencils, AriesAries (21 March – 19 April)

This is one of the busiest and potentially most complex months of the year. Yet as far as you’re concerned, there’s a lot that’s starting to fall into place.

The 1st of the month brings a lovely planetary connection between your ruler Mars and your partner planet Venus. The lovers in the heavens come together in your fellow fire sign of Leo and this is good news for love and romance.

Leo rules new love, love affairs, children and pregnancy. Plus five days later on the 6th, love planet Venus turns direct in the heavens after six weeks on go slow. These two factors indicate that a relationship that’s been slow going begins to pick up speed and if you’re keen to get back in touch with someone you met one or two months ago, this is the ideal opportunity.

Your ruling planet Mars remains in Leo until the 25th so your main focus is on play and having fun. Whatever your current work situation, Mars in Leo adds colour and confidence to the mix. This is a creative duo and the more you follow your passion and make the most of what you have, the more you enjoy life and can seek out happiness.

Be bold and try out a new activity as with Mars in Leo, it’s your turn to shine. Children too play a key role in your life this month whether you can learn from them or simply want to spend more time with them.

If you’re in a long-term relationship or marriage, it’s certainly important to bring fun to the table and to ensure regular date nights are part of your social life but this is a decisive month for your relationship. There are a couple of major reasons for this. Firstly, the planet of communication, Mercury, turns retrograde on the 17th in your opposite sign of Libra and remains on go slow until October 9th.

This can play out in different ways. It might mean that you and a partner, either personal or professional have a lot to talk about and to negotiate. Things are going well until mid-month when for whatever reason, talks break down. There might be an absence, time spent apart or a disagreement that feels significant.

Professionally an important meeting or interview gets delayed and once Mercury’s on go slow, it’s not the best time to sign or seal any important contract. Bide your time instead as you might find that you get a better deal once Mercury turns direct in October.

There’s another factor however that suggests you’re at a relationship crossroads and this is a powerful lunar eclipse cutting across the Aries/Libra axis on the 28th. This is part of a cycle of eclipses which began in October 2013 and completes in March 2016. If these dates are significant for you in your current relationship, then sit up and take notice.

Eclipses often present you with a dilemma. You can have one thing but you can’t have the other. Sometimes it throws up a triangle situation with a 3rd party who intervenes. It’s usually a time when you need to make a big decision and yet, with Mercury on go slow in your relationship sector, you have to bide your time and be patient.

Acting impulsively in the second half of the month is not recommended. Keep the lines of communication open as best you can but know too that misunderstandings are rife when Mercury is retrograde. As this is the Aries/Libra axis, you might also be dealing with the issue of compromise in a relationship, i.e. the balance is out and one person has more power than the other.

If you can learn from the lessons that come your way now, you will emerge stronger as a couple especially if you’ve been through some hard times over the last few years. This is a period of instability however so go with it and do your best to navigate into smoother waters.

What is helpful for you this month is the fact that Saturn, the taskmaster of the heavens, finally leaves Scorpio and one of your money sectors on the 18th. This has got to spell good news for money and finances, whether you can write off a debt, sort out an ongoing money deal or transaction or feel that you’re moving in the right direction with regard to money and wealth.

This is interesting timing as it takes place close to the date when Mercury retreats in the heavens. As Scorpio rules joint finances in your chart, there’s an indication that a person who’s held you back financially in the past will change their mind. It will take a few weeks for the benefits to filter through into your life but less pressure on this area means you can breathe a sigh of relief.

This is also an important month for your working life and your health as key planetary activity takes place in the sign of Virgo ruling these areas. Again there are a few significant dates to note. Firstly, the solar eclipse on the 13th falls in this sign and often you find one door closes in order for a new door to open. The timing is suspect however as it’s wise to wait a few days until after an eclipse before taking action by which time Mercury is up to its tricks.

If you do hear news of a contract or job, try and defer starting anything new until mid-October. If you can’t, then double-check everything and read the small print.

Your ruler Mars also enters Virgo on the 25th and immediately clashes with the planet Saturn. This indicates that a period of hard work is about to begin and it will be tough at first. It’s important that a job fulfils you on a deep level, whether it taps into your compassionate or creative nature. If you’re bored with the 9-to-5 and no new opportunities crop up this month, then it’s vital that you find time outside of work to help others or to express your creative nature.

Power planet Pluto turns around in Capricorn and your career sector on the 25th, another indicator that you need to channel your efforts in a new direction as not all roads will lead to success. Be persistent and do what you can to ensure that your skills are indispensable.

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